I love technology. I love everything about it. I've been a fan of technology for as long as I can remember. From reading my first science-fiction story, to being able to play with a computer for the first time, technology has had a grasp on my mind right from the start. And in most cases I can find a reason to buy, and keep, a piece of technology. Whether it fills a gap in my every day life, or I just like to look at it and use it every once in awhile, I can usually justify anything I buy. But there's been one thing that I've just been unable to justify, no matter how many times I try.


And while I can honestly say that I haven't tried as many times as Taylor has to find the perfect tablet, it's pretty close. But, while his search is trying to find that perfect tablet device, my search is a bit more basic: to just find a tablet that I will actually use and keep. I get the idea behind a tablet, especially as a media consumption device. And, I'll admit, over the months (and years), tablets have gradually become something a bit more than just a consumption device, but not by much.

Even for my work, where writing is key, I can't find any place in my life for a tablet. Taylor has found his perfect middle-point with a tablet and a keyboard dock, but you know what? I've got a laptop for that. And while a tablet and a keyboard dock is cool, I still don't find it useful in the slightest. Especially not when my laptop, which is more powerful, is just as portable as that tablet and keyboard dock.

While I am writing this, I am contemplating picking up a new iPad, or even a BlackBerry PlayBook for the deeply discounted price (especially after the 2.0 OS update recently released). I've been thinking about picking up a new iPad since it was announced, and it got a lot harder last Friday when my Twitter stream blew up with people talking about how much they loved theirs once they got them in the mail. The PlayBook is an option because of the cheap price, the newest operating system, and its portability with the 7-inch display.

But yesterday I think I completely talked myself out of the iPad (and, effectively, the PlayBook) because I can't find any reason to have it. Sure, I could show off the display to people, but that's pointless. They can go to a retail store. I need a tablet to actually serve a purpose, and since I mostly work from home, I have other pieces of technology that offer up the same functionality, but bigger and better. I can watch TV from my actual TV. I can watch Netflix thanks to the Xbox 360 and my TV. I can catch up on sports news on my TV, or even my Xbox 360 (and TV). I have my computer to read the news and type.

So, for me, I have absolutely no use for a tablet. And it's strange, because I really, really want one. It's one of those gadgets that I always go look at when I enter an electronics retailer. Always. I will always pick one up, stare at it, and immediately try to justify why I want one, why I may even need one. Unfortunately, it never works out. Even if I do end up buying it, I have always returned it soon after.

It could come down to the fact that I haven't found the right tablet yet, but I don't think that's the case. Either way, it won't stop me from looking.

If you have purchased a tablet recently, what do you use it for? Or, if you haven't, why have you decided to skip over the device? Let me know in the comments below.

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"Are tablets useless?"

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Anonymous yes totally
Seth Lance Revelle
Seth Lance Revelle It won't be usless untill it has the ROM to run 3ds max and such with no problems. Go laptops.
Scott ODoherty
Scott ODoherty At this point, i think tablets really are a bunch of marketing hype. When you look at these posts, most of them are about how great the iPad is. Now matter what these people have been brainwashed into believing, these are status symbols nothing more. People who conduct real business are going to get a laptop because a full fledged OS will get the job done faster. Overall, the tech is cool and it shows that in the next couple of years, the line between lappys and tabs will bleed together. But at this time, they are merely used to show off how big their e-peen is. Cheers
Eugene Yap
Eugene Yap Maybe. Screen r big
Reinaldo Alvarez Maldonado
Reinaldo Alvarez Maldonado same feeling here.
Mohammad Tayyab Khalid
Mohammad Tayyab Khalid same here
Peter Kis
Peter Kis I use my iPad extensively, both for my teaching degree and the classes I already teach.
Aidil Skr
Aidil Skr If I need a reason to own a tablet, it would be: 1-To view pictures. 2-To read e-book, comics, document. 3-Surf internet/social networking.
