Toshiba Thrive

Time to add another device to the list of Android products that'll soon be bumped up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Responding to a question on Twitter, Toshiba has revealed that it's aiming to update its 10.1-inch Thrive tablet to the latest version of Android by the end of spring. An exact date wasn't mentioned.

The 10.1-inch Thrive originally made its way to market with Android 3.1 back in July 2011, and although we obviously don't yet have a firm Ice Cream Sandwich rollout date to look forward to, it's good to hear that Toshiba intends to push Google's freshest dessert to the slate. Here's to hoping that the company makes its targeted release window for the upgrade. As usual, you can bet that we'll pass along any new details (like an actual launch date) as we get them. Any of you out there own a Thrive?

UPDATE: Toshiba Public Relations Manager Eric Paulsen has told Computerworld that the 7-inch Thrive is also being targeted for an ICS update by the end of spring. Good news!

Via DroidDog, @ToshibaUSA, Computerworld, @ToshibaEric

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Maurice Conger
Maurice Conger I want it on my GSII from att!!!
Scot Milo
Scot Milo lol about 99% of android users are waiting for "ICS" and will most likely never get an update lol
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @Paul. Most customers don't care about updates and most don't even know what version of OS it runs. They care about having a great phone and a good OS that has what IOS lacks and that's CUSTOMIZATION!!! no one wants a phone that has an OS that hasn't changed since OS its just icons and more icons and no one wants a phone that breaks very easy.
Lee Martinez
Lee Martinez At last!
Nathaniel McCord
Nathaniel McCord And this time it deleted the word on in the last post
Nathaniel McCord
Nathaniel McCord I typed all an Android phone so if there is some spelling errors and grammer errors it's because it likes to auto correct what I type usually to the wrong word
Nathaniel McCord
Nathaniel McCord Android constantly push out new phones with each release of flagship phones in carriers usually has singing unique about it example motorola Droid razr max has long lasting battery good screens and can take some damage before failing lg spectrome has the latest in screen technology this is an edge for Android and also a problem for it but apple and blackberry win awards in being stubborn when they release new phones cause even though they both release phone yearly when they come out they are usually already out of date when it comes to specs. I am not saying that they are bad though to be realistic the phones themselves are amazing it's there edge when they release phones there not some cheap device there devices will last 1 or 2 years when they finally release a new phone on there product line. There now three sides can hate on what I said now just need to pick on symbian and palm oh and I gurds windows
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Android sucks ass.100000 fucking updates to new OS's and customers still blocked to previous version that is what sucks!! And Android phones get outdated in a few weeks
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru No
Fahad Ali Nosherwani
Fahad Ali Nosherwani already downloaded on my Sony Xperia Arc S.. it sure rocks.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @John IPhones are boring phones.
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross Atrix 2 roll out is set for Q3 so I have to wait
Matt SnowPaw Dalton
Matt SnowPaw Dalton I already have it on my TouchPad, so not really.
Larry Waters
Larry Waters No, Google steals enough of my private info already with their current os and software.
Jessie Ramos
Jessie Ramos Been on it since day 1.
Kirk Ngo
Kirk Ngo yeah by the time i pick my new phone t will have ics already on it.
Zakari Ghachi
Zakari Ghachi No I ate already
Connor Henderson
Connor Henderson No I have it on my Motorola xoom so I am all set......lol kind of loving it like the folders and some of the widgets and wallpapers but it is just another version that is alright but now overly extiting
Frank Zambrano
Frank Zambrano Suckas i got it yea nexus devices rock woooo
Jon Zulanas
Jon Zulanas Interesting how the thrive was was waiting and the Ainol novo 7 already had it. No waiting required!
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @john
Hagop Kalbaklian
Hagop Kalbaklian im so happy to hear this i was waiting so long
Jose Merlos
