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Last year we saw Apple unveil the iPhone 4S in early October, making it the first time that the Cupertino firm had launched a new handset in the autumn season. Now a new report has surfaced claiming that Apple will again select that timeframe for the release of the next iPhone. According to a "reliable source" speaking to Japanese site Macotakara, Apple is currently aiming for a September or October launch of its new iPhone, a window of time that the site believes Apple could continue to use for iPhone releases for quite a while.

That's not the only report of a possible fall debut for the iPhone 5 that's surfaced, as MacRumors has added that it's heard from a supplier that's provided iPhone parts in the past that Apple's current order schedule indicate that a September launch for the new iOS handset is possible. Additionally, last week the folks at iMore mentioned in the same report about the iPad 3's March arrival that an LTE-enabled iPhone 5 may be landing in October.

As with other Apple rumors — and all rumors in general, really — it's worth taking these reports with a grain or two of your favorite salt. That said, a September-October release for the next iPhone would seemingly make sense. Not only would that give the iPhone 4S a full year on the market, but it would also help to space out Apple's major launches for the year, with the new iPad coming next month, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion in the summer and the new iPhone in the fall. What do you all think? Will Apple take the wraps off of its fresh iPhone in the autumn or will the company opt for different time of year?

Via MacRumors, iMore, Macotakara

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"Will you buy the iPhone 5?"

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Anonymous Really depends what it has to offer
Michael G. McGough Absolutely not. I've no interest in owning or operating such a device.
Anonymous Since I already have a better phone in the Galaxy Note, no.
champion_eric iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3, whichever gets released first!
Jake Davidson Heck yeah! My upgrade is December 5th and hopefully it'll be out by then!
Ronald Williams why rush to get a phone that just updates every year? Its Tom Foolery I tell ya
Frida Castillo YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i do
Alex Satterwhite YES!!! YES!!! HELL YES!!! As long as the screen is at least 4.3 inches that is. That's why I didn't buy a 4s. I'm so tired of this buggie android os, but I do like how open it is.
Jordan Lai So many fanboys fighting!LOL honestly Android OS and iOS are both superior in its own field. SO STOP FIGHTING! It's just a phone!(:
Tim Springer @Sean Bolson the word on the street (lol) is that the 5 will have at least a 4" screen.
Sivakumar Krishnamurthy iphone5 or iphone10, galaxy note is the best.
Eduardo Ordaz @timpossible. That's not copying. What about apple? They copy and clearly ripped of of Android. @Dylan ur because u just don't get it. Doofus.
Gaurav Bhardwaj no..iphone is shit..
Ivan Pineiro That picture comparing the Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S really made me laugh due to the size difference!
Dylan Daratt @eduardo ordaz your a fucking moron.
Mike Caggiano Jr. 1. Itunes sucks. 2. Apple can no longer innovate, they can only sue those that can. 3. Android has a much better selection of phones for a much bigger audience. 4. Windows phone is prettier. 5. Windows phone is smoother. I see no reason to buy iOS if you're not a teenage girl who needs to keep their image up.
Sean Bolson They need to make the next iPhone with a bigger screen, at least 4".
Tim Springer @Eduardo Ordaz Androids are by definition a knock off of iPhone. One of the main developers came from Apple. They were trying to break & reverse engineer iPhone long before android appeared on the market. If that's not ripping off Apple, I don't know what is.
Drew Page Yep, no doubt about it. I can't wait to see my next phone announced
Anonymous As long as the battery life and front facing camera are improved
Spencer Lewis Yepp Im gonna
Jeremy Gillett ios-nope
Dylan Daratt It's a damn phone you fucking nerds Jesus fucking Christ
Dylan Daratt I'm just saying to each their own.
Eduardo Ordaz The only difference between the 4 and the 4S is just a little speed upgrade. And the siri feature. And IOS apps crash way more.
Eduardo Ordaz Haha laggy and buggy yeah right. I have had mines for 2 years and never had lag nor it was buggy. It has a single core processor and its still fast and smooth. The 4S looks like well idk like the IPHONE 4!!!
