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Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson) has said in the past that it's open to creating a Windows Phone device, but so far we've yet to see much of anything materialize, save for one leaked prototype. If the recent debuts of the Android-powered Xperia S, P and U have you thinking that Sony would make a nice Windows Phone device, well, unfortunately it doesn't sound like move from Sony Ericsson to Sony has changed the company's stance on Microsoft's platform. Speaking to PhoneArena, Stephen Sneeden, Sony's Product Marketing Manager for its Xperia line, said that Sony is still open to working with Windows Phone, but it sounds like the firm would like to see WP7 gain more traction with consumers before it'll begin work on any hardware.

This news is definitely kind of a bummer for the Windows Phone crowd. It'd be interesting to see what kind of Windows Phone device Sony could craft now that it's taken the wraps off of the handsome trio of Xperia handsets mentioned earlier, but it's not clear when or if we'll see the company produce such a handset. If the Nokia Lumia 900's rumored $99.99 price point holds true, it could help pump up the platform's market share here in the U.S. and get Sony interested in Windows Phone. There's also Windows Phone 8 on the horizon, and we've already heard that Sprint may be waiting until the arrival of Apollo before pushing out a new Windows Phone device, so perhaps Sony will end up doing the same. Would any of you be interesting in a Sony-made Windows Phone?

Via PocketNow, PhoneArena

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"Should Sony stick with Android or offer Windows Phone as an option?"

