No matter how hard I try, I can't find a reason to own a tablet

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| March 20, 2012

I love technology. I love everything about it. I've been a fan of technology for as long as I can remember. From reading my first science-fiction story, to being able to play with a computer for the first time, technology has had a grasp on my mind right from the start. And in most cases I can find a reason to buy, and keep, a piece of technology. Whether it fills a gap in my every day life, or I just like to look at it and use it every once in awhile, I can usually justify anything I buy. But there's been one thing that I've just been unable to justify, no matter how many times I try.


And while I can honestly say that I haven't tried as many times as Taylor has to find the perfect tablet, it's pretty close. But, while his search is trying to find that perfect tablet device, my search is a bit more basic: to just find a tablet that I will actually use and keep. I get the idea behind a tablet, especially as a media consumption device. And, I'll admit, over the months (and years), tablets have gradually become something a bit more than just a consumption device, but not by much.

Even for my work, where writing is key, I can't find any place in my life for a tablet. Taylor has found his perfect middle-point with a tablet and a keyboard dock, but you know what? I've got a laptop for that. And while a tablet and a keyboard dock is cool, I still don't find it useful in the slightest. Especially not when my laptop, which is more powerful, is just as portable as that tablet and keyboard dock.

While I am writing this, I am contemplating picking up a new iPad, or even a BlackBerry PlayBook for the deeply discounted price (especially after the 2.0 OS update recently released). I've been thinking about picking up a new iPad since it was announced, and it got a lot harder last Friday when my Twitter stream blew up with people talking about how much they loved theirs once they got them in the mail. The PlayBook is an option because of the cheap price, the newest operating system, and its portability with the 7-inch display.

But yesterday I think I completely talked myself out of the iPad (and, effectively, the PlayBook) because I can't find any reason to have it. Sure, I could show off the display to people, but that's pointless. They can go to a retail store. I need a tablet to actually serve a purpose, and since I mostly work from home, I have other pieces of technology that offer up the same functionality, but bigger and better. I can watch TV from my actual TV. I can watch Netflix thanks to the Xbox 360 and my TV. I can catch up on sports news on my TV, or even my Xbox 360 (and TV). I have my computer to read the news and type.

So, for me, I have absolutely no use for a tablet. And it's strange, because I really, really want one. It's one of those gadgets that I always go look at when I enter an electronics retailer. Always. I will always pick one up, stare at it, and immediately try to justify why I want one, why I may even need one. Unfortunately, it never works out. Even if I do end up buying it, I have always returned it soon after.

It could come down to the fact that I haven't found the right tablet yet, but I don't think that's the case. Either way, it won't stop me from looking.

If you have purchased a tablet recently, what do you use it for? Or, if you haven't, why have you decided to skip over the device? Let me know in the comments below.