Jose Merlos Got in on my Nexus & Touchpad
Michael Santangelo
Michael Santangelo CM9
Jesse Snider
Jesse Snider No. I already have it!!! Samsung Galaxy Nexus. : )
Noe Zuniga
Noe Zuniga Yes but on my 10.1 galaxy tablet please!!!
Mike Burglund
Mike Burglund already got it on the touchpad! :P
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan No, I'm waiting for the iPhone 5. Love my Apple products :)
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Has to be one or two iphone fan boys doesnt there, go post on apple threads instead of Android ones, or cant you read the post on your tiny 3.5 inch screens??
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Nope, already have it on my G2x thanks to cm team!
Matthew Levine
Matthew Levine ICS is going to be an epic let down after waiting so long for it. TF101.
John Tang Bello Cinese
John Tang Bello Cinese Android phone are shity phone
Eric Casanova
Eric Casanova Ics is old news im waiting for Jellybean
Omar Calderon
Omar Calderon I need info for Samsung Galaxy S2 !
J Litz Van
J Litz Van Meh.
Jim Toal
Jim Toal Already running it on my Samsung vibrant lol. ICE CREAM ZENWICH
Susan Phillips
Susan Phillips Everybody that is an Android addict is waiting.
Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams Nope cause in a month they will have a new OS out and then all the people that have ics ad new phone won't e able to update or it will take a yr to get the update and by then they will have a new OS
Jeff Hammond
Jeff Hammond For everyone who has an Epic Touch and Galaxy Tab 10.1, it's out for both of them...Xda...
Matthew Fort
Matthew Fort 4.0 vanilla ics......could only dream.touch wiz 4.0
Billy Doyle
Billy Doyle No!! I just got the gb update on my infuse and the phone is junk now!!
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Extremely tempted to get a a Nexus haha
Spencer Bartholomew
Spencer Bartholomew CM9 :p
Kev Baldwin
Kev Baldwin Nope because I've already got it . Actually it's 4.0.3 ;-)
Peter Nicholas Bravato
Peter Nicholas Bravato Already got it on my Samsung Galaxy Vibrant.
Nick Saladin
Nick Saladin 95% of android owners are...
Tyrell Waymen Husband
Tyrell Waymen Husband Epic 4g touch
Dayan Inclán
Dayan Inclán Did Honeycomb just get skipped?
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras yes !!!
Francisco Pinto
Francisco Pinto I got the Toshiba thrive
Noe Molina
Noe Molina Ics on my razr. !
Steve LeBoeuf
Steve LeBoeuf Hell no!
JuNed Islam
JuNed Islam I want to see ICS with sense overlay :D
Octavio Gomez
Octavio Gomez About time! Well i guess ill get a taste of.ics on my tablet before i get it on the amaze 4g -_-
Nick White
Nick White Bionic official ICS would be nice soon. Roll it out already!!!! Lol, It doesn't matter anyway, soon to get a Galaxy Nexus in a week or two.
Rick Conrad
Rick Conrad Yes!!!! I won't upgrade till a good phone has it. Nexus a POS
Jason Bain
Jason Bain Why do we have to wait so long for ICS the Samsung 10.1 tab? Best we forget about this and go Apple all the way!
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz yes man
Paul David Panganiban
Paul David Panganiban Their software have weird names.
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson Psh, Nexus S has had it for a while... old news!
Jenna D. My
Jenna D. My yes...i need a bite =D
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen I'm stuck with the org evo
Veen Oui
Veen Oui Not perfect yet on HTC EVO 4G but I like it !
Danu Carrión Perales
Danu Carrión Perales Nope. Got it on my i9000 (galaxy s) already. For those of you that want it for i9100 just go to samfirmware and you will find the 4.0.3 rom MADE BY SAMSUNG
Hunter Tea
Hunter Tea Got too impatient so I installed an ics rom
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. I'm waiting for the iPad3
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava i need it on my epic touch 4g
Kimberly Johnson
Kimberly Johnson I would like AN ice cream sandwich...
Mary omg this reminded me i have an icecream sandwich in my freezer and im starving....thank u :D
Dustin Carney
Dustin Carney yep, ill need it for my SGS2
Carlos A Ferran
Carlos A Ferran not really, i got it thanks to cm9
Kristian Jonathan-Courtney Bonds-Davis
Kristian Jonathan-Courtney Bonds-Davis should be out for my phone and its confirmed
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Yes, I need it for my SGS2!!!!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Yes!
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Yes. First?

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