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Leandro Javier Rodriguez Android, totally!
Norharishan Nordin Better put ios if possible
Jamil Cooper Stay with android for one more year than do Windows project, by then mire apps, more people open to it.
Jr Gambill Android is trying to be a big brother/cellular......
Jr Gambill IOS, & blackberry with web os integration will rule !!!!!!it
Santi Obejero I think so, but it would be better if they could come up with their own OS. :)
Eduardo Ordaz NO WAY! It stinks and its boring. I have tried one and didn't like it. Sony should stick with Android their phones look great. Plus wp7 phones look like dumb phones and makes me feel like I have had a feature phone. Wp7 marketshare is going nowhere but south and sitting and like at 2% market share. Others prefer other phones like IOS,Android and blackberry. So no Sony that's a bad idea that will b ur early tombstone so stick with Android.
Gideon Mendoza I would love to see a Sony Windows Phone.
Ernest Marvin Esteban What I want from them is that they should integrate more their playstation/gaming business to their smartphones. The xperia play was nice but it was a bit of a disappointment. They should focus on gaming on their android platform since that is their forte. Offer more exclusive playstation titles, use a quad core processor and everything will follow
Ernest Marvin Esteban And windows phone has xbox live on it. It doesn't make sense if a SONY product has an xbox feature on it since sony owns the playstation
Ernest Marvin Esteban No. Windows phone us more expensive to make but less profitable than android.
Jozef Sakac Would love to see Sony make WP
James Adelan Cowie Windows phone
Eric Quach they should keep working on android til they start owning the competition
George Majao Stick with the wack android lol. Leave iOS and windows alone
Francisco Saucedo They make android look fancyer . They should keep on making phones and the other devices also
Mike Orf Seeing as the last Sony android was terrible, I'd say try windows.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows phone is the #1,Android is a piece of shit,go Sony,make devices with Windows Phone :-)
Francis Omoruto They should definitely offer Win Phone 8 when it gets here...
Jaren Books If Sony is afraid of not making it why go with a os that owned by so few and shrinking in numbers.....
Antoni Johansson Android is the best. Dislike windows on cell phones. It is anoying.
Mark Fisher Jr. Won't they just invent some new software instead of using the same old stuff.
Peter Kis More choice is usually a good thing.
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti if I wanna try WP, I will choose SONY. Only ; )
Reid Bailey Android
Joel Diaz Oh wait and they should also pick up some webOS
Joel Diaz They should go with both. Why not?
Huey Liggins Try both. Customers need options. I left is because I can't customize. You want a wider audience? Give em what they want simple as that. Who cares what performs better. Its about consumer demands. And some consumers demand android while others windows
Max Chesley Do both
Derrick Williams Wooo @Nisha. Have you tried the windows phone 7 devices. They give you what android and iPhone don't. Its stable, great battery life, super fast and fluid, you don't need apps for everything because the programs are intergraded into the OS. Multi task which iPhone doesn't have and notification all on the home screen. Zune, Xbox Live and I can go on!
Kihun Shin webOS!
Prince Nyaga Android
Carlos Nava Sony phone running IOS Lol..
Rodger Samiie Myers I would go with a sony wp...sony erricson was awesome before thr smrtphone era boomed with there music player camera and accesories...wp7 is a simple yet elegant transaction combining the simplicity of iOS and optimization of android. Ive own all 4 OSs and im between wp and android...waiting to see if ICS blows my mind.
Vlad Valentine McBride Sony won't do windows because Xbox is their competitor
Spencer Bartholomew who cares. Samsung and HTC are King
Simon Yu I'd love to see an Xperia Arc Windows Phone.
Nick Oberly They need to learn to make their phones work better they have decent hardware they just don't optimize android very well.
Boris Shoostien They should give it a try, why not?
Jacob Grumbles So because they were out first makes them the true smartphone? I guess Indians are the only true Americans because they were here first.
Boyd C Adkins IV I'd buy a WP Sony device. Even if its just an mp3/media player. I like WP as much as I do android
Jacob Grumbles I think they should they should have both . Good for business.
Alberto Garcia Flores Every manufacturer should make a Windows phone. WOS is a very elegant operating system, and let's not forget that windows phones are the true smartphones and were out there way before android existed. I think wos has potential
Chris Cobeen Stick with Android
Scot Milo Go with Windows..much more unified..PLAY droid is falling apart
Tim Lindt Android is much better than "fuck" Windows Phone
Danny Standen Sony need to make sure they sort out regular updates for all future and existing android devices before they start splitting their mobile division to work on WP7. If they can manage updates and make devices with better overall build quality then there's no reason why they shouldn't also support WP7 as its becoming quite a nice alternative. I believe in choice and in competition, having WP7 available should make Apple and Google think twice before resting on their laurels. Competition drives innovation, i just wish the abusive fanboys and girls could realise that.
Abdel McCrea Android.
Rhanier Santiago Sony is doing well with Android but of course, it never hurts to have options.
?????? ????? Google is WINNING with Android! Why would you not GO WITH ANDROID? And I've only seen 1 person with a windows phone since I've been alive. Everyone usually has Android or iOS.
Billy Wright It should go with its own new server...so that the apps you get no other phone can get them...
Ant Sambuco Both!!
Renan Gallardo @ Nisha Really?... I have yet to come across a WP7 device that lags on a full storage whilst Android even on a Dual-Core would lag even on first time setup...
Rakesh Lokegaonkar they should.. I mean Metro UI RULES
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad It would never support Windows because WP7 is integrated with XBox Live and Sony would want its devices to be integrated with the PS3 Network. So that's not gonna happen.
Jordon Haye Stick with android.
Nisha Barrett Windows phones are garbage
Arvydas Gr Cameron, no one cares about you!!!!
Athena Athens No one cares about windows phones!!!!
Gabriel Fernandez @Luis: Goes down? It's going up, guy. Might want to check your facts first.
Leonard Holley Windows is a sinking ship but Sony might be able to help them out
Dhruv Thakkar i think sony should bring 1 windows based mobile ..
Luis Reich WP? Really? Their market share goes down every month...lol Yeah, jusmp into that mess...
Nick LaSorsa Leave windows phone to Nokia.
Gabe Moran Fuck Sony windows
William Martin No harm in keeping your fingers in more than one pie
Benny Taylor Android.

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