Rene Saenz Jr. No iPhone for me ... It sucks big time I have iPhone 4 and tired of it I hate iTunes yes there are 10 billion apps but about 98% of them suck... Android is way too open source too many problems some phones never get updates google has no system requirements and I think if they where to put some spec requirements it would make it easier for all phones to get updates.. I am really surprised with windows phones tried htc Titan and it works great I returned it so I could wait for Nokia Lumia 900 or htc Titan 2... @dylan .. Do you know where that "illegal" posted from ? Did u know that Facebook is in other countries crazy huh wow freaking *****
Dylan Daratt Yeah true I wasn't referring to everyone just @Miguel about not being able to afford to buy an iPhone. Everyone can make arguments about the price of an iPhone but on the other hand I buy a mobile phone to be MOBILE, not connected to a damn charger! I use apple because in my opinion they are the best looking phones and have the best build quality. I've had a Nexus S, hero, Evo, Evo 3d, photon, mytouch, Optimus S, epic and the marquee. Every single one had problems either horrid battery life or just plain laggy. Now I own an iPhone 4s and not a single problem. It's my personal decision to give my hard earned money to apple, it doesn't mean I'm less of a human then other ppl or more stupid. Cuz we could make the same argument about the android users. Like I said before look up android before the iPhone and and before google got ahold of it, and tell me would you still buy it today?
Cory Wilson Only if it's 4" an up
Eduardo Ordaz Just because someone doesn't want an iPhone doesn't mean they can't afford it. Its just they don't want one because there are other things that are cheaper but better. Plus who would spend soo much on iPhones anyway.
Xingchi Ding @Dylan Daratt agree, but I got a question, in US people pay $199 plus contract for iPhone and phones like Blackberry 9900 is $299 people can afford it, other android cost $199 or $299, no one complain about it. In UK it now cost only £36 to get iPhone 4s free, there are lots phones cost about the same, and things like Galaxy S2 cost about same sim-free compare with iPhone. Why people always make jokes about iPhone being stupid people paying too much? I don't see it being expensive at all.
Xingchi Ding Yeah... It is a habit once a year, and it is alright cause it's not every month.
Anonymous yeah right the GS3 will destroy it. When it comes out of course.
Dylan Daratt If it wasn't for apple android wouldn't be what it is quit saying that apple users are itards as @miguel would put it (he's prob here illegally anyways) and stop bashing ppl cuz they use a different os then you. You prob can't afford an iPhone anyways.
Mijael Machaca Morales no iPhone 5... in fact there will be the iPhone 4s S (more S than ever!!!), the dumb thing will be that it will sell millions on days...
Desi Swaggerz wut abot galaxy note...... is it bettr than s2.
Dylan Daratt It's funny how all these android ppl call anyone a fanboy just cuz they use an apple device...I use to think apple ppl were bad about it but android ppl are worse...holy shit it's a damn cell phone. Get a damn life and stop arguing about phones. Some ppl like apple some like android.
Christopher Michael Durden Information wants to be free, use open source and share. Sharing is caring.
Christopher Michael Durden If you want the real deal, as to the difference between Apple and Android users, most Android users are technologically inclined and Apple users only care how stuff looks. We care how the device actually performs, not whether it goes with our outfits or how pixels are displayed. Sure, the highest pixel resolution camera looks great, but if the phone peforms like crap, it's kind of a waiste of all that hardware at the dispense of inferior architechture.
Christopher Michael Durden Hell no. I'm an Android user, we're better than Apple. :P
Eduardo Ordaz @desi Galaxy S2 its better than the iPhone.
