Some HTC Vivid owners successfully pull Ice Cream Sandwich update

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 15, 2012

HTC Vivid AT&T

Late last month AT&T touched on the HTC Vivid's Ice Cream Sandwich update, saying that it'll bring with it Beats support and that it'd be rolling out in the coming weeks. We're still without an official ICS upgrade start date for the Vivid, but apparently some owners of the device have been able to manually force the update to come to you.  An Android Central forum member has discovered that after dialing *#*#682#*#* on his Vivid, an update to Android 4.0.3 with Sense 3.6 appeared.

So has the HTC Vivid's ICS rollout begun? Not quite yet, as AT&T says that it hasn't begun an official update push. However, a few Vivid owners are reporting that the trick worked for them, so if you've got a Vivid handy it may be worth a shot to head into your Dialer app and try things yourself. The update may not include the shiny new Sense 4 overlay found on HTC's One devices, but hey, the "updated HTC Sense experience" that comes with Sense 3.6 is better than no update at all. If you've got a Vivid and try the aforementioned trick to get the Android 4.0 update installed, be sure to mosey on down to the comments to let us know how things work out. We'll be sure to let you know when AT&T begins its official rollout.

Via Android Central, Android Central forums

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