Motorola DROID 2 to receive new software update, tester emails begin going out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 7, 2012

Last week we learned that the Motorola DROID 2 Global is due to receive a maintenance update sometime soon, and now it looks like the D2G's older, non-global brother will also be treated to some new software. The folks at Droid-Life have gotten hold of a Motorola email being sent out to DROID 2 owners in the Motorola Feedback Network alerting them to a soak test for a new update that's about to go down. There's no mention in the email of exactly what kinds of goodies the update contains, as the email only says that the test is only "an early preview of a new software release." The Motorola DROID R2-D2 isn't included in the test.

So just what might be packed into this new DROID 2 update? We'll have to wait until Motorola or Verizon spills the update beans before we know for sure, but Droid-Life suggests that it could be similar to the aforementioned DROID 2 Global update, which contained a Google Security Patch along with several other tweaks and bug fixes. Whatever the DROID 2's update brings, it's good to see Moto and Verizon show some love to folks that are still using the second entry in the DROID family. Any of you out there rocking a DROID 2?

Via Droid-Life

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