Brandon Yoshida Prior to my galaxy s2, i used a "dumb" phone primarily for calling and a iPod touch 4g for essentially everything a smartphone can do minus the calling feature. Within that year I used it, i noticed many more crashes than on my s2. In fact, phonedog published an article stating that ios crashes more frequently than the respective apps on android. Regardless, the overall experience was seemless and overall simple; something even an android fanboy cannot argue against. However, this over controlling operating system was too bland and didn't offer the customization an freedom that android offers. Regardless, ones choice between ios and android is simply subjective; though the popularity of the iphone is due to the ignorance of a majority of their users (ask a "non-techy" iphone users to compare the respective ios features with those on android and their responses will be filled with nothing other than surprise), their choice of ios over android ultimately comes down to two words; it works. Even as a more than satisfied android user, the freedom and (in my oponion) better overall experience I often find myself fiddling with settings, both to fix a minor bug or customized my device to match my imperfections and quirks. Nonetheless, I enjoy fiddling and although I cannot say "it works" my s2 is and always will suit my opinion better than the iphone 4 and iphone 4s
Desi Swaggerz so which is better to buy.... galaxy note galaxy s2 or iphone 4s. tell me guyz.
Edmund Nigel Oh the next big android will be out tomorrow and then the next bigger android will be out nest Tuesday and then the biggest android will be out the following week then the gigantism android will I THINK U GOT THE PICTURE
Edmund Nigel Of course why not. Android has yet to prove itself I'm going with a WINNER apple
Jude Fils-Aime Pff Hell NO. I'll wait for the next Motorola NEXUS or SG III
Desi Swaggerz nope m goin for samsung galaxy note...... wut do u think guyz.
Steve Coyle Ill never buy the Iphone......I prefer Android......
Krushi Vemula Android!!! Would even consider a Nokia wp but never going to iOS again
Anonymous @Eduardo Yeah, infact, iOS seems like a rip off/ dumbed down version of Android now considering the amount of stuff Apple ripped from Android and put into iOS...
Anonymous Haha, iPhone 5? I think you mean iPhone 4S+ or should I say 4SS
Zachary Gearwar I'll be able to upgrade in October, so yes :)
Thomas Boehnlein Not a chance in hell.
Miguel Sahagun Let all the cr@pple users saaaay....iTard iTard iTard...there now you know what you are... a tard!
Kirk Ngo Yeah right. IOS is so boring
Eduardo Ordaz IOS do crash some people just dont notice. My aunt noticed when the cut the rope app crashed 3 times in row!
Eduardo Ordaz Android is not a knock off of IOS. There are differences between the tow. one of them being WIDGETS! Some people dont get that taking something that the other had for awhile is not stealing. companies need to learn from what the competition has and see what they are doing! if u have competition you need to see your competition in order to make what they have made but even better. Apple didnt steal the notification system from Android they took that idea and made it unique and added a few things to it. thats no stealing! And Android is not a knock off of IOS!
Shawn Poling No samsung galaxy s3
Miguel Sahagun Stupid ass iphone 4suck users need a fucking robot to do tasks for them that Android users handle quite easily themselves. What? So one fucking button is too difficult now? Maybe a fucking robot will make it easier for them. Apple users say together now.... "iTard"
Bill Thomas Well goddamn marc seems like u are an fandroid fan to me and apple had the front facing camera way before android did and don't fucking get me started on Samsung.....and if android had anything like Siri they would have lunched it.
Joe Romain I'm getting on tired of Android phones specially my HTC evo all it does is frezze
Adrian Sutanto nope, wont buy the iphone 5. i'd rather wait fot the iphone 5S 6 months later
Bill Thomas iOS is solid and I have never had any apps crash I have had this phone for over a year and it has never crashed or froze on me, now I can't say the same for my old pos droid that would crash and freeze is just a cheap knock off of iOS and no matter what u android fags say an android phone has NEVER sold as many phones on its launch day as iPhone has and I guess the sad part about all of it is that since android is available in no many more markets then the iPhone is u would think android would have a hell of jump on apple and the truth is android only controls 4 more percent of the smart phone market then iPhone and to me that's just sad so when the iPhone is available on T Mobile that 4% gap will prolly shrink to 2% and if apple ever prepays the 3GS or makes a prepaid phone which I'm sure they will in the future then android is going to have a problem.
