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Today's a good day for all of you shutterbugs on Android, as the official Instagram app has finally made its way onto Google Play. The app allows users to apply filters to their photographs and upload them for others to see, and has been available to the iOS crowd for some time now. Instagram for Android is a free download and supports phones running Android 2.2 and up that support OpenGL ES 2. The app can use either the front or rear camera on a device and allows uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare, and support for uploading to Flickr is said to be coming soon.

The Instagram for Android app is something that fans of Google's green robot have been clamoring for for a while now, so it's good to see that Android users can now download the official app and vintage-ify their photos to their heart's content. What's better is that the Instagram folks are saying that they're working to provide a consistent experience across Android and iOS, and although there are a few features found in the iOS app that aren't currently available on Android (like tilt-shift/blur and live preview), upcoming versions of the app are expected to unite the two versions. Can't wait any longer to begin snapping photos? Hit up the Google Play link below and get to downloading. Just don't forget to rest your trigger finger for a minute or two and stop by the comments to let us know what you think of the app.

Via The Verge, InstagramGoogle Play

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Kirk Ngo I download it and it sucked so no
Keith Ainsley I do now.
RockinRose Wolf Donnell I don't really know what all it is or does but I have pic say pro. I downloaded it to see what it was but immediately uninstalled it cause of the size and no move to sd card option.
Stian Grøtåsen Instagram is just another stupid hype thing. All you do is taking a picture and add a filter and share it. What's new about that? BTW picsay pro is way better.
??? I don't really like Instagram for Android... On my HTC Sensation at least.
Patrick Rhodes Mobli for the win!
Yeo Salolin Waste of time
Daniel Cuadrado Why would I want an app that makes my photos look crappy???
KC Kalahasthi No Tilt-shift...!
Steve C Trevino It's ok.. my htc Rezound camera stock app does just as good.
Eric Quach instagram = instahipster
Justin Charles Reback Instagram seems pointless to me. It'll probably be something that Apple and Google copy in their own camera apps in the future and totally negate the purpose of Insta.
Robert Madsen HTC sensation XE<33
Sambo Chao iDon't get what the fuss is about.
Ismael Marte Omg stfu iphone people .. u guys sound very stupid .. its a app so what
Rocko Beko Train People buy an iPhone please!!
Brandon Johnson I waited on it based on the fact that it's supposed to be "better than the ios version", obviously it's not, in fact the damn app is missing features...
Cassandra Fraser It's about time
Oamstyle Oam thank you for joining us at : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tala3-Niveau/168485346597649?sk=wall Tala3 Niveau
Eric Huxtable Just started today
Blackapino Williams I have it And Use it.
Johnny Edmonds about dang time!!!
Gary Bowling It crashes on my phone when I try to select a pic from gallary.
Tony Abiama I guess this is only good for those who take pics on a regular because i am truly not excited about this, I'll still download it... Just cuz
Roman Baran I'm so pumped about this! Finally!!=D
geoffrey aka C T trenard Downloaded it on my EVO, but the effects seem better on iOS.. no blur effect built into the Android version
Grant Matsuo ALL THE TIME
Susan Treptow I currently have LightBox.
Ayoub Hage @joey who cares Android or IOS belive me none of them give a crap weather your dead or alive
MzPoetic SongBird Oh guys stop with the hating. Its only an app geez! I am a graphic artist and I still enjoy using it to share photos. Stop with the hating No one is putting a gun to your head and making you download a damn app!
Daniel Sanchez We'll see. It looks cool and a lot of people enjoy using it. Downloaded it today.
Alos Tucker smh at iphone users for hating
Bryan McHenry Yes for iOS. Add me...Lemmy66 :)
Preston Wells Joey is an iFag
Derrell Prevost No it's annoying. I know how to use photoshop and light room like a big boy.
Joey Lappin Can't wait for IG to be flooded with pictures taken from really awful awful Android cameras. Even if most IGers are tools, at least it's hard to mess up iPhone photos.
Paul H Nguyen so why isn't it working?
Michael Buchko Jr. It's not showing up when I do a search for it on my phone or on market.android.com on my computer, I had to go to instare.am/android and click the "Google Play" button to get to the page.
CeeGii Borels pixlr-o-matic kicks instagram's ass 24/7
Marlon Mayorga Hell yee! Finally
Clive Anderson Burton The thing that made Instagram so popular is the intregration with its own social network centered in photo sharing only!
Walter Nunez Yes so happy. Idgaf who's mad as long as android has it I'm good. :)
Gregory Phelps Nobody said it makes us professional photographers, so shut up.
Henry Lavender I honestly don't understand why this app is causing so much buzz.
Jamie Doege KEEP THAT JUNK ON A JUNKY PHONE android has Photoshop Touch and Picsay Pro that absolutely SLAUGHTER THIS JUNKY APP damn kids apps.
Ayoub Hage What's the go? Is it a social photo Site?
Camille Phillys Best Darn it! Just when I thought Instagram was the one thing we could have to ourselves.....
Jason Dickman I don't get what the big deal is! You can make pix look hip and share them with friends. What's so different than using a different app and uploading it to Facebook where you've already got an account and friends. I'm gonna make an app where you can do statuses and everyone can like your status and comment on it.... I'm giving instagram a trial period.
DeMonte Greene My evo isnt compatible
Jose Perez Nooooooooooo Android is going to pollute instagram
Kanoe Fairley Doesn't matter that it doesn't make us a professional. I'm using it because I like it. Its a cool app to use and its free. Most of my friends are using it and they also like it.
Eric Butler Only can download it from your web browser > > > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.instagram.android
Ricardo Santos Yup I use it
Jason Choo its more than decent app for me, but those hipsters are a big turnoff (for the reason mentioned above)
BigChuck Rossetti I don't get it... I've gotten accustomed to PicSay Pro for android and this instagram thing sucks by comparison... am i missing something or is it just another reason to act like stupid iPhone users
Shivdev Singh Bhatia google instagram from your phone. you will see the link
Sasha Tewari i couldn't find it either but I goggled it and the link came up
Branden Paz I like it on iPhone. I've used it for over 9 months now
Mack Katzel yes! instagram is the BEST! follow me: @ maxter_paxter :P
Francis San Pedro You're an idiot if you think this makes you a professional photographer.
Patrick Fjaestad Fast i can't find it on my f*cking phone.. D:
Eric Butler Iphone user are mad. Don't be surprised when you see the hate
James Park i upload photos here and there, but it doesn't make me a professional photographer.
Jordan Acosta Need more filters,and move to sd card. But look nice 4 now.
Kristen Manego Just started today too. I love it!
Jeff Jay Most Android phones take crappy pics :(
Jozef Del Mundo I already have like 5 pictures uploaded to Instagram
Eldred Death-Valley Stark Just Download it is fun heheh
John Kayser AMEN @ Vishant
Benjamin Forehand Jr Vishant dont tell the iphone users that...
Hansel Starley I would love it for Windows Phone but we are the third wold country of smartphone owners. We get everything later, worse, harder to get and twice as expensive.
Maria Salcedo I always did on my ipod, but I'm happy its now on Android :)
Michelle DeRosa I still don't understand what is it?
Humberto Rubio but hey people can dream :)
Vishant Khunti fyi instagram doesn't make you a professional photographer
Levi Bethel yea i've used it a few times today
Nain El Fuego Romero Just started, pretty entertaining.

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