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Good news for Virgin Mobile customers, as the carrier has reported that service has been restored following an outage that hit yesterday. The outage affected both text and data services nationwide, but Virgin now says that the issue has been resolved. If you're a Virgin customer and you're still having service issues, the carrer recommends that you try pulling the battery your battery and restarting your device.

Virgin Mobile doesn't mention exactly what the cause of the outage was, but it's good to hear that service is back up and running. An outage is never fun, especially when it affects multiple services, like how this latest issue affected both data and text messaging. So, Virgin Mobile customers, how are things working for you now that VM says that the outage is over?

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"Are outages like this acceptable in 2012?"

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Jorge Luis Guerra It's called WiFi guys.
Corster Sharp im in virgin mob uk
Joel Williams is it acceptable for blogs to ask braindead questions in 2012?
Ryan Rampersad I was affected by that outage, not significantly, but it still happened. In the two and half years I've had Virgin Mobile, this is the third time I think they had any real down time. For what I pay for it, it's not a big deal and email on wifi still worked, so it wasn't such a big deal.
Mason Morrison The outage didn't effect me, but the data cap on the 23rd will.....boooo
Sylvia Esparza I didn't even notice.....LOL
Chris Tricoli Verizon seems to get away with it!
Mark Joseph Cruz They are acceptable for how fucking cheap it is!...calm down guys it's alright life moves on! Haha
Amer Ahmed AT&T never has outages
Tyler Eggo Eggleston Ask Verizon if outages are acceptable. They'll give you an answer.
John Rotarius this is rediculas its happend to me 3 times this month plus they stole $20 from my account im switching to pre pay t-moble $50 for unlimited everything and 4g
Steven Coté Cause I think while they use sprints network they have there own way to handle calls and data and text. While sprint uses there own. Just a guess
Dima Aryeh It happens. Virgin Mobile can't control it. Neither can AT&T or Verizon (except Verizons LTE, it's partially their fault their LTE network is so volatile). It happens, what can you do? As long as they announce the outage, and fix it fast, then it's fine. Same with BB outage. It was TERRIBLE for the customers, but I doubt RIM had too much control over it. But how they handled it wasn't too graceful.
John M Merriman How is it possible that Virgin had a text/data outage when they use the Sprint network ???
Ray Dull I have VM and I didn't lose service.
Tonio Johnson It happens. Verizon had this issue a few times not to long ago. Technology isn't and never wil be perfect.
Mark Schroeder Ig =it just encase you can't read to well
CeeGii Borels wait for tmo to make a play for this event
Mark Schroeder Omg of course it ruined my day. I couldn't look at engadget while I pooped and then tweet about ig
Heidi Sarrell McLendon I'm a virgin mobile customer and it ruined my day. But that's what happens when you rely on technology too much. No worries though, it is what it is.
Luis Lopez You know what's foolish? PhoneDog asking a stupid question like this. Of course outages are unacceptable regardless of the year. Technology isn't perfect, and never will be.
Jamie Bethell Virgin Mobile is a mouse in the mobile network world, you must expect things like this to happen
Gil Batzri All carriers have outages, this is a foolish premise.
Richard Horst How can you agree with the guy below you when you don't even know what he's said yet.. lwl
Jesus Lopez R I had no interruption in my service
Colby Fink >asking if outages are acceptable >2012 When my power goes out, I dont stand up and say "unacceptable!". It happens. Virgin mobile is a budget service, you're getting what you pay for.
Jesus Gomez I agree with the guy below me
Marcus Ford Like Lets Quote it Up
Jake Soble I have virgin mobile and I've been using my phone all day and never even noticed! This is my first time even hearing about it!
Brian Fuller Virgin Mobile has an outage they admit to and fix it and it is the end of the world. vzw or att have an outage and its normal....

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