Marc TaylorMade I'm no Apple fan boy or Fandroid but for now I'll stick with my androids from Samsung (former manufacturer of Apple ya homework b4 you debate). But if the iphone catches up to Android, I'd consider a switch. I mean lets be honest...Android phones have had certain "MUST HAVE" features b4 Apple presented them, like 8 megapixel cameras WITH a led flash, front facing cameras, hd video record/playback. And as for Siri, thats a spruced up idea that was ripped off of Android. Android introduced the idea of being able to use voice input on your phone to search for content. Apple just took the idea & ran with it, they improved on it. Android introduced these necessary features yrs b4 Apple decided to build a decent phone. Apple is no where as customizable as Androids, iphones STILL lack screen size & why no removable memory? Why should I have to erase old content to make room for new content instead of just simply replacing micro sd card? I've always been tempted to get an iphone... they're nice, sleek, pretty & pocketable, but I have big hands & those phones are too small, plain & simple. The ONLY thing that the iphone does better is apps....ALL their apps are compatible with the iphone. But they're yrs behind in every other way & the same as Android in a lot of ways, like the short life batteries.
David DiPilla I want to get it but I want more customized stuff
Kalob Martinez Im a big android fan but if the next iphone has a bigger screen I will get it!
George Isenhart I'm not thinking so but who knows? By September I may change my mind but as of now I still lean towards Android, especially where battery life is on the verge of being fixed.
Chad George I would if it came to TMobile. Not that great of a device to make me switch carriers though.
Sam Donovan Yes. I need to monitor my decay.
Carl Joseph Bialorucki iOS is boring and not enough options, Android is too buggy so, ill wait until mwc and look for new Windows Phone.
Eduardo Ordaz hahah IOS has been the same since 2007 and it hasnt changed its been the same boring thing. my cuz wants to switch out of her iphone because its been the same boring thing just icons. An iphone breaks easy and it costs alot of money to replace it gets dirty alot too gets dirty so much that my cuz had to use a case for it. once it breaks you are skrewed because you have to pay alot just to replace it. IOS needs to improve because its sooo boring and old like a old car. Apple ripped you off by making you buy the 4S that has siri and other iphones dont have that siri feature so u have to buy the same hardware just to use it. The navigation stinks you have to look at the screen to know where to go. Android is laggy and buggy yeah right i have had my Android phone for over 2 years and it has a one GHZ processor and its still runs smooth and fast faster than the iphone. Thats your only excuse and by the way IOS apps crash more my aunts cut the rope crashed 3 times. IOS is boring and the apps crash more.
Craig Inglis When i buy anything it is because its a good all round piece of equipment. Apple does not fit that category, you pay triple the price of a matching phone, why pay that just to get a reliable os and oversensitive hardware and a talking robot when you can have a superfast phone with a great camera, a customizable os but the downfall of an overworked and glitchy os/phone. To me its a nobrainer, the good overwhelms the bad. I currently own a gs2 and will be upgrading to the note when my contract ends so i wont be going to apple anytime soon untill they catch up. I have used all of my friends iphones and found them to be complicated crap aswel as simple
Marti Ruiz Android crash when u use a cheap phone. . My galaxy s2 os smooth . Iphone is bored
Silver Diaz My Android sucks. Angry birds crashes as well as other apps as.well. plus battery sucks. Going to an iPhone soon. Android needs to improve
Zach Brito I would never downgrade my Android for an iphone! :-)
Wayne Choice Hell yea..can't wait!!!
Paul Alexandru James,NO. ;) dumbass i've had so many OS's in my life, you're only ignorant can you call me a fanboy when i own a Nokia N8 and an iPhone 4S, if you think i lie you can go to my profile and watch i have both.It doesn't disturb me :D.If i was you i'd delete my comment before i look retarded....
Johnny A. Rojas Yes i Will
John Alves YEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! :D
Jeff Lee-wag Liwag Nope. Not downgrading.
Ken Gorab Yes because I am a mind slave who has been trained to ignore the dozens of other phones with better specs. Just give me something shiny and popular with the apple logo on it so I can show it off to all my friends and tell them they're wrong when they say their Android phones are better.
Jœy Mømbïni Yea i'll get it if its on T-Mobile.
Ariel Orellana i am willing to pay full retail price if it reaches my expectations*
Daniel Cuadrado Who isn't?!?!?!
