HTC One X Endeavor Edge

Jonesing for some more HTC news after the manufacturer teased its Mobile World Congress event yesterday? Well we've got what you need, as a press render of the HTC One X (formerly Endeavor/Edge) has made its way online courtesy of the folks at Pocketnow. The face of the One X is a tad different from when we got our first peek at it back in November, as the device is now sporting three navigation keys at the bottom of its face rather than four. There shot also shows the newest version of Sense, version 4.0, which looks similar to what we saw earlier this month thanks to an RUU leak.

The folks at HTC also continued to tease MWC today. Over on its official HTC Singapore Facebook page, the manufacturer posted an image similar to the one we saw yesterday, but this time there's a "4" in the center instead of a "5." The tagline for the new images says "This Sunday, you'll hear something authentic."

For those of you that'd like an HTC One X/Endeavor/Edge spec refresher, the handset is rumored to be packing a 4.7-inch 720p display, 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 8-megapixel camera, 1GB RAM and Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0. If those features do indeed make it into the device, well, I'd say HTC's got itself a flagship handset that many an Android fan will be lusting after in 2012. Many expect HTC to officially take the wraps off of the One X at its Mobile World Congress event on Sunday, so be sure to stay tuned for more!

HTC MWC 2012 teaser image

Via Pocketnow, Android Police, HTC Facebook

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RockinRose Wolf Donnell
RockinRose Wolf Donnell I love HTC phones and have had 3 from the TP2 and then the Evo 4G and now the 3D. Love HTC and Sence and can't wait for the next EVO to come out.
Sashikaran Giritharan
Sashikaran Giritharan HTC sense 3 is great can anyone let.me know is there will be a update for sensation xe for 3g video calls
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards I agree with Matthew and Edgar!
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards HTC still has momentum! They still make quality Android devices!
Chetan Naik
Chetan Naik HTC should come up with a speedy sense ui and provide competitive hardware to be the best again. i switched to SGN just love the performance ..
Anonymous Kushai, i disagree, this one only has three buttons on the bottom :)
LaQuise Murphy
LaQuise Murphy i think that htc is a good ui because it gives you lots of personlization most other uis don't lt you customize your phone like sense does.
Kushal Dev
Kushal Dev I just don't like how all of HTC's phones look the same...
Imran Ali
Imran Ali I will always be fan of htc for just one reason making the htc hd2, name any other phone that can run 4 individual mobile operating systems along with 4 desktop operating systems.
David Fauerbach
David Fauerbach Motorola is the best
Tito Velazquez
Tito Velazquez HTC forever!!!
Eric Hook
Eric Hook No. Get rid of Sense. While pure Google is best, even Touchwiz had overtaken it
Shantell Roberts-Hsu
Shantell Roberts-Hsu HTC sux teabags even if they could catch up I won't be buying another
Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen Why is phonedog always hating HTC?
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas For me HTC is the number one in the market,Best design,quality,and performance with his UI,the design of the Samsungs are very crappy,the motoblur by Motorola is very shit,and i hate LG,i am a proud HTC Titan user and i Love it,and i love Windows Phone too ;-)
Jon Jerico Calanio
Jon Jerico Calanio Android has come a long way with ICS. Try chomping down on some Ice Cream Sandwich before you make any conclusions.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Like i said If it sucks then why is it being used more. Sprint doesn't even want to talk about wp7 nor they want to sell any. Because they ain't sellin wp7 is just not cuttin it for sprint.
Matthew Blicher
Matthew Blicher well the problem isnt htc more like android
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz If it sucks then why is it being used more. Besides this is about HTC not about OS's.
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. LOL this dude said Windows.
Matthew Blicher
Matthew Blicher had an android and got sick in tired of all the problems. thats why android still sucks!!
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @Matthew Guess what the difference between Android and wp7? Android has higher market share and wp7 in last with little to no market share.
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat looks like the sensation... lolll
Jesus Montalvo
Jesus Montalvo What i still dont underatand is what is keeping htc from making a phone with vanilla android? Im sure they couldnt use the nexus name without google's approval, but as long as it was pure android it wouldnt matter. ICS is too beautiful to add any other layer
Matthew Blicher
Matthew Blicher i have the htc 7 pro which is windows and i have no problems what so ever. the problem lies with android!! win for windows
Samir Dhissen Kader
Samir Dhissen Kader HTC is Soo rubbish I wasted so much money the only gd company out there r blackberry, iPhone n Samsung
Jesus Montalvo
Jesus Montalvo The biggest issue with htc's phone is the battery life. Design could also use some makeover.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @Andrew Ha windows? Its like sitting in last place with little to no market share while IOS And Android keeps on eating their market share lunch. Wp7 is boring I know cause I have tried it. U can't change things to make it more cooler or different. Plus the last time I used it it lagged my cuz had one too his lagged and it was so boring he wanted to switch so bad. My cuz is right these phones are for lawyers and agents because the Boring in it makes it look that way. My phone has a single core processor and it runs smooth no problems no lag. Its on 2.3 too and its still fast and smooth.
David Stokley Sr.
David Stokley Sr. Samsung and Moto have the android market on lock down.good luck HTC every phone you come out with sucked. well i loved my TP2..
Brendon Bowers
