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It was just a few hours ago that Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility was approved by the European Commission, and now the U.S. Department of Justice has also given the deal the green light. The DOJ says that its Antitrust Division has thoroughly examined the deal and concluded that it's not likely to substantially decrease competition in the U.S. However, the department adds that, because of the importance of the mobile industry and the issues involving IP rights and antitrust law, it'll be keeping a close eye on the use of standards-essential patents. If any firm attempts to use those patents in an anticompetitive manner, the DOJ won't hesitate to intervene.

The Justice Department's decision marks another major milestone in the Google-Motorola deal's quest to completion. The acquisition isn't officially closed quite yet, but after earning the A-OK from both the European Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice today, it seems that the $12.5 billion buyout will likely go through. If you're interested in reading further into the DOJ's analysis this deal, you can find its full press release right here.

Via Reuters, Department of Justice

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Eduardo Ordaz @ Edgar Not going to happen they aren't making money with those boring feature phones. Plus sprint sprint doesn't want to sell wp7 phones nor they don't even want to talk about them. IOS and Android aren't going anywhere for a loooooong time dude. Both have lots of cool apps and I mean lots of apps. People prefer IOS,Android and blackberry. Even blackberry is ahead of wp7. IOS and Android will still be there for a loooooooooong time.
Ashley Nicole Lurker Love both of them.
Angel Ortiz I guess it's time to wear my aluminum hat
Larry Waters We will all be slaves to Google sooner than we think. All at&t wanted T-Mobile for was to improve their coverage area. Google wants our minds and souls. Looks like they are succeeding starting with DOJ.
Vincent Lai Hopefully Google can put a stop to Apple's lawsuits
Yasir Sohail Good job google. Im still gonna be just staying with Samsung Galaxy line thou.
Frank Porter Whatever will help fight off Apple's endless lawsuits, I"m all for it
Scroll Lock I love Androids, that's all I can say, Period.
Shawn Sedha Nexus by moto!
James Daniels Now let's just pray Google will buy Tmobile and make some quality phones with their own personal service! That would be a serious game changer!
Mark Alberts Get er done...
Dounutz Sesar Dylan daratt if apple has allot of.money why is it loosing against samsung in court and motorola
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas @Michael Compton,Microsoft will never die,Windows is still the number one OS in the world,even my dog hace a Windows,Windows Phone have surprises,so look out,Windows Phone is going to kill Android and IOS
Josem Torres I think it will help google with the whole patent war
Jose Angel Santiago @Kevin Your bionic has been obsolete for quite some time....no offense :).
Jourdan Fletcher damn No More HTC or Samsung Nexus Phones!! Hopefully Motorola will step their game up, haven't been pleased with Motorola phones recently
Philip Lu it's not like motorola will make a new milestone for google, they've got nothing on the table that's why they have to sell themselves out
Aaron Couts The force will be strong with them yes
Philip Lu waste of money
Robert Hoellering The next google flagship phone will finally be something that works and samsung crap.
Jose Angel Santiago Good maybe they can change that Mickey mousish ui motoblah!!
Jose Pablo Islas I think I may break my rule of never buying anything Motorola once google takes over
Art Ojeda As long as they stop blur I'm happy.
Suzan Thompson Apple can't be happy about this
Nicole Thomas So there will be a Google phone..in time.
Dylan Daratt Honestly do you think patents matter apple gets what they want cuz they are loaded...they have more money then google and Microsoft combined...money talks not patents!
Clifford Sugisawa as long as they get rid of motoblur.
Sunny Rattan Google using motorola patents to save their asses. Smart.
Luis Robles Figueroa Hell yeah... way to go Google!
Carlil Ares Jean Motorola was a bad company before Google brought it out anyways..
Christopher Sullins Apple will have their hands full now that Google has its OWN mobile company. BTW Motorola make some damn good phone with call quality. We can have Motorola Phones with Vanilla Android. It is ON son!
Dylan Daratt Who gives a fuck...I've owned a lot of android phones and every single one turned out to be a pile of shit. We should all start using flip phones again!
Aston Reyes Google TV cable boxes, that is all
Silver Fox Yes, the start of the true Nexus devices
Chris Corliss All for it. They need the patents
Kat Pappas Big Brother, thy name is Google. Pretty soon all restaurants will be Taco Bell.
Linda Sotelo Either google or motorola or both want to rule the world little by little!
John N Crystal Greenhaw @Denise Clark, the defy was the last from tmo, it was a good phone for the most part.
Nathan Ross Martin cooper invented the cellphone while working for motorola. Hmmm that patent would be helpful the next time apple wants to say you copied the screen size. Now google can come back and say you copied the cellphone. Lmfao!
Jon Jerico Calanio What we can hope for following this approval: - Motorola devices running stock Android - Google TV-powered set-top boxes - Google reference hardware, Nexus line - Patent protection from big bad Apple
Jeffrey A Ballard Jr. now google is building up a patent arsonal to fight apple! woot!
Nathan Ross Motorola has alot of patents that would benefit google it the patent bullcrap thats going on between apple and android. Thats why they did it
Mark Strong now they have a phone manufacture all they need now is a service provider isnt tmobile still for sale?
Denise Clark Nooooo. Motorola phones are terrible with android. @Aaron tmobile stopped selling moto phones after the cliq series. they were awful. I had one and had to get four replacements.
Kevin Schomer If they keep my bionic from going completely obsolete then I'm for it
Jason L Naylor Love google and i own a motorola photon so lol
Ahmer Israr Thats all good :) Google needs to be able to build hardware. Imagine the next Nexus :)
Eric Raney I hope my Electrify gets an update to ICS.
Aaron Early I think it is a good thing.
Nathen Gallivan Wow, just wow. That is like Apple buying AT&T.... actually i am begininning to get worried about Google's power...
Michael Compton Lol @ Microsoft being #1 Windows 8 will fail just like mango and all the others, and now like u for posting that. Fail whale.
Richard Ameen It doesnt matter google is what made motorola mobility big again
Brandon Johnson Gotorola will only gain my approval if they bring back the rokr and the krazr the same way the did with the razrs.
Aaron Bergman Hopefully some good ol' true vanilla phones again. OG Droid. :)
Isaac Dadda Manford Too many egos. Like Kobe bryant and Lebron James on the same team
Pat Brinkmann About time Motorola need to change their name nexus, and then start putting some great Google phones, since now they full live in Google's back yard!!!!
Bill Moran I would like it better if one of the tech companies bought a cell company
Quinn Tenfelde @Aaron Ketly hahahahahah thats what i was hoping for or at lest cut Verizon off from motorola magic, tmo was the only carrier willing to launch android there for they should have best lineup im mean they might come in second but we deserve first licks..................
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Baaaaahhh,Microsoft still number one,and with Windows 8 will be unstoppable
Erica Reid Apple suing Samsung again! Why don't they quit it!
Miles McIntyre Can't wait :) To i get my Googorola
Ryan Hunter Googorola da bess.
K.j. Littlejohn Better news than hearing about apple suing android again
Keith Windiddy drrrrooooooiiiidddddd
Leonard Chung LOL...the department of justice hates AT&T too
C Paul Courtney Google TV, here we come!
Aaron Kelty Hopefully that means some better phones will come to T-Mobile
Odin Chang whaaaaaaa........

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