Bill Thomas U know all you android fags don't know what the hell h are talking about...I had a droid once worst fucking phone I have ever had, it was slow and all it did was freeze and crash....if Verizon would say here bill here is a droid razor for free and we will give u two years of free service I would tell them to shove that android piece of shit up there after saying all that hell yes I'm buying the next iPhone it may not have the fastest processor or the best camera but it's solid and reliable!
Rick Conrad The reason why IOS is a smooth more reliable system is because nothing is going on in the background to slow it down. The reason droid platforms have a history of being glitchie is look at all it does? You have almost endless Widgets on much bigger screens, you have almost endless customizable screen options like live wallpapers. There is soooo much going on in the background ya its guna get glitchie. If iphone had half the options droid does it would be glitchie also. Iphone is for a simple person who wants a simple device that simply works. Iphone delivers this perfectly. Droid offers a completely customizable phone experience for people who enjoy messing around with there phone. Droid users for most part understand that there will be glitches along the way cuz everything droid can do.
James Turner paul, you're the definition of a iPhone Troll. you're just mad that apple is taking a while to introduce 4G technology into their products.
Paul Alexandru Fandroids are retarded....You know...i've owned all types of OS except windows phone.Symbian sucks,Bada OS is...worse.I won't bash WP because i've never owned a device with this OS.Then,all Android brings are LAGS,CRASHES,FORCE CLOSES,OVERHEaTINGS,SHITTY BATTERY LIFE, what Android users say?"So original and interesting i love Android!" what they get? An ugly shitty buggy old style looking piece of shit which is a copy of iOS but WORSE.Android ICS is a pile of SHIT!!!! Again same shit same bugs on your beloved GNex....Same story goes for manufacturers who don't use stock Android because Stock or NON-Stock is the same G.A.R.B.A.G.E. Since day 1 when i bought my iPhone 4S i did it because i decided to CHANGE something,to give iOS a chance.When i used Android and other OS's all i got was a "pain in the ass", now this loooong coment comes from a PROUD user of an iPHONE 4S THE SMOOTHEST smartphone and the most amazing iPHone yet who LOVES it and made his life easier.I wish iOS good luck to destroy one day this OS called Android.iOS just works,Android doesn't, that's the difference.Cheers guys!
James Turner not if apple paid me to own one. i'll wait for a Galaxy s III
Cy Ferrer Htc one x for me..
Hassan Ali Of course
Eduardo Ordaz Yeah right 4.0 lags and nexus lags. I have actually used it alot and it never had problems like lag or freezing. U probably had something in the background that was killing its RAm. Used it no lag nor freeze. U can't wow a person with an iPhone because all your friends have them its just icons and icons and even more icons its boring. What Wozniak said was true there are things that Android does better and one of then is the free turn by turn navigation its cool my uncle uses it when he drives he couldn't do that with his old iPhone he just had to ask my cuz to tell where to go. Plus if u phone phone that breaks easy and gets dirty easy and spend lots of money to get it replaced. Aron u wowed lots of people with the note with an iPhone not so much because lots of people have seen it and has no customization to make it unique.
Ian Yannuzzi ill wait for the iphone 6 .
Judd Helms Yes I will. I currently rock a Galaxy Nexus and used a Razr for a bit prior and an iPhone 4S before that. I miss the iPhone. I went through all.the android fragmentation issues with the original Droid and Droid x and swore android off. Then I go through the same exact mess with the Razr. I love the Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich, I'm just ready to switch back and drop Android. I'm no apple fanboi but I've had too many frustrations with android. These manufacturers and vendors really need to.sort their issues out. Can't wait to see iPhone 5.
De Leon Edwin Only if it has a 4 inch screen,
Rick Conrad If its actually a new phone then yes. If its the same old boring set up with no custom integration then no. Apple does make a good product but they need to catch up. Everywhere you go you see people playing with there phones. People like to play with the software and customize. It takes 5 seconds to learn nothing about what a iphone can do lol I'm 2 years in on my droid X and still not bored playing with old software. Ready for upgrade! Better bring it apple! Better bring it! Most likely upgrade to razr maxx can't beat the battery
Miguel Sahagun iphones are for fucking retards. That's why it only has one button and a fucking talking robot does shit for their dumbasses.