Brian Fernandes
Brian Fernandes i love tablets.. but find them useless when compared to other devices.. no offence to any1... but knida think people buy tablets only to show ppl they can buy tablets... lol lol
Ann Revels
Ann Revels I live my tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Plus, iris the perfect size for me. I don't have to take it out of my bag when I go through airport executory (which I do a lot because of my job) I have a laptop & a NetBook, but I am frying more use out of my tablet then those these days. But there still great to have when I have some serious work that needs to be done.
Jennifer Urieta
Jennifer Urieta Love my iPad, it's always with me, at first I still used my laptop for most things but gradually I realized I hadn't used my lap top for days, plus battery life is phenomenal where laptop has become stationary due to it needing to plugged in.
Milton Gfl Williams
Milton Gfl Williams Tablets are cool, I can't bother carry my Laptop, but my cellphone screen is to small, ooh well I better get me a tablet. :)
Stephen Wan
Stephen Wan I bought a Kindle Fire and it has stopped the prolliferation of the stacks of unread books, waiting for my time. For the price, compactness and convenience I love the thing.... except for all the amazon spam trying to selland pitch me more books.
Barry Chase
Barry Chase Bought a Galaxy Note. I know it's not a tablet and also borders on not being a suitable phone, but it works fine for my needs. I find a tablet impractical for me to carry around from place to place. A laptop has more file space and improved performance over tablets. That said I haven't used my laptop more than twice since I picked up my Note. Interesting.
Judd Helms
Judd Helms Never bought an iPad or tablet because I felt the same way. Then I got an iPad 2 for Christmas and use it every day. If I had any idea how much I would use it both for business and personal I would have bought one long ago. I highly recommend them.
Radit Nopcharoenwong
Radit Nopcharoenwong The only time I've ever seen an iPad used for real is at Apple; when they use it to check people in for their appointments
Alan Alambrito Acosta
Alan Alambrito Acosta I use my iPad all the time.. Never needed a laptop.. I use my iMac for important things.. The iPad does anything else.. I'm not in school anymore where I need to save documents and stuff like that.
Preston CatDaddy Hopper
Preston CatDaddy Hopper I have been saying this since they started coming out it does nothing more than a cell phone does and not near as good as a laptop
Thanh Phan
Thanh Phan ipad is my primary computer for te past 2 years (since my desktop got so slow). And i am happy with it. Im freaking tired of these kind of article.
Lisa Campbell
Lisa Campbell Love my tablet! I haven't touched my computer since. I do everything I did on the computer and I can take it anywhere. Actually more beause I read ebooks. I even invoice my clients. No use for a computer so far:)
Kong Yang
Kong Yang Without even reading the article, I agree. I've bought 2 tablets (OG Transformer w/dock and Acer Iconia A500) before and I've returned both of them. Didn't even consider the ipad. Basically does what my phone does but not enough as a laptop. Tablets are cool and all but they apparently just aren't for me.
Harith Iman
Harith Iman People bought a tablet to show that they are capable of buying a tablet. In other words, they are useless! Just another smartphone that just had a science experiment with a Television...
Orlando Gonzalez
Orlando Gonzalez Bought the girlfriend a Kindle for Xmas. It suits her purpose because she works from home but is also a student. Other than school stuff, she plays a lot of Words with Friends. I haven't found the desire or need for one. My galaxy s2 phone has a 4.5 inch screen so thats plenty for me. The galaxy note is something that catches my interest.
James Adelan Cowie
James Adelan Cowie My NetBook shits all over any tablet, can do anything a tablet can but more and better. And doesn't cost a million dollars like a tablet does.
Christopher Awuku
Christopher Awuku tablets? depends on one's needs. if you only want e-mail and Web connectivity, then yeah a tablet makes sense.
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley I don't know about that, an Ipad will improve my art productivity a lot.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Sorta useless yes.
