Sprint 4G LTE coverage map 2014

Sprint has said that it plans to launch its LTE network by the middle of this year and be mostly finished with the rollout by 2013, but so far the carrier has only revealed a handful of markets that'll be part of its initial LTE push. If you're interested in finding out if Sprint plans to bring its LTE coverage to your neck of the woods, crane your eyes up to the image above. That's a slide from a presentation given by a Sprint executive at a recent Rural Cellular Association event, showing the LTE coverage that Sprint plans to have by the time that it wraps up its Network Vision project in 2014. The green areas you see are where Sprint will have its LTE coverage rolled out. The blue areas, meanwhile, will be covered by roaming agreements.

The only markets that Sprint has said it'll be rolling LTE coverage to so far are Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio, so this map is nice for folks not in those cities that have been wondering if Sprint's LTE network will be making its way to their part of the country. Of course, we don't have an exact list of markets that'll be receiving Sprint LTE coverage or when different cities will be joining the fold, but hey, this isn't a bad start. Does it look like the area where you live will be part of Sprint's LTE network?

Via The Verge, @SaschaSegan

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"Is 4G LTE that important?"

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Maxi Fabián HSPA+ is more than enough, for the rest the WiFi is the best option.
Hans Jaramillo No one really NEEDS anything. But having the option of LTE is great. :D
Corey Stock Yes!!!
Emmanuel Ramos Nobody is 4g,to be 4g you must reach 100mbp to be true 4g network
Angel Rodriquez True 4g will be call advance Lte and speed must be over 100mbp and probably will be in 2014 or 2015 in future event
Angel Rodriquez Listen people all carriers out there claiming that Lte is 4g ther are lyning to you is only pre -4g do your homework please study you will see the the truth. thank you
Jamal Burns yes because everything else is way behind
C Bryan Thomas AT&T really doesn't have LTE speeds yet. It's really HSPA +.
C Bryan Thomas I think that LTE is important. I just purchased an IPad 3 WIFI + LTE from Verizon. I am getting 45-50 MBPS speed test on LTE. Great speeds.
Sunil Mistry Take care of iPhone's 3G service first
Oscar Falcon I cant wait to move to at&t LTE!!!
Tony Abiama Not LTE, if i can at least maintain 3mb where I work and live, I'd be fine but on Sprint I don't get that, so LTE would be nice
Asher Enciso to the guy that said that they stole verizon's idea, that is the stupidest statement I have ever heard. Anyways, sprint lte will be no improvement over 4g
Zaben Hashish Sprint needs to fix its network speed. 3G is super slow and Wimax is very disappointing with at most I upload is 4mbs and download 1.5mbs. Signal is horrible in Chicago, and with all their fees it really isn't that much cheeper
William Wadsworth I don't think that Sprint's LTE network will be very practical though. They have almost no extra spectrum, as they foolishly gave their extremely large collection of unused spectrum to Clearwire as part of their deal to get WiMax. I highly doubt that Clearwire is going to give any of that spectrum back.
William Wadsworth It is very important. Not only will it give much faster data speeds, but it will also be much less expensive in the long run. The end goal of LTE is to be able to shut down a carrier's 3G networks and route everything through LTE. Calling will be VOIP based instead, getting rid of the the calling specific network technology all together. LTE is also much more efficient when it comes to network resource management. Right now Sprint has three different networks running: iDEN, CDMA, and WiMax. Imagine how much less expensive it would be to only have to run one network.
James LeBlanc Am i the only one who doesn't care about 4g?
Min Kim Hell yea
Kevin Gray That depends on what the future of broadband really is. If it it's wireless, then we need all the evolution we can get.
Jon Dutch Finocchio Sprint sucks
Fabian Toti Yes is Is important ... LTE is important. And sprint should have had LTE 2 years ago ...
Jason Harmon Yes , Just got LTE through AT&T Thursday and am downloading 37 MBS and uploading 17. Same price and unlimited data. It's a no brainier.
James Patterson Of course it is. I've literally stopped using 3G on VZW for all things but voice calls. If I'm out and about, and I lose 4G, FaceBook can wait - I, on the other hand, cannot. 3G data was never intended to deliver a rich web experience.
Emmanuel Ramos Yes it is
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Yes and i got covered but with the best AT&T
Kong Yang Yes it is. People are just lying to themselves. Pay $30 for faster data speed or pay the same amount for slower speeds. Only an idiot would choose the latter.
Paul Alexandru I don't have it on my country,,,, don't care
Joshua Miller They stole verizon's ideas so no not anymore
Cassidy Summer Yes - although the 3 G coverage in Seattle is not bad, the 4G WiMax sucks - and Wifi is soooo much faster, when available - the streaming abilities would be much more enhanced on 4G LTE. It would make using my phone as a hot spot viable for more uses. I am a HEAVY phone user
Alex Englehart the only real good thing about sprint is their employee friendly discount program and unlimited data, there pricing is good and u get what u pay for... i pay with taxes and fees about 65 a month for unlimited, while the same plan with att or verizon would be well over a 100 without unlimited data... my signal is pretty decent most everywhere i go, when i switched from tmobile i was very happy because tmobile here in wi sucked. u got money then go with verizon or someone else. u want a great deal and dont want to jump through hoops to get employee discounts then get sprint, with the network vision and LTE it will make my 65 a month a AWESOME deal.
Joel Diaz In the words of lil john... Yes.
Steve Johns Wow 2014 its still 2 years that blows for you guys love Verizon
Josh Richardson I think that networks should offer a 4G/LTE plan with truly unlimited data, this would be good for iPhone users if it was possible to change the 50mb limit on OTA downloads, that way there would be broadband speeds wherever you are..
James Ortiz I wish they would enhance their 3g
Kenny Burt Sprint is soooo late to the party with bad timing and bad investments. Glad I left them last year.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Not really I get pretty fast 3g speeds with Verizon..
Gordon Christie it must be as its coming to t mobile UK sometime later this year
Axel Jaramillo Well if 4g lte is going to be as bad as the rest of the data services on sprint then no its not important.
Ryan DeClue Yes, it's very important :-) and I'm covered!
James Gustavo Hidalgo I have no problem with tmobiles "4g". I think it mostly depends on the phone and how its able to process those speeds. My g2x streams live events without a problem and thats great enough
Matt SnowPaw Dalton LTE is NEEDED for people that actually want fast data speeds on their phone. If you don't use data that much, it's pointless.
Cory Ennis It is your other alternative is Sprint 3G speeds.
Joshua Castro Yes. It is ...
Daniel Quintero Just want stronger more stable signal
Alex Mayes Yes it is actually, at least REAL LTE.
Dounutz Sesar Not really
Joe Czo Nope

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