Brendon Bowers Funny how "all htc phones are identical and the same" Wtf do you call the iPhones than ? Lol htc has continued to grow in all aspects of a smartphone specs, looks, and quality anyone saying differently is blowing smoke up someone's ass
Andrew Marcano
Andrew Marcano The problem here is not HTC the problem is android windows is much better
Matt Jackson
Matt Jackson If they manage to keep EVO and 3D out of the same sentence they may have a shot at winning back some Sprint customers...which would be a much needed positive step in the right direction.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @Matthew And what exactly is that? The problem doesn't lie in Android its mostly that HTC needs to tone it down with their UI. They need to make some changes with it. Uncles inspire nope no lags no problems.
J Litz Van
J Litz Van Yes
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Yes lol
David DiPilla
David DiPilla the htc thunderbolt is a terrible phone restarted alot was laggy now I have another laggy phone called the droid 3 lol but htc had some fetures better then the droids but also droid has a better feature then the htc
Cosmic TJ
Cosmic TJ The use HTC in the TV show Fringe. That must mean something. :P
Matthew Blicher
Matthew Blicher problem lies with android which is why android sucks. win for windows!!
Ken Gorab
Ken Gorab In my opinion, HTC will never overtake the market, no matter the number of devices they put out per year. Sense makes every device look the same; it's managed to make the biggest Android UI upgrade yet look almost exactly like phones from a year and a half ago.
Kevin Loughrey
Kevin Loughrey and also the quad-core will fail. android or apple or any software are not detailed and complex enough for the need of a quad core. it will also drain the battery. my laptop is dual-core and it works fine.
Fahad Jamil
Fahad Jamil no and never
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Its not so much of the OS it's that HTC has but some heavy stuff on their UI and slows down the phone a bit. But after awhile it works the way it should no lag nor freezes. Its not the OS its HTC UI they need to tone it down just a tiny bit with the UI. But that's not going to stop me to try HTC sense UI. It maybe heavy but its nice and cool.
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Samsung has left HTC so much in the dust that they won't be able to catch up.
Kevin Loughrey
Kevin Loughrey i never thought HTC were too far behind in the race, i would be far more concerned if i was part of sony, nokia, or LG. not only do sony release barely any phones but there mostly crap. i think this will change this year
Michael Mathis
Michael Mathis Next year, I'm upgrading to either Samsung, Motorola, or LG. I'll never buy another HTC device.
JFella James Stringfellow
JFella James Stringfellow HTC needs a new design period all there phones look the same just with different specs this phone right here looks like the Sensation Thunderbolt and every other HTC phone with sense it's time for a change I'm just saying I love Samsung
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez I do agree Sense is horrible, a memory and battery hog, that's why my HTC devices have always had an AOSP rom such as CyanogenMod flashed on them, the difference between AOSP and Sense is huge. Stock Android is the way to go, not buggy at all unlike Sense
Noe Zuniga
Noe Zuniga HTC has the best hardware design on their phones ,(my opinion)coming from a sensation n radar owner...
Peter Andrew Rardin
Peter Andrew Rardin Depends if they send the flagship phone to t-mobile or not.
Varun Verma
Varun Verma Sense is bloated! They need to work on it from the start! Don't get me wrong, I really love Sense and HTC really knows how to play around in the smartphone industry. But please rework on Sense. It's just menu after menu after menu!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Not 2 mention every phone they release looks identical..what idiot thought of that.
Arvydas Gr
Arvydas Gr BORING DESIGN. And no on-screen buttons
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers HTC phones suck, they will always be poorly made and crappy signal pos's.
Jaymus HoneyWheat Mania
Jaymus HoneyWheat Mania I see HTC going back to windows phones!!!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis The HTC evo & the evo3d were 2 of the worst phones iv ever owned.. or maybe it. Was the buggy android OS that made it crap.
Jamil Oquendo
Jamil Oquendo I don't see it, Motorola will put out better phones now that they are owned by Google themselves, then other companies like Huawei and ZTE are making a full court press for HTC's spot. Sony will make better phones as well after buying out Ericsson. I see a slow decline for HTC.
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen @Dominic,Exactly thats`the main Problem.
Jose Ocampo
Jose Ocampo What htc needs is a new look all its phone are identical
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Nooo, Samsung has too many phones, I am forever an HTC user, from the DINC to the TBolt and now to the Rezound, excellent build quality.
Shane Lockett
Shane Lockett HTC has always been known for their higher performance compared to others but given the issues that plagued devices like the Dinc/dinc2 I will hold off buying one on launch day. I'm sure there are going to be quite a few kinks with these early quad core devices that need to be worked out.
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen Yepp it can! They just have to concentrate more on High end devices and not throuing so many Models in to the Market.
Dominic Jessup Reid
Dominic Jessup Reid HTC has too many phones.
Bryan May
Bryan May I always liked the build quality of there hardware and I do like the sense ui, but performance and resale, not the best. I would give HTC another try with a 1 yr warranty thrown in.
Ricardo Aguila Cuenca
Ricardo Aguila Cuenca Phones are twooooo thick
Shannon Manns
Shannon Manns Not with Samsung around...
Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin Despite Strong showing from SAMSUNG, I think HTC has always been a force to be reckon with in the Android world.
Wei Yan
Wei Yan You guys have to understand that HTC still has a huge market share in the Android realm. It's just not as big as Samsung. They won't slip to Motorola or LG but they can steal sales.

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