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Several companies have been keeping us up to date on their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade plans over the past few months, with HTC being one that checks in fairly frequently with new updates. Now HTC has provided some more information on where it's at in the Android 4.0 update process. The company said in a post on its official blog that it's in the "early stages" of rolling out ICS to the Sensation and Sensation XE overseas, adding that the updates for those devices will become more widely available in the coming weeks. Upgrades for the Sensation 4G on T-Mobile and the Sensation XL will follow after that, but HTC didn't provide any more information. Here's HTC's full list of handsets that'll be updated to Android 4.0:

We've already seen most of those handsets on previous Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade lists from HTC and Verizon, but it's still nice to get a reminder of which devices will be getting treated to Google's latest dessert. There's no word yet on when upgrades will begin rolling out to non-Sensation models, though HTC does say that it's "working closely" with carriers on release schedules and that it'll have more information "very soon." Stay tuned, HTC fans.

Via HTC Blog

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Michael Kringeta It says the desire HD will get the update, does that mean my inspire 4g will too because they're the same thing?
Alroy Fernandez Cm9 all the way !!
Ashwin Misra Hey Aaron, when is ICS coming for Galaxy SII? Pls reply :)
Jdcrz Psn ... doubt it. got de first galaxy tab P-1000 as my phone. ... would be cool tho.
Larry Waters Not unless I put my phone in the freezer by accident. Android-Free by choice.
Nick Johns Finally dinc2 is getting it.
Axl Ariete I dont need sense 3.6, i already have sense 4.0 running on my Sensation 4G! XDA Developers
Amar Shah Kanged CM9 ROMS, anytime Official update, Q3 Motorola ATRIX 4g
Nomika Harris How aboout HTC EVO 3d?
Robert Skeen Hell No! (Moto Razr)
Bobbi Herron Any love for the Hero S, which is basically the same as the EVO design 4g?
Alexander Emmanuel Yezzz sir !!! Htc Sensation 4G " is getting it ...ya tu sabesss _Ppraa
Marti Ruiz Galaxy $2 international version are
George Isenhart Perhaps you can answer that, I have the original Samsung Epic 4G.
Tyler Caley HTC Incredible 2 here. I'm getting it :)
Joel Diaz No but I like my TB either way. Plus all you need is Go Launcher and install the ICS theme. Peace!
Joernie Berrios Lets see what the Devs over at XDA will do....Iam really anticipating CyanogenMod9 to be finalized!!
Wilson R. Torres You bet it is... CM9 FTW!!
Shai Spike Raam soon i hope on my Samsung galaxy II
Sirena Madden I'm new to having an unlocked rooted phone so I don't know how to update without messing things up. Any tips would be appreicated. :)
Stuart F. Berman I have the Rezound, no Ice Cream Sandwich yet.
Andrew Sias When is this gonna drop? We've been talking about how excited we are for ics for months and months and still only a few devices run this. These companies need to get this going so we can all update and be happy lol
Vincent Del Pizzo Yes I have the thunderbolt and it is
Alex Martinez I have a sensation and don't have it yet
?????? ????? My phone was like the first to get it.
Juan Abdiel Izquierdo Sensation 4G here
Skylor Mitchell I think that they need to add devices like the Evo and Evo Shift to the list. If the rumors are true, then the HTC Golf (which would be shipping with ICS) has basically the same specs as the Evo and Evo Shift just with a smaller screen.
Gabriel DaSilva patiently waiting to appear on my Skyrocket
Jed Shuster Any word on Samsung devices?
Julius Ray Washington Mytouch 4G slide?
Abdullahi Said Desire hd gets it but the desire z doesn't bull*&*#.
Reinaldo Alvarez Maldonado I think Motorola has the worst after sale support. My Droid 3 its not even listed in the upcoming upgrades. Great product, worst support of all brands.
Marianna Plahtaric Belko No. but I wish I was having one right now! lol
Sam Platz I'll be purchasing Galaxy S3.
Huey Liggins Still waiting on it for galaxy note. But roots this phone is great so ill be patient
Jose Angel Santiago Galaxy s2 epic touch soon......I hope!!!!
Daniel Terrazas Supposed to on my Amaze 4G, we shall see when.
Matti Hietala never :(
Neil Hussey Still waiting for it on my Samsung Galaxy Note. Hopefully this month or next.
Michael Todd I've got a HTC Sensation with ICS :D
Sergio Alvarado I'll believe it when I see it.
Sasuke DeathGod yes of course its the Galaxy SII
Jacob Grumbles Already has the real thing no bullshit skin.
Steve C Trevino Yes I have the rezound, but I will be surprised to see the ota in their promised schedule.
Shannon Steele we been had it #nexus s
Esaú Quero-quero Cordero i love ice cream!

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