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Waaay back in May of last year, Google Wallet was introduced with support for the Nexus S 4G on Sprint. So far we've yet to see the service get official support on any other Sprint handsets, but today a Google exec confirmed that that'll be changing later this year. Speaking at a Mobile World Congress panel earlier today, Osama Bedier, vice president of Google Wallet and Payments, said that Sprint will be debuting "at least 10 additional phones" later this year that are Google Wallet-compatible. Both the LG Viper and Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Sprint will feature support for Google Wallet.

Bedier also provided a bit of an update on the rollout of Google Wallet support at different retailers across the country, saying that "tens of thousands" of Google Wallet terminals are being added each month, with the strongest support coming from convenience stores and fast food restaurants. Additionally, Bedier said that Google continues to work with other operators, banks, and manufacturers to help the service grow. Google Wallet support is now present at 22 of the nation's largest retail chains, with MasterCard PayPass terminals available in over 300,000 locations.

It's kind of a bummer that we've yet to see Google Wallet make its way to other devices (save for some Galaxy Nexus handsets), so we're glad to hear that Sprint is planning to boost its roster of Wallet-friendly products throughout this year. Sprint hasn't yet said when it plans to launch the LG Viper or Galaxy Nexus, but they'll be two of the initial devices that'll be compatible with Sprint's LTE network, which is expected to go live in mid-2012. How many of you out there have used Google Wallet? What do you think of the service?

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Robert Thomas Stanley No but hell NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would. Be like havering transmitors in my boddy
Rick Charles LMAO..whatever Google. Nice try
Larry Waters No. Google can not be trusted. Die, Google. I will not become an android!
Hansel Starley lol giving at giving my credit information to Google.
Austin Mutschler @Jesse Ling Google Wallet is way more secure than carrying a credit card with you. Most credit cards have a chip that lets you scan your card at a Pay Pass machine. This allows anyone to walk by you with a card reader and get your information. With Google Wallet it will deny access to hackers like that. So please read up on the subject before you accuse a service of not being safe.
Marti Ruiz yee sssssssssssss t mobile plesw my device iscapable , it has near field comunication
James Adelan Cowie Lmao google
Tom Smith I truely believe Google is the anti-christ. Google wallet is the mark of the beast and there new privacy policy is our false freedom. I've loved android from the start, I'm not religious, but Google is evil at its core.
Braulio Bunay Nope !!!!!!!!
Ryan Tapat Nope nor really not on the long run
Ernesto Estrada yes!! I love it!!
Shawn Knoll yes. But I can't get it again cause when I rooted I had to reinstall and lost the prepaid card
Connor Henderson What is Google walleting mean???
Alberto Gutiérrez To all the people who says "oh noes! they are looking for my stuff! that's my privacy!! aaarrghhh stop google!" Hey, you're not THAT important to anyone besides your mother and your girlfriend (if you have one), so don't make a mess about this kind of things. I use Google's services since a long time ago, and so far it works great. I can get a lot of stuff from one source, so I thank these guys for making a useful system which doesn't charge me for anything. Now stop whining.
Kiisha Arnold I love it..I got $10 just for using it. It has a password which is good. About others having control of money or whatever, to me its the same as a debit card. Its very quick and super easy
Gordon Christie nope its just gonna encourage criminals to steal mobiles so they can use it to steal your identity and money wont use it ever
Chris Corliss It's an awesome idea, but so far poorly implemented. If they get it working right, I'd definitely use it. The technology has been around for years, so it really is just a matter of proper implementation.
Adam Tanner Mindlessly using my phone to buy things I already don't need? Apparently there's an app for that. Sheesh.
Matt Smith The only places in my area that support it are 7-11 and CVS. Those are two places I don't really go to. My answer would be no.
Brandon Winger I am sure all 6 people that can use it are thrilled. :)
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I don't trust it.
Dan Vo My consumption of Jamba juice has gone up 10 fold since i started using gWallet...
Shawn Thornton No. Lets take the most sensitive data and allow Google to have access to it..... sounds like a good idea. I wonder if hackers would target this? I am thinking, yes.
James Maxwell Like my nexus with wallet... when it worked then people had to go and blow the fault outta proportion so I cant use it :(
Jamey Church Not one bit... ill stick to my secure credit card, since I'm not liable for charges not made by me.
Onix Rodriguez So! Now Google knows where you are, what you do and what you do with your money... creepy/spooky
Pierce G Hohenstein There was this one time when I was in North Carolina and I had no cash on me. My gram said I could have used her card. Would have proved useful
Jesse Ling t mobile?what you mean the most infamous data throttling wireless provideR?i wouldnt trust them with bill clintons dick
Mark Belkowski no and neither does google+
Flako Ramirez Nope not one bit
Mitch Lopez Nothing to do with google interests me. I don't want them sharing how much $ I have with advertisers. I do not want them analyzing my purchasing habits so they can spam me with things that may interest me. I got hacked badly when I was using a Google Chrome Notebook. No mas!
Ralph Matteo Exantus Another form of credit card
Orrin Tall Why have another person in control of your money?
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Yes it does. My wallet doesn't have a password on it if I lose it. Someone can just get at all of my information. Google Wallet sounds like a great idea and a much more secure way to carry around credit cards! Just got to get T-Mobile to get some decent phones....
K.j. Littlejohn I love it on my gnexus U definitely stand out when using it and retailers are stuck lookin confused as the receipt prints out
Jesse Ling google wallet is a hackers soggiest dream,thats why RIM has thus far refused to suppor it from what ive heard,its too vulnerable.as it is your phone or cards can be remotely scanned,why make it easier for hackers?
Chris Manning Until all credit card machines have easy pay readers, it isn't viable, and it's just one more vulnerability to carry around on your phone. Plus, what happens if your battery dies?
Mauka Side Only if it's safe.
Scott Sheinfeld Google Wallet working great on GSM (imported) Galaxy Nexus running on AT&T network. Use it at vending machines too. I get receipts instantly, time stamped and location aware. I can also add my own notes to each transaction.
Christopher Williams All of these devices with NFC support and almost no where I shop accepts it as a form of payment. Not really a big deal to me.
George Kosta Petroff In a word: NO.
Humberto Cortes It did until they broke the prepaid card feature:/
Wasim Mazahreh I really like it but it's not in a lot of retailers and only supported on 2 devices.
Mike Jordan i used it on my nexus before it works very well only problem is there are very few stores that support it in my area. and more then likely in the whole US.
Darnell Mitchell Not really caring about that @ all.....smh...Sprint needs to be more worried about fixing their damn network issues....
Kalvin Henderson Kinda sorta
Victor Rios How does Google Wallet work and will the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch get it?
Brian Polkinghorne Press any key to empty :)
Alex Villalpando i love google checkout and now that they are the same it is a good way paying for things
Ryan Etzel not one bit....

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