Poll: Which device are you looking most forward to from today's MWC 2012 announcements?

Aaron Baker
member from Dallas, TX
Published: February 25, 2012

While Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona throughout most of the week, the real meat of the trade show (as it has been in trade shows past) is day zero - today.  That's when LG, Sony, and HTC take the stage to take the wraps off of new devices that they're working on, and if shows past are any indication, we could be in for some surprises.  I'm expecting to see at least seven new devices from LG, a few announcements from Sony (now that the "Ericsson" name is gone), and HTC's rumored/leaked One X device, along with some other devices.  Will we see other things tonight?  It's anyone's guess.

So I turn it over to you.  Based on what you've seen churning around in the rumor mill over the past few days, what are you most excited about?  LG's mobile devices, HTC's new phones, or Sony's announcement(s)?  Cast your vote and let me know why in the comments section!