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Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 will landing at AT&T on April 8th, and when it finally makes its way to retail, you should expect to see it receive a heavy push from AT&T and Nokia. Speaking to CNET, AT&T device chief Jeff Bradley has said that the launch "is a notch above anything we've ever done," including the iPhone. He added that it'll be apparent to customers that the Lumia 900 is the carrier's "hero phone" before they set foot inside a store. AT&T and Nokia are prepping a major television marketing campaign that'll kick off around the 900's April 8th launch. At AT&T stores, the handset will be present on large pieces of signage, and the employees are said to have been heavily-trained on the 900, with many of them carrying the device as well. Sources have told CNET that the marketing push is expected to last for six to eight weeks.

Today's news comes less than a week after a rumor that Nokia wanted to help get the Lumia 900 into the hands of AT&T store employees, a report that now makes sense considering the support that the device is getting from AT&T and Nokia. With the Lumia 900's aggressive $99.99 on contract price tag and the major push that it'll be getting from AT&T and Nokia, it'll definitely be interesting to see how the device performs at retail and if it can help grow the popularity of Windows Phone here in the U.S. What do you all make of the Lumia 900? Do you think the support it's getting from AT&T and Nokia will pay off?


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Radames Arroyo This will be my next phone!
Yue Wang What's a Nokia?
Geoffrey P. Spicer Don't know yet gotta look at it at ATT :)
Maxi Fabián Not really, its not impressive, i'd be excited when Microsoft launch Officialy the Windows Phone 8 and Nokia, Samsung or HTC launch a multicore and a more powerful smarthphone running Windows 8 using the multicore function built in in the next WP version.
Ray Layton luv that specs line...even though it outperforms pretty much anything else in the market with those specs...
CeeGii Borels Nope, happy with my 32gb Samsung Focus and waiting for Windows Phone 8
Ernest Marvin Esteban Limited apps, strict OS, very low community support. I'll only be wasting my money when I buy one.
Ernest Marvin Esteban No.. lumia 900 has 2010 specs. I'd wait gor the GS3 or HTC one X instead
Jacky On I'm willing to be most of the people who research on smartphones are Android users, thus leading to a huge bias on these posts.
Johnny Luna Getting it on the 8th :)
Zach Cline Android sucks
Flako Ramirez No Sprint love :(
Marc Marcus Not really
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Baaaahh,windows phone is crap Android for life
Brain Roopull BTW... I'm on Android, now. I like it, but it still needs some improvements and innovation (the shake ups at HTC and Sammy over not making as many phones bare this out.) Don't even get me started on the stagnated iPhone line. Yawn. Something new is GOOD.
Joe Czo I am but I'm on Verizon
Brain Roopull Gorgeous phone. I was glad to see Nokia throw some support behind WP. God knows the smartphone industry needs another infusion of competition. To see that ATT is going to throw some more support behind the platform is extremely encouraging.
Stephen E. Ribble Yes, but bring to tmobile....!
Samir Barik VERIZON all it takes !
Christopher Manic Johnson Put Android on it, and I'd be interested. I like the hardware, not too keen on the software.
Harshit Gupta nope....excited 4 windows ? nope..... for "nokia" ? nope
Anthony Stewart I can't wait, definitely the next phone for me :-)
Carlos Guerrero Hell yes!!!
Perro Rosello Not anymore, took too long to arrive. Got a SGS2 and loving ICS
Robert Centennial Already have it and its awesome. No other phone compares!
Tarequl Islam Chowdhury Nope.Android 4 Life
Jonathan Villicaña Thinking about it
Brett Day Cannot wait! I have Windows Phone from the beginning and love it! The 900 is going to kick some ass
Sunny Rattan Bring it on over to Verizon and I may become interested. This HTC trophy that Verizon has is a JOKE.
Patrick Moyle I will be when it gets to sprint...
Michael Myers Nope. Android.

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