Orlando Stagg
Orlando Stagg I wouldn't say they're useless. They have their purpose for certain users. I personally wouldn't have a use for one and would much prefer a laptop with a real desktop OS. Roomate has the Prime with keyboard dock and I still see no use for one myself for what I do until they can be used to be as productive as a laptop.
Brian Edson
Brian Edson I love my asus transformer. ive gotten some productive work out of it easily. internet browsing, apps i can use for school like polaris office and google docs, and ive controlled lego mindstorm NXT robots from it (we work with robots in my advanced technology class at school)
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas Well my ipad 2 gets a lot of use, im in the military and a security guard in civilian, it makes it much easier to check mail, internet and youtube. I dont need it to do anything business related. Even at home its much easier laying in bed or on my couch with it. Also the 10 hr battery life is a huge plus
Aaron Lim Yu
Aaron Lim Yu I have a feeling that one day, tablets are going to be more useful and practical than a laptop. There's so much potential: a better Siri/voice program, a better virtual keyboard, better cameras, stronger wifi/3G connectivity, etc. The possibilities are endless. I believe the only reason people stick to laptops rather than tablets is the fact that they're just still more used to a physical keyboard rather than the on-screen one.
Jacky On
Jacky On It's useless until it can function as an actual computer.
Antonio Horn
Antonio Horn Nope
Walter Perez
Walter Perez Love my iPad. Tablets aren't useless and my laptop still gets used but for portability and a quick browse a swipe is faster than a booting up any day!...
Kelvin Viola
Kelvin Viola yes unless its windows 8 its crap and im using MBP and Mac pro and ipod but iPad etc... are not tablets in my opinion. before the release of iPad, tablets are basically a computer but its touchscreen thats it! but now what do you get only a memory but atleast it has 3G but its useless, unless youre a frivolous money spender.
Leo Alexandrov
Leo Alexandrov if microsoft made a tablet with windows 8, which is supposed to be compatible with a touch screen interface, then that tablet will make laptops obsolete. i think they will because they are trying to make windows 8 touch friendly. not a microsoft fanboy, just saying
Irvin Zamora
Irvin Zamora First of all, this isn't Android vs iPad. Besides, both do the same, no one is better. IMHO. I use my tablet for various reasons. I take notes, use it for small business invoices and editing word documents. I have no problem typing on it. Love my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Good thing this is opinion based. So, my answer is yes, tables are useful, to me.
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Yes they are. Sent from my BlackBerry Playbook.
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Android tablets are useless, the iPad is awesome
Axel Johansson
Axel Johansson I though just the same untill i nought one because I couldn't keep myself away from the new piece of tech, but now I love it. I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I'm completely satisfied with it, it's so quick and easy to just grab it when you just are going to check something on the web instead of starting your computer, and it's lovely to play games on and actually a very good movieplayer, especially when you travel, just because it's so easy to bring it with you.
Brandon Le
Brandon Le ?* You know where.
Brandon Le
Brandon Le At this moment, I see it more as a luxury item in most circumstances. Though remember when no one needed a smartphone. It was considered more of a business tool and complete luxury for a regular consumer. Everyone used to carry around flip phones but now look at society today. Everywhere you go, you see people having smartphones. Yes, maybe it's kinda useless as of now but in 3 or so years, when advancements in tablet applications are realized just like what happened to smartphones, everyone might start carrying one.
Gustavo Sanabria
Gustavo Sanabria Currently waiting on my Ainol Novo7 Elf ICS tablet to arrive :) Yes I know it is a chinese cheap tablet but specs are awesome for the price.
Andy McCormick
Andy McCormick Useless is the wrong word. Are they a luxury? Yes. There are some places where tablets have greatly helped with efficiency and convenience. In those places they probably have paid for themselves. But other than that, it's purely a luxury item. I wish it wasn't true though. I wish I could find something that I could do with a laptop that I couldn't do with my phone or laptop that would make it worth the money, but I've yet to find anything.
