Daily Android activations reach 850,000, pushes number of total devices past 300 million

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| February 26, 2012

Galaxy Nexus rear

Hungry for some updated Android platform numbers on this Monday morning? That's exactly what Andy Rubin has given us, posting new information on Android over at Google's official mobile blog. Last we heard, Android was seeing 700,000 device activations every day, and now Andy Rubin has reported that that number has jumped to 850,000 daily activations. That's brought Android up to a total of 300 million total devices in the world. The Android Market has done some growing of its own, as its now home to a total of 450,000 apps and serves up over one billion app downloads per month.

Overall it sounds like Android is doing pretty well for itself, and with the number of new handsets that we're seeing unveiled at MWC that are powered by Google's little green robot, it may not be long before we hear that the number of daily Android activations hits the one million milestone. So how many of you have contributed to the 300 million total Android devices? Which Android product(s) do you own?

Via Official Google Mobile Blog