Google reportedly selects Android "Key Lime Pie" to follow Jelly Bean

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: March 4, 2012

Google logo Galaxy Nexus

Earlier today we told you that ASUS may be one of the first to offer an upgrade to Jelly Bean, which is rumored to be the codename of the next major version of Android. Now a report has surfaced claiming to have information on the codename of the iteration of Android that'll follow Jelly Bean. Google is known for its pattern of naming new versions of Android after desserts, and according to The Verge's "reliable source," the search company has chosen "Key Lime Pie" as the "K" dessert for the Android update that will come after Jelly Bean. No other details on Key Lime Pie were given.

Like the letter "J," it seems that Google doesn't have a ton of options that it could use for its "K" Android dessert, so the Key Lime Pie moniker could make sense. As for when we may actually see Key Lime Pie introduced by El Goog, well, that could still be a ways out considering that the folks in Mountain View have yet to even make Jelly Bean (or whatever the "J" version of Android will be called) officially official. But hey, at least now we've got plenty of time to hone our baking skills so that we'll be able to prepare a delicious key lime pie on the day that Google finally does debut the "K" iteration of Android.

Via The Verge