The Official Smartphone Rankings (OSR), has moved into week #4.  Not only do your votes make a difference each week, but the "why" behind the vote matters as well.  To show our appreciation, we are introducing Featured User Reviews.  Each day a lucky PhoneDog visitor will have their user review highlighted.

This Monday's pick came to us from Michael Rosmer.  Read what he had to say about the Samsung Galaxy Note.

March 6,2012 - After months of agonizing that none of the new phones had all the features I was looking for the Galaxy Note arrived and rescued me. I didn't want to buy something without an HD display (rules out Galaxy S2), Didn't want anything without expandable memory and a great camera since I don't carry any other camera (rules out the Galaxy Nexus), wanted decent battery life (rules out the Rezound), wanted something with a big screen, all the features for the year such as NFC, & LTE to avoid upgrading for a while (rules out iPhone 4S), and wanted to keep using the apps I use (ruled out WP). 

As I see it the Galaxy Note has it all plus a pen. These days I just can't fathom buying year old technology in such a fast moving market as smart phones and with the Galaxy Note you've got something solid that will have all the features of the coming year except some minor camera tweaks and quad core (dual is working well anyway) in a phone you can get today. Yes, ICS would be nice but it will be here soon enough and Touchwiz has some appeals over and above basic Android (such as playing well with Facebook). To me there's no other choice but the Note.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 4/5

Overall 4.5 

Find Michael's user review and many more about the Samsung Galaxy Note.  Do you have something to say about your favorite smartphone?  Vote now, then afterwards leave a user review telling us why that device is your #1 go-to phone.  Who knows, you might just write the next user review we feature!


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