Sprint leak details upcoming $100 credit offer to entice select prospective customers to switch

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 1, 2012

Sprint $100 switcher credit offer leak

If you're currently on a carrier other than Sprint but have been considering jumping ship to the Now Network, a new leaked document has shown that Hesse and Co. may soon try to entice you to make the switch. According to an image sent to SprintFeed, Sprint is planning to begin sending out $100 service credit offers to select prospective customers in an attempt to convince them to switch to Sprint. The promotion will apparently involve two different tactics.

Some folks will reportedly begin being notified of the deal on their phones starting March 7th. The customer will be able to register their email and phone number on a Sprint website and then must port their number and activate an account with Sprint by April 18th. The user must then stay with Sprint for at least 30 days to receive the $100 credit, which will be given within three billing cycles.

Others will receive notification of the offer via a direct mailer. These pieces of mail will allegedly start going out on March 19th and will contain a special code that must be entered when a person is activating their new Sprint account. Customers that receive a mailer must activate their account by April 15th. It's also worth noting that, in addition to being able to port their number into Sprint, anyone that receives a piece of snail mail from Sprint will also be able to get a new number.

We've seen Sprint introduce a number of promotions in an attempt to keep existing customers happy and entice non-customers to jump to the Now Network. This latest deal seems like a decent one, especially if you were thinking about switching anyway. It's not yet clear exactly how Sprint decides who will be getting a shot at the promo, but if you think this is something you might qualify for (perhaps maybe you're nearing the end of your current contract), it may be worth keeping your eye out for something on your phone or in your mailbox from Sprint.

Via SprintFeed