A lot can change overnight in this industry, especially the value of a device following a new product announcement.

Just this Wednesday, Apple announced the new iPad, which features a Retina Display (2048 by 1536 pixels), a dual-core A5X chip that features quad-core graphics, 4G LTE connectivity, a 5-megapixel camera and over double the battery capacity as last year's model. (The battery life actually levels out to about roughly the same as earlier models. This one, however, is sort of like the Hummer of tablets and sucks up a ton of juice.) These new iPads start at $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model – 32GB and 64GB models cost $599 and $699, respectively. And the LTE models cost $130 more than their Wi-Fi counterparts.

What all of this means, though, is that the pricing on the iPad 2 has dropped across the board. In normal Apple fashion, last year's model took a $100 price cut. The 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 starts at just $399 for new in box, and the larger models with 3G work their way up to $729.

Of course, the upper-end iPad 2s are still rather pricey, but the point here is that you can now get your hands on a brand new iPad 2 for $400. It's no surprise, I know. It happens every year with all of Apple's iDevices. But this year is a bit special for iPads.

The first generation of iPads was a success. There's no question about that. But the iPad 2 was undoubtedly a lot more refined than the original, as any second-gen product usually is. It is thinner, lighter and had a much better processor than the first iPad. And it featured (poor) cameras to boot – clearly, a lot more bang for your buck.

What's more, though, is how many people bought the iPad 2, or even the original iPad. During the new iPad announcement, Apple revealed that they had sold 15.4 million iPads in Q4 2011 alone. If anything, those numbers have gone down since the iPad 2 was initially released, meaning that there are a ton of older models out there. And a large number of those iPad owners were looking to sell or trade-in their old model to buy a new one. In February alone, over 125,000 people used eBay's Instant Sale program to get the best value for their old tablets before the announcement this past Wednesday. Over 97 percent of those trade-ins were from iPad owners.

In other words, there are a ton of old iPads out there for grabs. And now that the retail value starts at just $400, used models can be found on the cheap.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who has been on the fence about tablet pricing to jump on a good deal. The price change hasn't been reflected completely on eBay just yet, but there are a lot of 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 models ranging from $300 to $375.

There's no doubt that $300 for an iPad 2 is a good deal. But eBay is only one of many outlets that offers cash for old electronics. Gazelle and NextWorth saw a lot of pre-iPad announcement trade-ins, too. If you play your cards right, however, you might be able to score an iPad for even less. Just by scanning some local Craigslist listings for a few minutes, I found several people who were desperate to sell their old iPads so they could put some money down on pre-orders. The longer you wait (within reason), the lower these prices will go.

I'm not all over myself to buy another iPad. But at $300, even I'm considering picking one up, just so I can use some of the old iOS tablet apps I purchased and have been missing on Android. You can never have too many tablets, right? Right?

What say you? Are you interested in buying an older model iPad now that the new iPad will be out next Friday? Is $300 for an iPad 2 too good of a deal for you to pass up? Have you already picked one up? Tell us in the comments below!

