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Do you consider yourself to be a loyal AT&T customer whose blood is the same shade of blue as the carrier's logo? Then you may be a good fit for AT&T Plus, a new program that offers perks and special offers to AT&T's loyal subscribers. Currently available to customers in Colorado, Minneapolis and Houston, AT&T Plus currently offers its members things like waived upgrade and activation fees, a 25 percent discount off of non-Apple accessories and a special customer service number (1-855-ATTPLUS). Exactly which criteria must be met in order to be admitted to AT&T Plus isn't yet known.

So far the perks of AT&T Plus don't sound like anything terribly mindblowing, but it's tough to be too hard on the program considering that it's free for loyal AT&T customers. As for the loyal AT&T folk that aren't in one of the initial markets where Plus is currently available, unfortunately there's no word yet on when the program will be expanding or which parts of the country it'll hit next. We'll pass along more details on AT&T Plus as we get them. Have any of you AT&T customers in Colorado, Minneapolis or Houston already been Plussed?

UPDATE: AT&T has issued a statement on the AT&T Plus program to The Verge. The carrier explains that Plus is currently being trialled by select customers in order to gauge interest in the program, but that it may be something that AT&T rolls out further in the future. Here's the full skinny from AT&T:

"We’re trialing a pilot loyalty program, called AT&T Plus, with a select group of our wireless customers to get their feedback on their interest in this type of program and the benefits they’d like to have from us. Right now, this is only a trial, but based on what our customers tell us, it may be something we look to roll out more widely in the future. It’s an example of our ongoing efforts to deliver a great experience for our customers."

Via The Verge, AT&T

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Elis Diaz
Elis Diaz nothing short of unlimited data will get my attention, even t-mobile version of it will suffice.
Jed Shuster
Jed Shuster ATT come out with a customer appreciation program while Sprint just cancelled theirs. Good move ATT, bad move Sprint!
Roman Holland
Roman Holland They waive your upgrade and activation fee already depending on how long you've been a customer. That's nothing new
Tyler Frodl
Tyler Frodl 10 years lol
Joel Neil
Joel Neil 25% off accessories is still 25% more than the retail price of the items...
Frank Porter
Frank Porter How about you offer sme real perks AT&T. Like removable bloatware on any phone I choose, free tethering, true unthrottled unlimited data(if the customer still has his/her grandfathered plan as I do), and faster software updates. The perks mentioned in this article barely make me bat an eye. None of what they're offering would prosuade me to stop buying my phones off contract, rooting and flashing them. FAIL
Steve Christopher
Steve Christopher I have been with them for 11 years.
Christopher Gronde
Christopher Gronde I've been with Tmobile so long my plan doesn't exist anymore...I've always loved Tmobile...well until recently. So glad I didn't get swallowed up by AT&T
Jay LifesGreat Coote
Jay LifesGreat Coote Don't woody they'll charge you for that too.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sprint charged me an upgrade fee of $36 after years of being with them..smh I hate that company & wouldn't dream of ever going back..slowest 3g iv ever used..
Ricky Buysse
Ricky Buysse For 6 years! Why should I have to pay upgrade fees, let alone wait 20 months for an upgrade? Being a customer for as long as I have, I think I should get an upgrade whenever I want.

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