Paul Lum Idk Maybe
Chris Northcutt Nope... going to get a Galaxy S3
Sean Ryan I love reading comments that bash the iPhone. They have clearly never owned one. Lol. I'm a technician and I own an iPhone. Don't think I'm a tech noob. Lol
Charlie Sandoval nooo its stupid because they just made a iphone4s thats retared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Gonzales iphone 4s2 I bet lol
Eddie Velasquez If it has sprints LTE then yes
Alex Hudgins I have had an Androif and it sucked. Now I have an Iphone and its much better. My mom has tthe epic 4g and it freezes alot. Thats why I like Apple :D
Zach Cline You know i'm so tired of fandroids saying that the iphone is for people that know nothing about tech. All i ever had was android before i switched to the iphone and i bet half of you retards root and flash your buggy roms without even knowing how to SBF or even have a basic understand of the android SDK. The iphone is for people that want there device to work like it should and not have to deal with all of the freezing and lagging, Overheating and crashes that android is well known for. Oh and dropping your precious 4G connection half the time. Hell, Even ice cream sandwhich lags. I know this because i had the galaxy nexus for a while and it lagged. That's with stock android so you can't blame it on manufacturer overlays bogging it down. Then theres the lack of devices getting updates lmao. Android is garbage.
Susan Hugus No, I really like Ice Cream Sandwich and the new Chrome for ICS-- Fast with great features!
Michael Miller No, ios is rather boring.
Sean McClinton I have had only two smartphones, Motorola CLIQ=was garbage. I went threw 4 of those before I sold it on Craig"s List and bought my awesome Nexus One. I only have one complaint of my N1. The memory is way too small. Apps are huge now. So it's a toss up between the galaxy Nexus and the new iPhone X. I love vanilla Android, of course I rooted Cm7. I would however like to make my own opinion regarding the iPhone, so if Tmobile doesn't subsidized the G Nex, I'll would get the iPhone if Tmobile carries it. Also the mwc is just around the corner and I know there will be something that catches my eye.
Mike Dougall Probably be same crap different body
Adrian Jordan Hell to the yeah!
Andrew Hennessey YES I WILL BUY 5
Elchuy Gallegos Fuck droids, pos phones
Brandon Armenta Nope im in the market for a htc inspire 4g
Jon Deak Bigger screen and LTE = Yes / if not = by by iPhone.
Vincent Pendleton Nope, WP7.
Eduardo Ordaz Heck no iPhones are for people who don't know how to use a real smartphone. Galaxy S3 will rip it to shreds plus free turn by turn navigation. With an iPhone u can't wow someone because all ur friends have them with a Android phone u can Aron u did it with the note u wowed people with it. The only thing that iPhone has is pages and pages of icons and the apps that's it. And the 4S is the iPhone 5 the iPhone V will have 4G LTE and NFC but no bigger screen apple will never increase the screen on the iPhone no matter how much u beg they will never increase it. When I get the galaxy S3 it will wow my friends and my family who have older iPhones.
Jose Hernandez Only if it has a 4inch screen.
Scott Sewell i wont be able to get it untill next october buy then it will be the iphone 6 coz thats wen my contracts ends
Matthew Gonzales Landry Yes, most likely. I like to stay current on Apple phones and tablets.
Joel Manjarrez Nah going with the bb bold....
David Tambascio No LTE no way
Yamila Meza I have an iPhone 4s. Probably in 3-5 years I'll buy the iPhone 7s if it can give me money and read my mind.
Bryan Rodriguez I stick with samsung
Fermin Sanchez Yea tmobile baby
Sam Rick Nope,why should I???! I'm not a retarded tech noob. Android FTW !
