Dell discontinues sales of the Venue, Venue Pro in the U.S. [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 29, 2012

Dell Venue Pro

Although Dell hasn't been the most prolific smartphone manufacturer in the mobile world, the company has put out a few handsets in its time, including the Aero and the Venue Pro. It looks like Dell has decided to exit the U.S. smartphone game for now, though, as it has confirmed to PC World that it's discontinued both the Venue and Venue Pro here in the States. Dell hasn't announced and replacements for those two handsets, meaning it's now without a smartphone offering in the U.S. Things are a tad different outside the U.S., as Dell offers Venue and Streak devices in countries like India and China. A Dell spokesperson did say that the company plans to offer more mobile products in the U.S. later this year, but they wouldn't say whether or not any new smartphones will be included.

Dell's first smartphone in the U.S. was the Android-powered Aero that debuted with AT&T way back in 2010. The Aero didn't exactly wow some folks when it hit the market, but Venue Pro fared much better and became an attractive option to the Windows Phone crowd thanks to its portrait-sliding QWERTY keyboard, a feature that's become a bit hard to come by as of late. That's why it's kind of a bummer to see the Venue Pro (and its keyboard-less, Android-packing Venue brother) get the axe. It'll definitely be interesting to see what Dell has up its sleeve for the U.S. later this year, so stay tuned and we'll pass along more information on Dell's plans as we get it.

UPDATE: Looks like Dell's not completely done with smartphones here in the U.S. A company spokesperson has told PC Mag that Dell plans to release more smartphones in the U.S. later this year. However, the spokesperson didn't give up any details as to which platform(s) they may run or a more precise release window in which we may see them arrive.

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