David Worley
David Worley One Day your eye sight may change your mind. Mine did.
Kenneth Chuang
Kenneth Chuang I had a laptop and was considering buying a tablet/i-pad not too long ago and i end up buying a desktop. I am like a lot of people think that laptop are a lot more useful than tablet. But lets be rational for a sec, tablet are like a smaller version of laptop. I forgot what were peoples reaction when laptop first come out but to me tablet is just another generation of computers. It might not do much right now or it might never be better than laptop. Just like laptop will never be faster or better than desktop. Tablet started to let people check their files and business easier and faster than laptop. Just pull it out and you can check whatever you want wherever you want. Anyway it might seems dumb for people to walk around using tablet right now but it won't be in 5 years
Raymond Toshlee Jones Jr.
Raymond Toshlee Jones Jr. There only useful if you take public transportation of have a driver. I imagine they will become more useful when windows 8 tablets come out. Mobile OS's just can't do enough.
Jacob Burrell
Jacob Burrell No?
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Laptops will be going by the way of the dinosaur. If tablets are so useless then explain why the medical field is using them along with the air force?
Jonathan Steele
Jonathan Steele every time somebody tried to compare tablet to laptop which end up being useless.
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams Android tablets that aren't ASUS are useless... iPad rules.
Tommy Snyder
Tommy Snyder Majority of u are not IT professionals so u dont realize how unproductive a tablet is.. For regular browsing and Facebook yea...for true business productively and security as of now is laptops and only way to match is adding a keyboard which turns it into a laptop..for an average user yea a tablets fine but laptops aren't going anywhere
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos My exact sentiments. Love technology grately but I can't for the life of me find one good reason to own a tablet. iOS or Android. Try editing a Cad, Word, Excel or Photoshop file on a tablet. Just doesn't work. You can't even type on the damn thing. I like the hybrids that are coming out that will be using Windows 8. You can deattach from a keyboard as you wish and it runs a real OS.
Steve C Trevino
Steve C Trevino Ok i dont get it since most phones are 4.3 inches and 4.65- and bigger and are tablets plus cell phones.
Shawn Thornton
Shawn Thornton Need an actual PC based operating system, so you can have Office Suite and actual software. Android is nice, but it is ultimately a smartphone OS. Let's hope that Windows 8 does what it is said to do for the tablet world.
Brandon Paul
Brandon Paul They are useless. I owned a G-tab and sold it. Never really used it -pure impulse buy on my part.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline People's ignorance is amazing. My first generation iPad pretty much replaced my laptop a few weeks after I bought it. And they're only going to get more powerful and they're more portable than a laptop. That's why a lot of people but them.
Rachael Johnston
Rachael Johnston Laptop > Tablet
Bruce Gant
Bruce Gant tablets are like expensive cars, there mostly there to show that you can afford one
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson just my $.02 from persons with a neurological injury standpoint with limited hand motor function. i use a laptop but the touch screen options of the tablets and smartphones offers a little more ease of use than the keyboard and mouse ...... i know a few groups doing some research in this field with great reviews ....
Michael Nunez
Michael Nunez If you don't have a labtop and you have a tablet then a tablet isn't useless.
David Juarez
David Juarez We'll.they are useless when you see a chick at olive garden stand up and pull this huge iPad out to take a group pic when. She just put down her iPhone on the table. That's what makes me shun away.
Carol Dudley-Bowen
Carol Dudley-Bowen I use my tablet much more than I use my laptop or desktop. Very portable, I take it with me when I'm traveling since there is WI-FI almost everywhere.
Ashley Cha
Ashley Cha I still don't know why people buy tablets. That's why we have smart phones and laptops.
Luis Lauranzon
Luis Lauranzon I use mine as my primary computer. Rarely use my laptop. I'm reading news, playing some games, reading my magazines & comics, some books (mostly use my kindle though). Its just as productive for me, so it's all I need.
