The Mobile World Congress doors officially closed yesterday, leaving everyone with a lot of announcements to ponder. It was a wild and hectic couple of days, and all the different devices in Barcelona did a decent job of keeping Aaron busy. Now that it's over, though, it's time we look back and revisit some of the highlights of the show.

Here's what piqued my interests this week:


HTC's new One series

Over the last eight months or so, HTC has been slipping. They surrendered the title of Android king to Samsung and faced slipping sales as other manufacturers continued to innovate in both specifications and design. Competitors' phones were slimmer and arguably more powerful and quicker. Then HTC vowed to focus on quality over quantity. HTC hit Barcelona with guns blazing. The day before the show officially started, HTC got the jump on the other manufacturers by announcing their new line of devices, One. Within the new One line, they announced the One S, One X and One V.

The One S is a higher-end device while the V takes us back to the days of the original HTC Hero. But with a 4.7-inch 720p Super LCD display, 8-megapixel camera with f/2.0 lens, Tegra 3 or Krait processor, 32GB storage, 1,800mAh battery and a slim, 9.27mm profile, the One X was the highlight of HTC's announcements. It's a new start for HTC, to go along with their goal of simplifying Sense UI.

The One X is the first drool-worthy HTC phone since the Nexus One, for me at least. It will launch on AT&T later this year with LTE connectivity, meaning it won't be carrying the Tegra 3 and will instead be powered by Qualcomm's dual-core Snapdragon S4 chip. What would be even better is if it were to launch on T-Mobile running pure stock Android as the G4x with a Tegra 3. Am I right?


ASUS Padfone and Ubuntu for Android

I've been searching high and low for an all-in-one solution, but have yet to come across anything that will do the trick. Heading into Mobile World Congress, we had already had a few glances at Ubuntu for Android. As many of you know, I'm a tad excited over what could come of that, as it's the first possible answer to my woes. However, we didn't learn any more about Ubuntu for Android in Barcelona than what we had already been told. So I can only hope Canonical cares to share more info as OEMs hop on board with their project.

And, finally, we got a look at a working model of the long-awaited, mythical ASUS Padfone. Instead of just being a phone that docks into a tablet-like terminal, it also comes with an optional keyboard dock, like the Transformer Pads that were also recently announced and Transformer Prime. I have my reservations about ASUS' design with the Padfone and docks, seeing as so much hinges on the success of the Padfone itself. If no carriers pick it up officially, the whole project could be in vain. However, this radically different direction from ASUS could (and hopefully will) spark some innovation in other tablet manufacturers' minds.


Nokia PureView 808

Just when we thought mobile camera technology would soon hit a ceiling, Nokia blows our minds with a mind-blowing phone with a 41-megapixel camera, powered by none other than ... Symbian?

Aside from the operating system not being one of my favorites, the PureView is a fantastic leap in the right direction. It earned Best of Show at MWC, and while we're not particularly interested in many devices powered by Symbian, there is the eventual hope that a mobile camera of this caliber will be brought to Windows Phone.

Now that might force me to jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon. I'm willing to bet I wouldn't be the only one either.


As far as what we saw at Mobile World Congress, that's all that I can say that I'm interested in. We're finally beginning to see more differentiation among manufacturers, and they're starting to listen to customers' gripes about overbearing interfaces, poor cameras and everything else under the sun. But there were definitely things I was hoping for – like more buttonless, stock Android phones and word on the Verizon Galaxy Note (Journal) – that went unmentioned. And there were a few rumors that sprouted (LG potentially being the next partner manufacturer for the Nexus, for instance) that I hope don't pan out. 

Overall, though, Mobile World Congress 2012 was a success. Next stop, CTIA in May, and the iPad announcement is scheduled for next Wednesday.

In the meantime, tell us what piqued your interests at Mobile World Congress this year. Is there anything you're already planning on buying already? Or are you going to stick it out for the Galaxy S III, which is now rumored for April? Or the iPhone 5?

