Featured user review - Samsung Galaxy Nexus 3-27-12

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| March 27, 2012

Today we are featuring an excellent user review that was provided to us for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  The reviewer, Chris Clark points out that he is using an unlocked version of the device.  Follow what he has to say below in his complete user review.

March 14, 2012 - After having 7 Android devices, two iPod Touch's and messing around with a HTC Titan, I feel fairly well rounded with mobile OS's. Here's my breakdown of the Galaxy Nexus (unlocked version, since I have T-Mobile). 

1. The screen is absolutely gorgeous. It makes the retina display on my iPod look horrible. Watching videos is especially immersive when the buttons disappear and the video takes up the entire screen. I actually use this phone more for movies than my tablet now. 

2. Battery life (on the international version) is incredible! Verizon is killing the reputation of this phone with LTE. My phone normally doesn't drop below 80% with moderate use until I've had it off the charger for 9-10 hours. I can easily make it 2 days without charging and I have quite a few widgets updating, plus a couple hours of calls every day and browsing, facebook..etc. For anyone that doesn't have Verizon, this is the best performing phone for battery life I've ever seen. 

3. ICS is a MAJOR upgrade for Android. Most of the apps I used to customize or organize my phone I don't even have installed anymore because ICS looks so amazing in it's stock form. It does have the occasional lag, but considerably less than it's predecessors. From the folders, to the now universal swipe to delete or move screens, it's the most polished OS I've seen. I get depressed when I pick up my iPod and use iOS now. I used to use my iPod exclusively for gaming, I hardly had any games on my phones at all. I haven't played one game on iOS since buying this phone. My iPod is a music player now, and that's about it. 

4. Build quality is typical Samsung. That being said, while it feels cheap, I (like an idiot) dropped my phone off of a second story balcony at work, I about had a heart attack. When I went down to check on it, I found that aside from the battery door coming off and having to put the battery back in, there was only one small scratch on the corner where it landed. I was shocked! It doesn't FEEL as premium as some other handsets, but I'll take a phone I can drop over 20ft and keep using over something that FEELS more premium any day of the week. In short, if you LOVE iOS or Windows Phone, stay with it, they're wonderful choices, but if you want the best phone on the market right now, the Galaxy Nexus is the only choice. I just recommend getting the non-Verizon version.

Display 5/5 
Reception & Call Quality 4/5 
Battery Life 5/5 
Design/Form Factor 5/5 
Apps & Media Support 4/5

Overall 4.5

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