Google intros Project Glass, starts testing on augmented reality glasses

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 4, 2012

Project Glass Google

Ever thought that it would be cool to strap on a pair of glasses that could help you to check your messages, take photos and give you directions, all without having to whip out your phone? Then you may want to check out Google's Project Glass, which the company just took the wraps off of on Google+. The project is actually being run by a special group within Google called Google[x]. The Project Glass page shows several images of what the glasses could look like (it's still in the prototype stage), depicting a frame that wraps around the users forehead with a piece of glass sitting above one eye. The New York Times reports that there are actually dozens of other versions in the works, some of which can fit over a normal pair of glasses.

As for what these glasses can do, Google has posted a video demonstrating what Project Glass "might enable you to do." The clip shows a person walking around with the augmented reality glasses on and displaying information like weather and messages, responding to user voice commands and also taking a photo.

So how can you get a pair? That's still up in the air, as Google doesn't make any mention of when we might see this kind of tech made available for purchase. However, the company is currently testing the glasses and is interested in hearing what you have to say about the whole project, so you can hit up the Project Glass Google+ link below to share your thoughts. So far Project Glass definitely sounds like an intriguing and futuristic concept, and the glasses design shown by Google today doesn't look too bad. It'll be interesting to keep checking in with the project to see how the glasses evolve over time. If Project Glass has piqued your interest, you can find Google's video demo and a couple of more images below.

Project Glass photos

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