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Cristy Jane haha! Michael said 'waist'! Haha! Man you're loco! :P
Michael A. Lococo Absolutely nothing came out of MWC 2012! Total waist of hope and anticipation! Completely disgusted with the entire thing!
Michael A. Lococo Absolutely nothing came out of m
Ben LiGon hmm no announcement of Samsung Galaxy S3 so I'll go with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
Adrian Jordan I like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet.
Rick Nelson The HTC One X but overall kinda unimpressed with what came out. I feel it was a crawl instead of a step up
Luis Lopez I'm just calling it how I see it. People seem to love Apple more. There's a reason why Apple is most valuable brand, and loved brand in the world.
Eduardo Ordaz Asked HTC on their page and told them if the HTC One X is coming to sprint and they said no.
Steven Nieto To those who thinks Iphone is at the leading edge of technology consider this, why isn't there any 4g out LTE support? Imo until I see a 4g iphone android will always be on top. Also looking forward to GSIII.
Perro Rosello its between the PadFone and One X... One X is winning though
Daniel Clem Ubuntu for Android :-)
Steven James Santos Yeah!, it got me really excited for next years MWC, where there might be something really groundbreaking and/or cool...
Richard Ameen iPhone 4SS
Wendell Edwards PureView technology, and the fact the 808 will be running Belle feature pack 1. My next phone.
Daniel Cuadrado My favorite moment was the end. Nothing exciting from Android or Windows.
Ahnonny Nguyen My galaxy nexus should hold me down until GSIII comes out. To all the people who is going with HTC one. Let me ask you this, how will people know you upgrade when the hardware looks the same? Lol the One x looks like htc sensation with a white gel case.
John Zanatta I wish WP7 had done something a little more than the Lumia 610. Android is calling my return. The HTC One series is appealing.
Eduardo Ordaz Chop the apple head.
Devin Martinez Well frank if u haven't noticed apple is the head & android is the tail. They wait for apple to make all the moves & then they follow take tablets for instance
Ivan Pineiro HTC One
Logan Austin Skinner HTC One S!!!
Allan Abraham htc One S. =)
Ian Martinez Of course HTC ONE X
Eduardo Ordaz HTC one X. Like the features and the design.
Joseph Olvera Nokia 808 & HTC One X.
Frank Porter Ugh. I just threw up in my mouth a little after reading Luis's comment.
DéSëan Dawkins HTC needs new software look getting old
Marko Teullet HTC uno x !
Eric Bailey Nothing for Verizon...wow
Cristian Trohin Nokia 808 PureView
Teron Facey HTC One Series can't wait to get my hands on the One X.
Marti Ruiz Not. I m waiting for the gs3 Midas
David Harness HTC One X because I finally have a definite phone to wait for and it's worth the buy. Though I wish it could've had Nvidia's Tegra 3, it's still worth it.
Luis Lopez Nothing. Can't wait for Apple's iPad 3 keynote this coming Wednesday. This is going to change everything, all over again. Team Apple!
James Daniels not a damn thing :(
Mohammad Vahabi HTC ONE SERIES
Siddharth Krishna Dwivedi from MWC Nokia Pure view 808 n this year nothin less than iPhone 5
Daniel Kelsey nothing really, im a die hard fan of HTC but since my wife got a GSII, ive been waiting for the GSIII. sad to say, but i have been disappointed with HTC lately
Devin Martinez When they sent the apple 3-7-12 keynote invites LOL
Bryan Edens Huawei quad XL
Micu Ciprian HTC ONE X...
Ali Fakhruddin Sony Xperia Series..
Waqas Ahmad Khan Nokia 808 :)))
David Cipollone HTC's new One lineup. Can't wait for a Sprint variant. I guess we'll have to wait until May to find out what that "Jewel" may be...
Dima Benny nothing,because SGS3 not announced. :O?
Edgar Perret-Gentil The GS3 Woulda been nice. But quad cores are cool too
Rich Hernandez THE IPAD 3
Gordon Christie Everything
Hugo Contreras Lagos Nokia's pure view tech ...not only the 808... the whole thing!
Anthony Apodaca Lenovo Padfone!
Orga Price HTC One series. Good to know they're not going to release 83 phones this year.
Syedul Islam HTC one X..
Saad Khan HTC One x!!!!!!!!
Kajari Spoon Osborne HTC ONE SERIES

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