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A lot has changed with RIM since it last issued an earnings report, including the arrival of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, but the biggest change has been the arrival of new CEO Thorsten Heins. Today RIM delivered the results of its Q4 fiscal 2012, its first such report under Heins, and there are even more big changes coming out of the company today. The biggest news is that  former co-CEO Jim Balsillie has resigned as Director of RIM's Board. "As I complete my retirement from RIM, I'm grateful for this remarkable experience and for the opportunity to have worked with outstanding professionals who helped turn a Canadian idea into a global success," Balsillie said. RIM also announced that CTO David Yach is retiring and COO of Global Operations Jim Rowan has decided to pursue other interests.

On the financial side of things, RIM reported that revenue for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012 reached $4.2 billion, a figure that's down 19 percent ($5.2 billion) from the previous quarter. RIM had a net loss of $125 million for fiscal Q4 2012, which is a drop from the net income of $265 million that RIM saw in fiscal Q3 2012. RIM reports that it shipped around 11.1 million BlackBerry handsets and around 500,000 PlayBook tablets during the quarter.

Overall it looks like RIM had a pretty rough quarter, and CEO Thorsten Heins expects more of the same in the coming quarters, saying during the company's earnings call that "it's likely that the next few quarters will be challenging for our business." It'll definitely be interesting to see how RIM navigates the next several months, especially considering that its first BlackBerry 10-powered devices aren't expected to arrive until late this year. We're listening in on RIM's conference call right now and will be sure to update you on any other news that comes out of it. Those of you interested in diving deep into the nitty gritty of RIM's Q4 2012 report can do so at the source link below.


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"Is RIM dead?"

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Jamal Burns But not bit sorry
Jamal Burns Not yet bit very very very close
Mihai Micu I own iphone 4 for fun and bb 9780 for work. If i had to choose, i would keep the bold without any regret. Bb should focus on the bold family and kill all the other crappy models.
Shylo Desloovere Still rocking my 9700. The thing is as solid as a rock! I work in the construcion ( allot of dust) and it never failed on me once! Gps on all the time, and 3g, and i can use it for over a day! If my 9700 dies (i really hope it wont) ill get me a 9810
Paul Alexandru Stop asking the same question Aaron we all know the response
Corey A. Mayo They're. $. 60/pound @ Fairway and fruit naturally starts to die the minute it's picked. Wait... What????
Tae Jin I personally love BB. Their style n design are very distinctive from others but the level of their devices n softwares are just not in the game at all. Sad to say but bye bye Rim
Wayne Choice Been dead for sometime..it's over for them!!
Rob Clay I had to use a spare 9630 cause my droid got stolen. Bb's OS isn't bad at all. I don't think theyl die out.
Mike Leverton Too many years with no new devices. I was a bberry user for years until 5months ago
Tony Abiama Time of death... 2008
Diane Vescio No, I still like BBs and I have hope for RIM/BB
Patrick Scot What's a blackberry
Bronson Chad Thomas I'm on my 3rd refurbished curve and I've had it!!!!!!!! It is crap!!!!!!!!! Going to Android! You are done blackberry!!!!!! Wouldve switched already but wasn't due for an upgrade!
Joel Diaz In the words of lil john.... Yes.
Frank Porter Yes it is
Joel Moran Maybe at your countries,but in South America ├║sers are increasing day by day,i own a Torch 9810 and wouldn't trade it for anything!Android and iOS also are spreading everywhere!
Jan Michael Cruz Nope, they have money to burn still, bb10 is make or break
Zach Cline Somebody just put them out of there misery.
Chuk Anyanetu Jim is off the board...who cares he already stepped down as co CEO he never should of 'demoted' himself to the board. This changes nothing. 90% of people who posted something here obviously know next to nothing about rim other than the negative press they hear, but there are two sides to every story. They seem to be going in the right direction, their playbook and bb 10 phones seem to be powerful and what consumers want, they are advertising more (more will come when products come) and they are trying to put out products on time that people care about. Rim will be 'dead' when their encrypted servers are turned off, which is what basically separates RIM from anyone else. BBM, compression, and security.
Chris Cobeen RIP R.I.M, I want WEBOS n Meego back :(
Jennifer DeAlmeida T.O.D - 2008 ;)
Peter Dudycz What is a Rim? isn't that part of a car?
Chris Rodriguez Die RIM, die
Brandon Le Advice for RIM: - Change logo. - Come out with more touchscreen phones. - Expand app store exponentially. - Advertise. (Haven't seen a blackberry ad in forever.) - Start selling something else besides small mobile products. Cars? TV? Gotta get out of that business world of yours, RIM. Your looking at a society of media consumption.
Kweku Asafu-Adjaye They have one more shot with blackberry 10. if that doesn't work, sorry to say but yes.
Derek Dasovich NOOOO!!!!! :(
Matthew Magdales Is a dead company profitable? ... Righ
Tim Merrifield O and windows
Tim Merrifield Blackberry is dead now no comin back now unless they make some great improvement to compete with iOS or android
Mithun Gatade bad of Business class...
Jim Harry Absofrikinlutly
Naronglit Faceon confirm death
JaoNoi Sinthousy I doubt it. I have faith.
DaVi JdaVi LiVe Yup! R.i.p Rim & WebOs!

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