New Verizon iPad can also run on AT&T's 3G network

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 16, 2012

New iPad third-generation

Did you pick up a new iPad for Verizon today, only to later think that maybe you should've gotten the AT&T model instead? You may want to hold off on returning the Verizon model, as it's been discovered that the Big Red iPad can also access AT&T coverage. MacRumors forum user jsnuff1 discovered that by popping an AT&T micro-SIM into a Verizon iPad and entering the proper APN carrier settings, the device can run on AT&T's 3G and HSPA+ 4G network since it includes AT&T-friendly HSPA bands. However, AT&T and Verizon's LTE networks are on different frequency bands, so you won't be able to hop onto AT&T's LTE network with the new Verizon iPad. 

AT&T isn't the only GSM carrier whose network you can gain access to with a Verizon iPad, though. Sascha Segan over at PCMag slipped a T-Mobile micro-SIM into his new Verizon iPad and, after punching in T-Mo's APN, he was able to get online using T-Mobile's network. However, since T-Mobile's 3G is located on the 1700MHz AWS band, that means you'll be stuck on EDGE with the Verizon iPad, like all of those unlocked iPhone owners already on T-Mobile. Sounds like another reason for T-Mo folk to look forward to Magenta's spectrum refarming.

The ability to access AT&T and T-Mobile coverage with a new Verizon iPad may not be something that everyone is going to use, but it is something for owners of the device to keep in mind. Plus, with the Verizon model's ability to act as a mobile hotspot at launch (AT&T is still working on the feature), it's a capability that may convince some folks to opt for Verizon's version of the iPad. So folks, now that the new iPad is finally here, we have to ask: Who bought one?

Via MacRumors, PCMag

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