It has been awhile since I’ve talked about a king of the Android populace. When I did talk about it, I was asking you whether or not HTC would be able to remain the King of Android. Now, not quite a year later, here I am wondering which company, out of all of them out there releasing their own version of a high-end Android device, is actually positioned at the top spot. Instead of basing this solely on a list of devices that are out right now, let’s look a bit into the future. Thanks to the Mobile World Congress event that took place over the course of last week, we have plenty of new devices to judge our results, so let’s get right into it.

Before this year’s Mobile World Congress, and despite the fact that Samsung had released the Galaxy S II into the world, I honestly still would have put HTC at the head of the pack. Even if I do wholeheartedly agree with the company that their proprietary user interface, Sense, had become way too cluttered for its own good, I believe that HTC’s fan base is still one of the strongest out there.

And that won’t change after Mobile World Congress, either. With the company unveiling a simpler approach to Sense UI, and unveiling the One Series of devices, HTC is going back to their roots and that means that HTC definitely has a chance at keeping their kingly position. However, there are so many new competitors, and competitors that have been around since the beginning but are only now actually creating devices worth the attention, that this year is definitely going to be hard for HTC.

Specifically, where did ZTE and Huawei come from? These manufacturers have been deep within the Android ranks for quite some time, but it wasn’t until this year that both of these manufacturers decided to take the gloves off, incorporate some high-end specifications, and release devices that people would actually want all over the world. In ZTE’s case, there’s the Era, which may not have the best display in the world (or even on the smartphone market), but it’s definitely not lacking in the other specifications categories. And then there’s Huawei’s Ascend D quad, which does have a fantastic display, plus all of the high-end specs your hands can take advantage of.

And then there’s Sony, which had plenty of different Android handsets to show off last year, but none of which really stood out amongst the competition. That is definitely changing this year, especially with devices like the Xperia S. Again, it may not have the best of the best when it comes to specifications, but there’s no reason to think that the Xperia S (or any of its brethren) won’t be ridiculously popular all over the world.

Finally, Samsung, who had a few announcements at the event, but there is still one device we’re all still waiting for, and that’s the Galaxy S III – or whatever they decide to call this year’s flagship device. Considering how popular all of the Galaxy S flagship devices have been in the past, if Samsung can manage to pack in all the features that people want (realistically, folks), or even just some of them, there’s a strong possibility that Samsung takes the cake and eats it this year, too.

All in all, HTC honestly doesn’t have it all that easy this year. Not that they have had it “easy” over the last two years, but this year it’s going to come down to the wire, more or less. HTC has real contenders with the One Series, but obviously we know that they’re going to release plenty of other handsets, too, which could bog down their chances at regaining (or keeping) the top spot. Even LG has some hardware to compete for the crown.

Who are you rooting for?

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"Who is the new king of Android in 2012?"