Mitch Lopez
Mitch Lopez I'm waiting for tablets to have computing power equivalent to laptops.
Maurice Hall
Maurice Hall Yes, they serve no practical purpose other being a smartphone sans the phone... I would like to thank apple for glorifying these useless devices.... stop being lame and get a laptop or netbook
Zach Cline
Zach Cline No they're not useless.
Radney Aaron Alquiza
Radney Aaron Alquiza if you have an android smartphone, you dont need an android tablet. i had a galaxy s2, bought an asus transformer tf101, ended giving it away as a gift. i however, am using a windows 7 tablet (asus slate ep121) which is desktop to go, not any mobile OS.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Uuummm pretty much if you have a 4.5" screen and up
Rajesh Ramsaroop
Rajesh Ramsaroop A tablet is too big to replace a phone and too useless to replace a laptop, so yes. Unless you want a toy to keep your kid quiet on road trips/plane rides
Jerry Butler
Jerry Butler ... and my T-Mobile tethers it!
Jerry Butler
Jerry Butler I have less than $200. in my refurbished Nook Color that runs Android 2.1, 2.3 and 3.0 - and as I get closer to 70 years old, I appreciate the larger landscape...
Olivér Dunár
Olivér Dunár Yes, they are..
Stian Grøtåsen
Stian Grøtåsen My tranformer prime has almost replaced my laptop entirely. I only use laptop for video editing.
Daniel Djønne Lund
Daniel Djønne Lund I feel the same. As long as you have a smartphone and a Macbook, you are good to go.
Barry Washington
Barry Washington Pretty much
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Its purely luxury and entertainment. There's nothing on a tablet I can't do on my phone. especially because I have the note. I'll only get one if I have money to spare. Then again there's other things I want more
Kanoe Fairley
Kanoe Fairley Tablets are great, are they useless? No but its more of a want than a need. I have my smartphone when I'm out and when I'm home I use my desktop. Unless I get very lucky and is given one, I intend to save that money for something else.
Hasan Ali Akhtar
Hasan Ali Akhtar So true
Esaú Quero-quero Cordero
Esaú Quero-quero Cordero No their not useless, actually laptops are pretty much going to leave as years pass by.... Tablets are the future just like in some movies ! :) for example Artifical Intelligence :)
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno Try using a tablet for a few days...then whip out your laptop again...feels so bulky! I love my tablet(transformer prime) I can easily read books and comics Play games, watch movies and video, let my young daughter watch hone.videos. the battery life is way better than a laptop
Augustine Tino Melecio
Augustine Tino Melecio Ummmm.....do any of u atually own a tablet??? Aps!!!! The aps for the iPad are RIDICULOUS!!! It's just soooo much better than a smartphone due to the screen. My duaghter can learn to read, write, do math, learn another language, watch PBS Kids, look up a definition plus sooooo much more stuff. The aps are what make the tablet, or at least the iPad.
Ariel Alvarez
Ariel Alvarez True though
John Fisher
John Fisher It's actually funny that laptops have become cumbersome....that's crazy
John Fisher
John Fisher Uh what are you smoking? Tablets are great for school, business, etc. personally, I would not buy one for personal use. But for my line of work in sales I could not function without my iPad. Lumbering around a 5lb laptop has become a pain....
Jeremy Zumba Gonzales
Jeremy Zumba Gonzales Honestly, it's more of a convenience for me to use a tablet than a laptop. I love using my laptop to be productive and write papers, but when reading books or watching movies, using a tablet is so much easier. Carrying around a hulk of a laptop like mine that has a 17" screen is too much when I can take a tablet that does it all for me on the go. however, the ipad is too overrated and will never own one of those... that's just a big ass ipod...
