HTC posts Mobile World Congress teaser image

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 22, 2012

HTC Mobile World Congress teaser

We expect to see many, many new devices at Mobile World Congress when the show kicks off next week, but just in case your excitement level for the big show isn't already at its maximum level, HTC is here to help pump you up a bit more. The company has posted the image you see above on its official Facebook page, showing a sideways HTC device with the number "5" inside of it. The tagline for the image? "This Sunday you’ll discover something fast."

For the unaware, it's worth noting that the folks at HTC are holding a press event on Sunday, which just so happens to be five days away from today. The ol' rumor mill has suggested that the HTC One X (Edge/Endeavor) and HTC One S (Ville) could be present at the shindig, and there's a chance that the One V (Primo) could also peek its head out.  Could there be something else at the event that the 5 on this teaser is alluding to, perhaps like a total of five new devices that'll be shown? It's possible. Thankfully we've got less than a week to wait until we're at the event where all will be revealed. If you'd like to make a guess as to what you think HTC has up its sleeve for MWC, we've got a comments section below that's the perfect place to do just that.

Via Android Central, HTC Facebook