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rcee_camron_2 samsung is ruling, best device is galaxy note by far
Anonymous Pretty sure the HTC One!
jpchater Right now, galaxy note. Still the underdog, still winnovating.
Jun Kim
Jun Kim Samsung Galaxy Note
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Undoubtedly HTC One X
Main Man
Main Man HTC One X
Anonymous htc phones have always been extremely well built with great cameras. Sense can be overbearing but it is focused on personalization
Shubham Palange
Shubham Palange Right Now I'll Vote For HTC One X
Verlon L. Carroll
Verlon L. Carroll Samsung & LG!
Drew Page
Drew Page So far, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X are the kings.
Paulie McLovinn
Paulie McLovinn Definitely samsung
Diego Schneider
Diego Schneider Htc for shure!!!!
KJ Thornton
KJ Thornton The iPhone 4s
Brandon Ashwood
Brandon Ashwood me lol
Ivan Ilyin
Ivan Ilyin I'm hoping for Samsung's Galaxy S line to be on top this year again. They release their phones first, and retain better specs than others for months. As long as you import from Europe, since it takes half a year for US carriers to adopt these phones. Waiting for a Quad Core, HD, sAMOLED+, and large battery phone from Samsung
Isaac Dargan
Isaac Dargan HTC and htc sence, i love that UI
Daniel Shih
Daniel Shih HTC One X !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis HTC!! Where do people come up with these fake ass galaxyS3 specs? You people kill me..LOL...HTC is king and always will be!!!
Malcom Buckhannon
Malcom Buckhannon HTC!!!! I hate MOTO every one I had I hated and went right back to HTC... I will never look back again.
Stan Jackson
Stan Jackson Razr maxx smart action and the battery
Xingchi Ding
Xingchi Ding Next nexus, the pure android and first for new operating system is the way to go.
Hon Guin Lee
Hon Guin Lee In terms of all features, Sony Xperia S, for the hype its Samsung Galaxy S 3.
Kelvin Viola
Kelvin Viola hands down bro its plural lol, now thats out of the way HTC baby!
Aaron J. Guerra
Aaron J. Guerra What the heck is with all these Samsung fanboys?! HTC hand down!
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie It will still be Samsung the s3 has quadcore and HTC had crap phones last year
Umar Gillen
Umar Gillen Samsung
Kory S. Deberry
Kory S. Deberry Samsung!!!
Waqas Ahmad Khan
Waqas Ahmad Khan ONE X
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano Sammy :)
Taimoor Akhtar
Taimoor Akhtar Samsung duh...
Atif Abdul Samee
Atif Abdul Samee Ofcourse Htc.....coz I just luv the sense interface....but wud luv if HTC would improve it a bit more and release ICS and Sense 4.0 for Evo 3d soon.....coz i own it!!!;-)
Michael A. Lococo
Michael A. Lococo I would say the people who create all those android viruses!!
Gabriel Silva Roldan
Gabriel Silva Roldan Nexus two by htc soon to come
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen Htc is trying to put up a good fight against the GSIII with the One X and personally, id rather have the one x than the SIII, just because its htc and samsung is crap. All samsung is is specs, and then crappy build. HTC is all around good phones, but for now im happy with my iPhone 4S
Tameria Survivor Comas
Tameria Survivor Comas Samsung---hands down
Tyvell Veney
Tyvell Veney The best outta MWC was the HTC One X (quad core people! ). Haven't seen the GSIII yet so HTCs got it for now
Ryan Lampkin
Ryan Lampkin DroidTh3ory
Travis Hickey
Travis Hickey samsung.
Sina Balouch
Sina Balouch Samsung
Anonymous In a few months Galaxy S III but right now Galaxy S II :D
Hated Newsome
Hated Newsome Love every HTC device I have owned and have Hated every Samsung device...there are alot of good products coming out but I will stand behind and stay loyal to HTC no matter who is the supposed top of the market. Just my personal thoughts.
Orion Pax
Orion Pax Galaxy Note
Ethan Hoang
Ethan Hoang Google
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones HTC sensation 4G
Sujit Tiyar
Sujit Tiyar htc one x
Wei Zhann
Wei Zhann Torn between HTC One S/V/XL UI designs and Samsung Amoled Galaxy Note........whew ...Desire HD user.
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling If HTC gets rid of Sense, then HTC, if not then Samsung.
Prince Nyaga
Prince Nyaga HTC
Luaiy Hakami
Luaiy Hakami YOU>>!!!
Zoheb Sayed
Zoheb Sayed htc Sensation XE cuz I own it :P
Lawayne Robinson
Lawayne Robinson HTC FOREVER!!!!!!
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Need to see GS3 before I can make a decision. Samsung won in 2011 though.
Jesse Talamantes
Jesse Talamantes Samsung is pulling away
Joe Hernandez
Joe Hernandez Samsung has won it. htc has fallen
Vanrajsinh Chavda
Vanrajsinh Chavda galaxy s3....
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla I must say. Motorola can't compete. Hopefully Google does something good with it. Samsung is too powerful to be dethroned.
Yasir Sohail
Yasir Sohail samsung and android goes well perfect. but now that google owns moto, lets see what happens.
Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson IMO, SAMSUNG won when they released the Galaxy SII! But, when the Galaxy SIII comes out, GAME OVER! (-:
Zakari Ghachi
Zakari Ghachi GSIII
Joseph Tarin
Joseph Tarin Samsung.... GSlll nuff said
Sean Johnstone
Sean Johnstone Motorola Droid razor! Beats anything you guys have!:D
