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Not long after a report surfaced that corroborated the rumors of the Nokia Lumia 900's release, which is said to be going down April 8th online and April 9th in stores, a new rumor has emerged claiming to have the details on how Nokia plans to get AT&T employees jazzed up about the new handset. WPCentral has said that Nokia is dropping up to $25 million in order to get the Lumia 900 assigned as a "Company Use" phone. That means that the 900 is available for AT&T employees to use free of charge, so long as they turn in their previous CU phone, which could be an iPhone or Android device. Nokia reportedly expects more than 80 percent of AT&T employees to pick up a Lumia 900 as their new CU phone.

In other Lumia 900 news, AT&T has put up a "Coming Soon" page for the upcoming Windows Phone on its website. There's no launch date or pricing information to be found (shocker!), but it's another sign that the Lumia 900 is inching closer and closer to hitting store shelves.

While it seems unlikely that we'll get AT&T or Nokia to confirm this report of the Lumia 900 being added as a "Company Use" phone, the move definitely sounds like it could happen. Doing so will get AT&T employees acquainted with the Lumia 900 and could help them to recommend it to potential customers, which when combined with the handset's rumored $99.99 price tag, could make the 900 tough for buyers to resist. Additionally, WPCentral claims that AT&T may want to stop being thought of as "the iPhone carrier" by differentiating its lineup from the competition. Getting employees excited about the Lumia 900 and promoting the device could help them do just that. If the Lumia 900 is indeed coming on April 8th/9th, we should be hearing more about it from AT&T and Nokia soon, so keep it locked to PhoneDog for more.

Via WPCentral (1), (2), AT&T

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"Will the Nokia Lumia 900 be the best Windows Phone yet?"

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Darryl Anthony Raiford I am happy to see windows phone doing good but don't use one...but AT&T is not that great come on they don't want to update a phone want a lot of money for bad service are u for real let's not forget how these are the ppl who want to kill 2G o make dev play for app to have data an getting sue again wow sound like something
Anonymous It will be the best WP to date, but that is no great feat. The design and build quality were all that kept me from laughing at the Lumia 800 in the MSFT store last week. They really are underpowered pooches and the Marketplace just sucks, and I'm not talking about the number of apps.
Hubert John Abiera Wow, there's much less hate on here than I thought there would be. I also think that the Lumia 900 is going to be the best WP7.5 phone.
John Ong Way too much money to have this beauty on America's most hated wireless network. Should've made this phone for tmobile instead
Ricky Amaro Man I hope so!
Mark Lucas Waiting for Windows Phone 8, dual core, and a HD screen.
Rishi Nagahawatte Your guess is good as mine...
Catherine Ashley Unger I can see why At&T is wanting to make this one of their flagship devices. This has a Carl Zeiss lens, which for those that know about photography, Carl Zeiss makes top-rated lenses. For those users who want a phone with an amazing lens, this will be the phone. I have a camera with a Zeiss lens and the photos are stunning.
Christopher Ferrell Dbe I'd trade that for my iphone
Axel Jaramillo When does it come out on ATT?!
Oliver Evo With windows phone I don't think so - windows phone down .
Anthony T DAquino I'm absolutely in live with my HTC titan. And im getting my fiance this phone for her upgrade and im considering giving her the titan so I can keep the Nokia for myself :P
Ira Mitchell I only have Android phones but I'm definitely in the market for a Windows phone! I love the aesthetics or the Nokia but the HTC Titan II is going to be nice with a amazing camera and pixel rates. But it downcast seem like it will be getting either one unless they release a unlocked certain compatible worth T-Mobile.
Josh Evans This is some of the best hardware on the market Nokia really did a fine job with this piece. Wp7 has little to no problems freezing and resetting and the music player is on point. A little work getting some good quality apps and cheaper prices on their app store for the ones they do have and this could be a winner.
Ismael Sergio Molina id like a lumia 900, but im quite happy with my htc radar.
Reese Woodson Some of the employees at my local ATT corp store are carrying Lumia 900s around as work phones. One of them let me play with it. It's really nice. Also, they have them in stock too. The problem is, they couldn't give me a release day. I'm like wtf o_O
Angel Rodriquez what of waste of money
Eduardo Ordaz no no nooo.
Douglas J Kmiotek Man, this or a 4.65" screen iPhone - I want THIS MORE!!! But, why no 64GB of storage??? I can't afford to have all my stuff in the "cloud",...the data $$$ would kill me. And, I also work underground - there's no SIGNAL underground!!!
Paul Alexandru I think so
Tyler Frodl getting ready to try windows and trying an htc windows phone i am getting bored of android
Issac Sanchez u mean there is a difference between windows phones? lol
Jew-Duh McAlister My next phone! Upgrading from a Focus.
Jed Taleon for a while ive been able to drop my contract with t-mobile and do whatever (i.e. - stay with t-mobile but new phone or get a new contract with any other service)...... i've been holding off for the Lumia 900 this whole time.... i want one NOW!
Tim Miyashiro I have a WP7 phone and I love the OS, I'd love to have that Lumia.
Nick Kathrein Why Andriod share eater and not IPhone Share eater? Lets face it. the IPhone is getting stale with the same user interface since it came out.
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti Nokia ? best Windows Phone ? far from that word about 999,999 light-year.
Leo Baxter Makes me wanna jump ship to AT&T just for this one!
Arvydas Gr YES. Nokia + Microsoft = Android share eater.
Manoj Manu Dell venue pro!!!
Michael Benesa here come the trolls with nothing better to do
Israel Perez I bet it is, unfortunately not in the USA, if is not made by HTC, or Motorola, or Samsung, people really don't care...
Joshua M Haut BOOOOOOOOOO windows phones :(
Gordon Christie like how windows phone look but i have a galaxy s2 and wouldnt swap but if i was in market for new phone it would be considered a whoe lot
Nathan Wright Possibly, but as a windows phone fan I'm honestly more interested in the HTC Titan 2.

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