Can Google bring back their store with tablets?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| April 3, 2012

Do you remember Google’s store? It didn’t last all that long. Yes, it had a phone, and it was one of the most popular phones of its time, because it helped launch the Nexus line. But, while there was certainly a phone there, it had two other things in there, too: hopes and dreams. Google wanted their store to work, much like every other company out there wants a store, whether it be physical or digital, to work. But, with Google, they were trying to make it work while also trying to play nice with the US-based wireless carriers. And, if there’s anything we have learned over the years, the US-based wireless carriers aren’t always the most cooperative.

The idea was great, it really was. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Google’s store was a great idea, and that if it had worked, it really could have caused a few changes within the wireless industry. Instead, nothing happened. Nothing at all. The Nexus One by HTC went on sale, and it did well within the Android community not because of Google’s store, but just because it was a good phone.

When it’s all said and done now, and it’s over. You can still type in the old Web address of Google’s online store, but you won’t find a place where you can actually find Nexus devices. Oh, they’re listed there, but you can’t buy them from that particular digital domain. It’s just a list of Android devices. It’s where you go to ‘Discover Android,’ as suggested by the site.

Now the rumors are swirling that the Google Store could come back, but this time with a focus on tablets. That’s right, no more smartphones for this digital retailer. Nope, now it’s time to go for the bigger devices, the brand new market that is taking off. There are plenty of Android tablets out there, sure, but the focus is on that $199 rumored Nexus tablet, the one that hasn’t been officially announced yet.

But, unlike smartphones, tablets are are a real point of interest for Google, as well as consumers. People want tablets, but there’s a huge problem with the market right now: they’re expensive. Truthfully, it wouldn’t be a big deal on its own, as tablets have the size and features that people want, and are willing to pay for. The trouble comes in the wireless carriers, and the fact that they seem completely unwilling to subsidize tablets to a realistic price.

The subsidies on tablets, not counting the iPad, obviously, are negligible, to say the least. Barely worth mentioning at all. But, Google could change that, firstly with a tablet that warrants the Nexus name (if that really matters or counts anymore), along with that $199 price tag. If Google, and ASUS if rumors pan out, can create a high-end tablet for $199 that people want, then obviously the tablet market, and its ridiculous pricing strategy, has to change.

Here we are again with Google rumored to be taking on the wireless carriers yet again, but just taking a different tactic. Will it work? There’s a chance. Because, let’s face it, if Google can honestly show that a tablet, with specifications that people want, can cost something less than $500, then the market will have to change, right?

We can hope, at least. I guess we’ll just have to see how it goes, and maybe hope more than anything else that this iteration of the Google Store works out for the search giant.