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas Samsung
Chris Payne
Chris Payne As much as I love my Evo (thanks HTC) and I've hated every Samsung device I've ever own in the past (not just phone, everything).... I would have to say Samsung easily takes this from HTC with the Galaxy Nexus. As long as you're going to ruin Android with your shitty skin (Sense) you don't have a chance. Let Android be Android. Especially ICS!!
Ysidro Fernandez
Ysidro Fernandez Samsung
Jaevz Chavez
Jaevz Chavez DROID RAZR ruler of mobile machines
Jonese Elnar
Jonese Elnar samsung galaxy s3...!
Michael Barton
Michael Barton Not one single person..recently..has said Sony
Reinaldo Quiros
Reinaldo Quiros Moto DROID RAZR RULES!
Jamille Browne
Jamille Browne Samsung
Frank Tiberius Marte Jr
Frank Tiberius Marte Jr Droid Razr Maxx!
Bryan Wilt
Bryan Wilt Gs3
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez Motorola will be the one to come on top! Then you have Google buying Motorola! Is that even a question? Motorola all day!!!
Missy Wheeler
Missy Wheeler say what u want but I love my LG thrill. for once I have found an android phone that does what its supposed to, no tricks that aren't supposed to be rhere.
Gabriel Perez Yosh
Gabriel Perez Yosh Galaxy note
Esme Peralta
Esme Peralta samsung
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Samsung Vibrant-CyanogenMod7-..FTW..
Toreon Jones Sr.
Toreon Jones Sr. Cory u right bout that 1. I'm a EVO man and if they can't give us a new I'm goin Samsung.....
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Super Amoled+plus.....looks wayyy more sexxxy.....
Mark Gittens
Mark Gittens Only time will tell. they r some 5mp cameras that look better than 8mp but people will see 8mp and think that automatically is better so lets just see what HTC and Samsung does
Eric Hook
Eric Hook Still Samsung
Nicolas Calderon Quintero
Nicolas Calderon Quintero HTC One X. Such an amazing phone.
Krishna Das
Krishna Das I was a fan of HTC but now I feel Samsung is miles ahead
Jonathan Brewer
Jonathan Brewer samsung.. nobody even comes close
Enrique Fdez
Enrique Fdez Casio
Sean Brian
Sean Brian htc
Christian Sotelo
Christian Sotelo Samsung android
Mike Nguyen
Mike Nguyen Samsung
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson The last king for HTC was HTC Evo
Bibek Gurung
Bibek Gurung HTC FTW, no contest!
Malik Chambers
Malik Chambers HTC needs to figure out how to extend their battery life. That's their hold back.
Brandon Errigo
Brandon Errigo Samsung galaxxy note
Ronnie Hill Jr
Ronnie Hill Jr I love HTC, but all android lovers should help convert the brain washed iphone users over so they can have a phone that really helps you!
Luis Miguel de Antunano
Luis Miguel de Antunano Samsung, 'nuff said!!
Rick Sievers
Rick Sievers HTC sucks... I've never seen one that I liked. razr maxx...the only way to go.
Malik Chambers
Malik Chambers Samsung Galaxy line is killin it right now. You would think since Google now owns Motorola Mobile, they would be....
Alexander Rojas
Alexander Rojas HTC One X
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley Samsung. Note for the win
Iam Talat
Iam Talat What about the padfone from Asus lol
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li if they keep making HEAVY THICK CRAPS, they will never be king!
Walter Nunez
Walter Nunez HTC!
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas HTC
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 ICS.
Vincent Jean
Vincent Jean MOTO FTW!
Enrique Fdez
Enrique Fdez weed
Mike Cantwell
Mike Cantwell HTC
Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate HTC gunna look like fuktards next month
Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate Not you Richard. I agree with you.
Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate Wrong
Richard Allen Yarrell
Richard Allen Yarrell Snapdragon S4 Dualcore is not much better than what I have now in my Galaxy Nexus. If that's all HTC has for consumers in 2012 then their DOORS will be BLOWN OFF AGAIN. Exynos Quadcore vs Snapdragon S4 Dualcore... Who do you think WON?? Plus 2GB of RAM on the Galaxy S3 that simply PIMP SLAPS anything made by HTC in 2012...
Olgun Özcan
Olgun Özcan HTC One X
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago Huwawei, and I'm a Samsung user...
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan I don't know yet gotta play with HTC One X, then play with the Samsung Galaxy S 3 then ill decide
Hendrick Equis M
Hendrick Equis M my vote still is on Samsung. the HTC one X looks nice but its cometition at this moment is Sammys NExus & GS2 plus GS3 around the corner
David Hilgendorf
David Hilgendorf Samsung
Mohammad Ashraf Mahmoud
Mohammad Ashraf Mahmoud HTC One X
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Not HTC lol. The One series hasn't impressed me much with their shitty 1800 mAh batteries and dont give me that crap about the new processor/chipset. LTE is a power hog regardless
David Lora
David Lora Google
Enrique Fdez
Enrique Fdez Google
Perro Rosello
Perro Rosello I want HTC to reign again. But Samsung is on a roll
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado Samsung Galaxy Note by far!
Richard Allen Yarrell