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William Wadsworth I love how they still haven't found a name for the "new ipad." Steve Jobs would never have allowed that to happen. Apple's big strength is marketing, to not name your flagship product before its launch is inexcusable.
Kenneth Li i only buy Windows tablet! can your ipad have MULTI-WINDOWS on the same screen at the same time? can your ipad run JAVA APPLET like streaming stock quote or streaming level II quote? can your ipad play yahoo java game? windows tablet DOES!
Geo Schaart Why would I buy a tablet without flash support. Transformer prime better.
Adrian Jordan I have a iPad 2 and might upgrade to the new iPad.
George Isenhart Sure its fine but I love my Galaxy Tab, Its been a life saver.
Daniel Ray ummm.. no
Adam Tamer Khodier I'm waiting for the newer or the newest iPad.
Herwin Torres Uh no the Asus transformer prime is better in every way (except) maybe for the display. Who cares if it doesn't have 4g LTE? I can use my phone as a mobile hotspot if I need to use the internet on my transformer prime while I'm out. Anybody who still believes ipads are superior to the ever improving android tablets are suffering from serious fanboyism
Chayron Martis No crapy ipads
Ian Medina Im waiting for $249 asus nexus tablet. Quadcore 8 megapixel rear camera and hd front facing camera with an updated OS jellybean
Hnizam Maz who needs another bigger iphone.
Ismael Sergio Molina Yeah, got a windows phone and just want a tablet.
Eric Quach tablets. very funny
Paul Armendarez I'm thinking about it
Isaac Philip Ikechukwu would love to buy ipad 2, in quantity, in a reduced price
Lexus Chu I would definitely get the New IPad cos is value for money
Vincent Fok Yes! A new camera that still isn't as good as my point and shoot, faster processor, and better screen isn't worth $100 to me... And they look exactly the same, so nobody will know the difference ;)
Norharishan Nordin hell yes! ipad is far better in any single aspect. why ppl keep forcing themselves to deny the fact. wake up and get shower guys
Farhan Technologic Even the new iPad CANT beat the prime coz its still using dual core.. The prime has quad core but even THINNER than the iPad 2. Get the facts right i was an apple fanboy once and now i think i was a jerk being that.
Larry Campbell Hell no... prime is far better.
Ahmad El-gendy stupid thing from apple the eye can't tell the difference between the new resolution and 1080p in screen that small. (useless)
Angel Rodriguez Wouldn't want a ipad, even if given to me for free
Umar Gillen older ipad is a good deal if Resolution and graphics doesn't matter for u
Nic Kolas R no. "get the new ipad just for display "? Lmao how stupid do you have to be to do that?
Gilbert Galvan Why would anyone want an Ipad over a Android tablet? There's no innovation, and hardly what you would call an upgrade. If Apple stamped their name on a rock, the sheep would flock to it.
Ayoub Hage Galaxy note bought it and loving it.... White version off course
Leobardo Ruiz Nope not an apple fan
Marti Ruiz The new ipad is thicker and heavier wtf
Brandon Moore I want " the new iPad" the cam on it and the iPhone 4s kill any mobile cam. The screen is small on the iPhone s but it's worth it. I can't wait to see the screen in the new iPad. I might sell my orange beats buy dre to buy it.
Mario Alan Perez Arreola didnt buy the ipad nor the ipad2 why buy this one,, kt dosent have a name damm
Art Lopez Hell no ill stick with my Asus transformer
Zay Jose New ipads dudu aint evn al dat great asus transformer prime iz wea itz
Sachin Welson will go with asus's tab 370t.. :-)
Cory Wilson I'm waiting for March 16
Chepo Shakur Ill just wait for the ipad 2049 with i everything in it
Mark DeCausemacker I'm set with my kindle fire. Maybe if Amazon made an ipad app for their instant videos...
Jose Be Julme Possibly as a slave device along with my boss Android tablet.
Noël Elizabeth Yep, in the market, the new iPad didn't wow me, I'll be looking for a marked down 2 to go with my android phone. :-D
Kristopher Davis Ever ever..finished +David Hilendorf s only!!
Oliver Kikkas Galaxy Tab ftw, I like widescreen more than 4:3.
David Hilgendorf Neva, Neva, Neva......
Robert Salender Android lover 4 life; I don't think so.
Niko Lapcic ill get the new one just for the display
Anonymous What for? Since the "new iPad" is in town, why would anyone want the "old" outdated one?
Mihai Alex no, waiting for a windows 8 tablet
Dan Hammen waiting to see Google's Nexus and the Windows 8 tablets.
Tony Abiama Yea the iPad 2 is looking good... I'll keep an eye out for steals on eBay now
Roger Ohlsson Asus Transformer Prime for me, better OS and hardware
Cody Simshauser If I can I would buy an older one, I like my asus transformer a lot so it will take some convincing for me to switch
James Matthews No I'm happy with my BB Playbook.
Lewis Hachmeister I'm waiting for the iPad 4
Ben LiGon nope going to try the Galaxy Note 10.1
Maxi Fabián Danny google it.. 720p wouldnt be something new.. It came first with LG many months ago.. 1080p would be a big jumpnand by now unique in the market.
Danny Bullard Rumor is 720p display, not 1080p.
Paul Dark With the price reduction its a good buy...for the simple fact that apple has always done a great job of supporting older device's with there software updates...something Google should be looking to improve on.
Maxi Fabián Hey Aaron ! What do you think about the rumos of the Next Galaxy device, the S3. I heard that it will bring a 1080p Resolution with SuperAmoled Plus technology. 2gigs of ram and the cortex a15 with 4 cores from Samsung (Exynos Quad core) Thats crazy ! A 1080p resolution in your pocket? Battery'd die in a few hours.
Jeff Cross No why should I?? Damn thing wont fit in my pocket anyways!!
Joey Camp I think so.
Rick Sievers ios sucks
Hrvoje Cuculic uff not in a million years:)
Mayur Tejsingani Na, still sucks
Eduardo Ordaz No. I want to get the Transformer Prime. Now that's a cool tablet.
Ryan Cook or even what windows 8 looks like
Edi Begovic I got the iPad ()5%¤#¤???
Ryan Cook I'm kinda waiting to see if google makes a nexus tab first.
Cosmin Boaca Sticking to iPad 2... even if it's really captivating the new iPad's screen.
Frank Porter No I would not
Larry Ayonn No.Never.
Mike Hale Nah, sticking with my 'original' iPad.
Luis Carlos Diaz Sananes I have the iPad 2. If anything, I'll wait to see Windows 8 devices...
Maciej Janik quad core its only for a graphic, it still running on dual core
Gordon Christie nope would buy a Galaxy note rather than a crapple ipad
Leanna George if I was in the market, yeah, I'd take the iPad2. don't see much in the hype for the 'New' iPad to justify the extra money to spend on it.
Carlos Nava Ipad 3 Quad core Lte 2048×1524 12 Mega pixel camera ? Yes
Farhan Jaffer I would buy ANYTHING from's quality over quantity!!!
Nain El Fuego Romero Waiting for the transformer infinity :) April release!!!
Ramy Neffety long live the Original iPad :D hahaha
David Scarpa Already have one
Aaron Beatty yes ipad 2

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