Francis San Pedro
Francis San Pedro I use it for emulators. Marvel vs Capcom
Chris Corliss
Chris Corliss It works very well in an office setting, and I find browsing much easier over using my phone. That being said, I would never opt for a tablet to replace my smartphone, and given the high price of a tablet I probably wouldn't buy my own. There's a ton of potential for use in the education field though, and I think that's where the tablet market will truly excel.
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza No Need for a Tablet when you own a Laptop.
Hector Lopez
Hector Lopez Useless yes, why make them, because we consumers don't know how spend our money
David Tambascio
David Tambascio Reason to own one?: Why not..
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano Hell no tablets kick ass
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie its true the only One worth getting is the galaxy Note cos it still works like a phone but has tablet abilities
Raymond Knight
Raymond Knight For the mass majority, a tab does everything they need. Just because a laptop is better, doesn't make it logical. A Lamborghini is faster than my car, but I'm not going to throw down the capitol just so I can drive the speed limit to work.
Kendall Cooper
Kendall Cooper At the end of the day I rather use my phone I don't wanna lug around something that big what's the point.....if ur out and pull out ur tablet or ipad it just looks dumb
Antonio L. Lopez
Antonio L. Lopez I work with My Galaxy Tab,,Autotechnician,,run couple of programs with it like Torque diagnostic app, ALLDATA,MITCHELL diagnostics,,,,for me the laptop is not appropiate while I driving a car and performing a Good and profesional diagnostic,,WELL I do use mine and very productive,not just Facebook
Josh Sicat Clifford
Josh Sicat Clifford I think its a waste of money...for the price you can get a nice portable and powerful 13.3" laptop which can hold textbooks and play way better games than a tablet. Its all just something to show off like girls with multiple designer purses. Galaxy Nexus GSM/HP dm3 w/ dual boot osx
Diane Tsavdar Esposito
Diane Tsavdar Esposito Wow I thought I was the only one. My daughter owns an iPad and let me borrow it. I was fun, as any new toy is, for a little while. I quickly fell out of love and went back to my Macbook. Will not be buying one for myself in the foreseeable future.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz yep. laptops are here to stay for a good while.
Rebecca McLeod
Rebecca McLeod I have a dell laptop I just paid off that was 2500 a few years ago and I TOTALLY REGRET IT. How many tablets...I could of gotten. Dell sucks too. =*(
Tyler Chamberlain
Tyler Chamberlain They're perfect for those that need a $500 Angry Birds machine.
Donna Longuillo
Donna Longuillo I completely agree and want to add that my samsung galaxy does what I need when I am not at my laptop
Reinaldo Dado
Reinaldo Dado laptops will never die
Philip Stafford
Philip Stafford I use mine for class
Chris Hagood
Chris Hagood I've found that I use my smartphone and my tablet (ASUS Transformer TFT101) more than anything else. They are great for pretty much anything you need to do, productivity-wise, and the battery lasts soooo much longer than if one were on a laptop. I haven't had to use a laptop in the longest time just because of those two things.
Aaron Couts
Aaron Couts I don't care for them myself
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister Well they are no where near powerful enough yet. Once they are on the same level of computing power as a tower or better then maybe they will be worth it.
Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene yes, they are useless. But, I still love having one.
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero Laptops better
Kristan Dame
Kristan Dame I use my iPad more than my laptop. I love my tablet!!
Stef Vanhees
Stef Vanhees TABLETS ARE USELESS its just a laptop but way more crappy and way to expensive for the garbage you get
Matthew Young
Matthew Young All my college textbooks are on my tablet. Not useless.
Nenad Zivic
Nenad Zivic Pretty much.
Tyler Walker
Tyler Walker yes they are useless... considering a droid razr has alot better performeance than most tablets... and its a cellhpone. xD
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Pretty much, unless you have no smartphone and want to show off, just sayin
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai exactly what I think when people talk about tablets
Rohit Das
Rohit Das Yup they r
Bailey Yordnoff
Bailey Yordnoff No, they're not. Typed from my iPad
David Dillard
David Dillard To some people.

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