Richard Allen Yarrell The KING of android in 2011 and the start of 2012 is Samsung hands down. Samsung devices Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Skyrocket Hd, and Galaxy Skyrocket, plus the upcoming Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Journal will keep Samsung on top in 2012. HTC has to put out better than the Htc One or Htc One X that's for sure..
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi HTC One X (Tegra 3 version)
Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta Muertorola Suck.
Amir Zaheen Minhaj
Amir Zaheen Minhaj Samsung???....please, they does deliver the spec..but then in the design department, sony and htc nailed it.. Im going with htc as the droid king....tho theres many competitor....
Kilgore Trout
Kilgore Trout Motorola Droid RAZR
Xavier Robinson
Xavier Robinson Samsung
Ray W. Scott
Ray W. Scott HTC
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras Now galaxy note and next Galaxy S3 or maybe LG optimus 4X
Jordan Acosta
Jordan Acosta Samsung Galaxy S3 Is going to be the best at the whole market amazing....
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo Too early to tell. We're barely in the third month of the new year. Ask this question again by Q4 2012.
Yousif Sobhi
Yousif Sobhi The galaxy s3 when it comes out, but for now galaxy s2 is the shit :)
Sam Pappachan
Sam Pappachan HTC for nw, Asus is gonna take over, just bcz they are releasing jelly bean on their devices early...
Jesus G. Nolasco
Jesus G. Nolasco SAMSUNG
Tyrell Hubbard
Tyrell Hubbard Lg
Jerel Boza
Jerel Boza Samsung's sking are shitty. Their phyiscal keyboard can use some work.
Miguel Reategui
Miguel Reategui Skyrocket! All day
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez For sure its HTC!
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru The Galaxy S3
Jerel Boza
Jerel Boza Samsung sells the most because they are the most reconizeable when it comes to name. HTC is none as the best phone maker. I mean even people who know nothing about cellphone see HTC and they ask can they touch my phone. I say thats samsung and they go oh ok.
Mark Hennessey
Mark Hennessey Intellectual property lawyers.
Rashaud Cook
Rashaud Cook Android doesn't give a phone no time to shine.. So none of them
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez MOTOROLA
Alonzo Tollini
Alonzo Tollini Anything HTC or Samsung makes.
Zach Ernst
Zach Ernst If it were service it would be Sprint
Tommy Millar
Tommy Millar Rezound baby!
RJ Delacruz
RJ Delacruz ASUS! PadFone FTW!
Ray Lopez
Ray Lopez HTC Galaxy S Note One X Bluray HD II ;)
Valarie Smith
Valarie Smith Galaxy Note
Dennis Heggenstaller
Dennis Heggenstaller Def not HTC or Motorola
Jeffrey Molina
Jeffrey Molina Me.
Johnny Makris-munoz
Johnny Makris-munoz Samsung heres why samsung phones have the best batteries screens and tend to work alot better than htc or motorola
Mimi Inman
Mimi Inman Droid 4
Kareem Hanna
Kareem Hanna galaxy nexus
Robby Olko
Robby Olko One X until G s3 is announced.
Will Gonzalez
Will Gonzalez Galaxy Nexus now..........
Wade Moena
Wade Moena Motorola all the way. There only comp was htc and they didn't really sell shit for phones last year
Sam Platz
Sam Platz Samsung Galaxy S3 when it arrives
Ben LiGon
Ben LiGon Samsung hands down!
Gavin Rightmyer
Gavin Rightmyer iPhone (:
Malik Huntington Brock
Malik Huntington Brock Samsung! Samsung! Just think if Vizio made Androids they would be in the top 5!
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava GALAXY S3 OFFICIAL! 5.0 inch 1080p super amoled Plus HD 12 Megapixel Camera with 1080p video/5 Mega pixel HD front cam 2.0 Gigahertz Dual core Exynos 2 Gigs of ram,4G LTE,Android 5.0 Jelly-Bean, 3000 mAh Battery,FaceLock/Eyelock ,Android T.V (2012)
Baldus Maximus
Baldus Maximus Samsung
Eddie Kirbi
Eddie Kirbi Samsung.
Japeth Harrison
Japeth Harrison galaxy nexus note HD,
Alejandro Castro
Alejandro Castro LG Optimus 4X HD when its released
Jozef Sakac
Jozef Sakac Sony Xperia S
Gabe Moran
Gabe Moran It could still be motorola this year
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway Definitely the Samsung phones...any of their Android devices. Samsung makes good Android devices. I LOVE the Samsung Nexus.
Muhammad Yousuf
Muhammad Yousuf Samsung, no doubt
Sean Pop White
Sean Pop White Droid razr maxx by farrrr
Gabe Moran
Gabe Moran Motorola droid razr so far....that phones been unstoppable so far haha
Kyle Diggy
Kyle Diggy Sammy forsure
Douglas Massell
Douglas Massell GS2
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago Sg2 epic 4g touch once ics comes out!!!
Cris Garcia
Cris Garcia Lg Vu Print , coming inn 2013 .
Daniel Villarreal
Daniel Villarreal motorola Razar
Manuel Campas
Manuel Campas Well the HTC Evo has been king since it was released lol...I think it needs to take a bow though, I would hope to see another HTC at the top
Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan samsung ofcourse....
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Samsung
Jason Torchy
Jason Torchy Google
Brandon Paul
Brandon Paul GS3
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Still waiting on galaxy s 3
Barry Washington
Barry Washington I think its obviously Samsung. Hands down.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Galaxy S3 soon.
Jordan Pyle
Jordan Pyle Note
Myles Gardener
Myles Gardener Would be HTC if they would release ICS for the EVO 3D

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