Ronnie Cave All you people that actually think they will skip a number in the sequence are fucking retards, your theory makes no sense, and now I look like an jackass for feeling the need to say that. But just for shits and grins, The sequence will be Iphone(1st gen),iPhone3g(2nd gen,but omg it's not called the iPhone 2 is it?), iPhone 3GS(3rd generation,but omg it has An "s" on it), iPhone 4(coincidence that it's the 4th generation or could have been intentional) iphone4s(but wait isn't it the 5th gen, so it should be the iPhone 5), iPhone 5(the next iPhone because 5 comes after 4 and apple isn't full of idiots)
Fonzy Paniagua Galaxy S III for me.
Zach Kusel Yes I will!!!!!!!!!! :)
Justin Wilson Fuck iPhone... Samsung galaxy S3 ill buy
Lennes Shaw Yes...cause it will be my first
Nick Berry If it is an actual upgrade yes, if it's just a rehash of the 4s I'll just buy a 4s for half the cost of the new model.
Mike Law Only if it has 4g and other significant upgrades
Alex Arana No GS 3 will be my next phone
Newaz Chowdhury Porag im happy with my nexus :P
Flako Ramirez Depends thinking of windows phone
Mike Wilson Austin, It's still up in the air right now. I'd like to see it come to Ma Bell with LTE support, but everything is still a rumor at the moment.
Anonymous Oh yeaahhh
Brad Falkner Hell. No.
John Jenkins I just got the iPhone 4 and I love t, not looking to upgrade until the iPhone6
Tyler Eggo Eggleston Hell no. I'll take me a Galaxy SIII though. Right now.
Andrew T Shulman yeah its coming next week bro
Austin Shulman Does anyone know of if the galaxy nexus is coming toI AT&T
Kawan T Best III keep it same lame screen and tired old OS.
Juha Wahlsten Hard to tell, before seeing it.
Nick Gates I prefer samsung android products... but if it was free i would take and iphone4s or better.... thats the only way
Justin M. Houston Of course you all will. "Shut up and take my money!" said all the Apple robots.
Reid Bailey More than likely no.
Mark Fisher Jr. Depends on how different it is from the last ones. And how much it cost.
Paul Yepez Yes I will
Sean Watson No. Stupid question. All iphones are worthless
Dylan Kuny ok let me state this... iPhone(1st gen) iphone3g(2nd gen)iphone3gs(3rd gen) iphone 4(4th gen) iphone4s(5thgen) so the next iphone will be the iphone 6!
Chotonn Likkwidd Walker Hell yes.....i mean hell no..thought u said Ps4
Eric Dunn Yes.... Yes I will....
Carlos Nava Only if it has a 4'0 inch screen and 4G
Naga Appani That is for people without brains.. A Troll...
CJ Page why is this news to anyone?
James LeBlanc Going with WP7 lolz
Foryasoul Nance I got a galaxy note I was bored of iPhones
Charles Shell If it does then I'm so getting it as my upgrade
Ben Andrade You can bet your ass I'll preorder that shit! :)
Conner McWilliams Yessssss. I can't wait! I'm getting restless with my iPhone 4!
Devin Bradford if tmobile gets it yep
Luis Reich NO WAY....
Marcus NinersEmpire IPhone to plane that shiit borning
Trevor Lazar Hell no!
Shane Alexander I refuse to get it I just got my 4S the 5 is too soon they need to make sure it don't have no bugs before they release it. I say fall of 2013.
Marcus NinersEmpire Naw I'm gud with my HTC evo 4g...
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Flash is a thing of the past.
Danny Nguyen No. Steve jobs is gone, the iPhone 4s is the last true apple product and his his gift to the world 1995-2011 I'm not buying any from "Tim Cook" R.I.P Steve jobs.. We all miss you <3
Jerm Torres #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung #Samsung !!!! Galaxy Nexus .. Plus, the Galaxy S II models are the best devices in the world. Without a doubt. In fact, i kind of think it is better than the Galaxy Nexus (and i own one) all it needs is ICS
Nathan Cooley Iphone =crap Android=Holy Frojitos Batman, that's AWESOME!!!! Besides, you can't get flash on iphone
David Harness Android people who constantly pick fight, go away you idiots.
Kevin Vernon Fanboys. Put an iPhone 5 sticker on a turd and they would line up for it.

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