Samsung Galaxy S III leak

There have been a number of purported Samsung Galaxy S III renders that've shown up in the past, but so far they've mostly been a tad unconvincing. Today yet another Galaxy S III image has made its way online, and although it's highly possible that this too is a fake, it looks more believable that the leaked shots that have come before it. The image popped up over on Reddit with no explanation or other details attached and shows a white handset with a silver border similar to the one found on the 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 2. There's also a home button on the bottom of the device's face, power/lock and camera keys on the side and what looks to be a protrusion on the back for the camera.

Over in the lower right corner of the image, there's a "Weber Shandwick" logo, which belongs to a PR firm called Weber Shandwick that Android and Me says has worked with Samsung in the past. Another bit of information in the shot that's worth mentioning is the little calendar widget on the device's screen. It shows May 22nd and invites the user to "Watch a Live Broadcast of the Galaxy S III Unpacked Event" in London". Additionally, the weather widget at the top of the screen shows the forecast for London, suggesting that that could be the locale for this supposed Galaxy S III event.

So is this the real deal? Only folks that've seen the real Galaxy S III know for sure. There are a number of features on the device in this image that could be present on the actual GSIII, including a thin profile and the small bezel on the sides of the screen. Considering how many fan-made mock-ups that can appear leading up to the arrival of a hotly anticipated device like the Galaxy S III, though, there's also a good chance that this image is simply the product of a regular Joe with some time to spare. We'll be sure to pass along any information about the actual Galaxy S III when we get it, but until then, go ahead and hop on down to the comments section below and leave your thoughts about this leaked shot.

Via Android and Me, Reddit

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Arunesh Sarin Na i luv my note
Faheem Khan definetly.....
Terrille Ogilvie Yes in deed cant wait...
Mohd Helmy Mahat waiting for the next galaxy note or other 5.3-inch samsung galaxy phone with quad-core exynos cpu.
Larry Waters Any if it comes in a WP os version. Android is an os I'll never use.
Wendy Lindop Not at all. It will still be a creaky plastic phone like all samsungs others.
Jaime Andrade Nope but i am waiting for the Samsung note to hit Verizon. Or are they gonna call it the letter?
Murphy Mark The galaxy note is a good tablet phone i love it
Murphy Mark As soon as it release am upgrading from my s2 to the 3
Ayoub Hage On my galaxy note now. bring on the. Sg3
Ivan Sneakerhead Urquijo The phone looks raw but I'm good wit my sidekick 4g
Daniel Cuadrado Its a yes or no question people! We don't need to know your life history! NO!
Mark E Lynch aaron any updates for the droid x 2 ?
Ara Boss Zakarian Nokia pureview ;)
Eduardo Ordaz yes cant wait for it to come. it will be a really cool phone. I will have the coolest phone on the block where I live. hehe.
Ivan Pineiro I'm upgrading from the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch to the Galaxy S III as soon as it comes out!
Warren Saunders No I'm waiting for the ONE X, not long now :)
Michael Schneider if its out around june from sprint i will look at.. i would like them to make a Note 2 by june i would get that huge phone
Joernie Berrios Still got samsung Vibrant with (CyanogenMod7)...waiting for a official QuadCore,12 megapix cam,etc...(CM9)ROM too!
Scott Smith NO !!! I'm waiting for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Journal...
Jason King In less than a year the GS4 will be out. Might as well wait.
Mitch Lopez I'm waiting for the Samsung Universe S I which will have a 10inch screen. Samsung's phones aren't big enough.
Fark Mukerberg no samsung sucks seriously i gave up on samsung. they are just a horrible company. you can get android 4.0 for the galaxy S II in only a FEW european countries as in: countries that don't matter. the big countries (ie Germany is Samsung's BIGGEST market) wont get it yet.
Arush Bhat No not at all. Looks like a doomed phone.
Mark Gittens Nope! HTC ONE X!!! ....If it comes to tmobile lol
Jessica Fitzgerald Landin Yeppp I wanted the sII but ima wait for this one!!
Julio DeJesus I just ordered the unlocked Note to use on T-Mobile. It should be here Tuesday. I will stick with the Note for a while unless the S3 comes with some extra feature I really like. The S pen and 5.3 inch screen are gonna be hard to beat tho.
Dounutz Sesar Hell yea waiting for it to buy it
Dayan Inclán Yes, provided US Cellular makes it 4G LTE enabled
Kalob Martinez Im waiting for a bigger iphone!
Anthony Gonzalez Plus i want a bigger screen:)
Anthony Gonzalez He'll yeah!!!!! I love my sgs2 just waiting for ics and booya take that iphone
Chris Taylor It's going to kick the crap out of the iPhone... again
Scott Wesley Mason I would be, but it will take 7 months to get to any US carrier, so no.
Cortney Phillips Damnit I just got my s2
Trevor Navarro Yes can't wit to get rid of my evo 3d battery sucks on it!
Memo Mrtr Oh yeah!
Bill Siembida Dude get up to date that was a fake their is a real leak out there haha
Fonzy Paniagua Thats not even the galaxy s lll. It's the galaxy player wifi. But yes i will be waiting for the galaxy s lll
Michael Foresto I'm rockin' the GSII Skyrocket which is an amazing phone, but it's just a bit too large. Since the GSIII is even larger, I think I'll pass...
Dina Locklear Ball YES, my PP+ will not get anymore updates & my renewal is up at VZ 3/29 sooooo ready for for this phone, Come on Verizon!
Kunal Paul Yes i'm waiting for it.
Lyly Mikael New galaxy again?
Marti Ruiz but these phone looks so htc ugly un the top and botton
Jennifer Urieta Yes still rocking the fascinate so im soon due the upgrade, hopefully won't get hosed by verizon again, don't want nexus
Arunesh Sarin No i was tired of waiting So i just bought a note
Carlos Nava GALAXY S3 OFFICIAL! 5.0 inch 1080p super amoled Plus HD 12 Megapixel Camera with 1080p video/5 Mega pixel HD front cam 2.0 Gigahertz Dual core Exynos 2 Gigs of ram,4G LTE,Android 5.0 Jelly-Bean, 3000 mAh Battery,FaceLock/Eyelock ,Android T.V (2012)
Simon Yu YES, unfortunately the G2x was only able to carry on so far with its half-way specs (Being held back by the RAM). Its down to this and the One X.. gotta have NFC.
Marti Ruiz yes but first i wan a ice cream sandwhich
Dan Tucker S II on TMO is pretty darned good. Always want more battery life, but haven't felt the need to get flash happy like I did with my old Galaxy/Vibrant. So, no.
Patrick David Conner YESI have the Samsung Galaxy 2 (International) and I have the Samsung Galaxy Note (ATT) but yes I am going to get this one too lol
Devon Bain Yup. My EVO is up in April and I've vowed to wait for the first quad-core LTE phone from Sprint to upgrade. The SGS3 is exactly what I've been waiting for.
Tyler Eggo Eggleston I'm gonna sell my GSII Epic 4G Touch for it when the GSIII comes out!
Johnny Makris-munoz Yes :3 either that or galaxy note iphones suck btw
Sean Gentry Nope, screen is too small. I went with the Note!
Kuba Rdzak No money for that anyway :D
Andre Ambrose i hope its real, it looks great
Hunter Tea No I'm gonna get what HTC has on Verizon at the end of the year I already have a rezound and I love sense
Dre Ill Yes sir!
Mr-Nesquik J Nestle YES SR, GALAXY III, not Iphone 5, galaxy rules
Hansel Starley No really, no.

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