Leaked BlackBerry 10 images tease widgets, new app icons

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: February 13, 2012

BlackBerry 10 widgets

Just a couple of weeks after we got a peek at a refreshed version of the BlackBerry London, some more BlackBerry 10 goodness has leaked in the form of pre-release marketing documents from one of RIM's ad agencies. The images show some of the changes that we may find in BlackBerry 10 when it finally arrives, including the widgets up above that have an Android/Windows Phone feel. Down below is another shot showing an updated app tray with an iOS-like folder, and the folks at CrackBerry have some more images showing a universal inbox (complete with a RIM employee's name) and a call screen complete with a button that reads "Video Chat." The documents that these images originated in are described by CrackBerry as being "very new."

Obviously it can be tough to get a real feel for the OS depicted in these images just by looking at a few photos, but I'd say that what we do get to see looks pretty spiffy. I'm sure that many BlackBerry fans would welcome the arrival of widgets like the ones shown in the first shot, and the new app icons seem like a nice step up from what's found on BlackBerry 7. Of course, there's no guarantee that BlackBerry 10 will actually end up looking like the OS we seen in these leaked advertising documents, but what we've seen in these shots definitely make us interested to see what RIM's got in store for BB10. If you're interested in seeing more shots from this leaked set images, you can hit up the source link below. What do you all think of BlackBerry 10 as shown in the shots? Think you'd consider buying a BlackBerry if it had an OS that looked like this?

BlackBerry 10 app tray

Via CrackBerry