HTC Fireball reportedly set to become Incredible 4G, LG Lucid 4G and blue DROID RAZR also rumored

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 3, 2012

HTC Rezound Verizon logo

Heads up, Verizon customers. A new report has surfaced with some details on a trio of upcoming Android handsets that are Big Red-bound, including the next entry in the DROID Incredible series of devices. Sources speaking to Droid-Life claim that the next Incredible will be dubbed "DROID Incredible 4G" and that it's actually the HTC Fireball that has leaked a couple of times in the past. No details on the Incredible 4G are mentioned, but it's thought that it may be the mysterious Ice Cream Sandwich-powered phone that leaked out last month with LTE connectivity. 

The sources also claim that Verizon has a device known as the "LG Lucid 4G" in the pipeline. Once again, there isn't any hard information about the Lucid 4G available, but Droid-Life suggests that it could be more of a mid-range device considering that the LG Spectrum only recently hit shelves. Finally, another differently colored version of the Motorola DROID RAZR is reportedly coming as well. We've already seen Verizon release black, white and purple RAZRs, and now a blue model is apparently on its way.

So there's a peek at some of the incoming Android devices that Verizon has up its sleeve. Like the Motorola DROID family, the HTC-made DROID Incredibles are one of the lines of handsets that Verizon is known for, so it makes sense that the carrier would want to continue it by releasing a new, LTE-capable model. It's not yet clear when we'll be seeing this trio of smartphones make their way to stores, but you can bet that we'll pass along more details as we get them. Stay tuned!

Via Droid-Life