Sprint leaks tip Direct Connect Now app for Android, Total Equipment Protection for iPhone

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 20, 2012

Sprint Direct Connect Now Android app leak

Shortly after a rumor alleged that Sprint may be cooking up an LTE Windows Phone for release later this year, a new pair of reports are claiming that the carrier also have some goodies for Android and iOS users as well. (Though they're probably not quite as exciting as a new 4G phone.) First up, a leaked image sent to The Verge shows that Sprint may soon release an Android app called "Direct Connect Now" that'll give users access to Sprint's Direct Connect network as well as interoperability with the older iDEN push-to-talk network. There's no mention of exactly when the Direct Connect Now app will be coming, but the leaked shot does mention that the app will be available to the Samsung Transform Ultra initially and then will be expanded to more non-embedded devices later on.

As for the iPhone crowd, the folks over at SprintFeed have been told that Sprint may soon begin offering its Total Equipment Protection insurance program to owners of Apple's handset. The program costs $8 per month and allows customers to get a replacement phone in the event that their insured device is lost, stolen or damaged. There's no word yet on when TEP for the iPhone may become available or if the pricing will differ for the iPhone. Apple has offered its AppleCare+ program to Sprint iPhone users since last year, but it'll be nice for those folks to have another option when it comes coverage for their iPhone.

So there you go, Sprint folk. It's neat to see that Sprint is bringing a Direct Connect app to Android devices, especially because the only current option for folks that want Direct Connect and Android is to pick up the Motorola Admiral. Here's to hoping that the Now Network can quickly bring the Direct Connect Now app to more devices in its lineup after launch. We'll be sure to bring you more details on both the Direct Connect Now app for Android and Total Equipment Protection for the iPhone as we get them, so stay tuned.

Via The Verge, SprintFeed