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So far Apple's iPad has only come in one screen size (9.7 inches), but according to a new report, the Cupertino firm has a smaller tablet kicking around in its testing labs. This word comes from John Gruber of Daring Fireball, who was responding to a question about the existence of a smaller iPad on the latest episode of The Talk Show podcast. Gruber says that he's heard that Apple has a 7.85-inch 1024x768 iPad in its lab, and that to get a feel for the size of the device, one simply needs to take a screenshot of a regular iPad in portrait mode and then flip it to landscape. As for when this smaller iPad might actually see the light of day, Gruber says that he's "heard from nobody" if it's something that Apple actually wants to ship.

This isn't the first time that we've heard rumblings that Apple is cooking up a 7-inch iPad, but John Gruber is known to be one of the better-connected folks covering Apple, so it's interesting to hear him discuss a smaller iPad. Of course, it's not a total surprise to hear that Apple is testing a smaller tablet, as the company is likely working on prototypes of several devices at any given time. Whether or not it'll ever hit store shelves is something else entirely. What do you all make of the idea of a 7.85-inch iPad? Is a smaller iOS tablet something you may be interested in checking out?

Via The Next Web, The Talk Show

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"iPad Mini, anyone?"

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Jiawei Mao
Jiawei Mao Come on man,again?iPhone Mini,4 inch display iPhone 5,iTV,where are they
Allan De León Morales
Allan De León Morales So a Medium ipod touch? Because the ipad is a bieg ipod touch.... Hell NO
Philip Lu
Philip Lu Just to compete with Samsung galaxy tab 7.7!
Patrick Tam
Patrick Tam I think apple might make a galaxy note size device to replace the iPod touch. That would be to big for a bigger iPhone and to small for a mini iPad. It would be the perfect size. Funny how phones kept on getting smaller and now everyone wants bigger phones. I just took my screen protector off of my iPhone 4s and wow! The screen is gorgeous! So detailed I might have to take a look at the new iPad!
Elizabeth Wright
Elizabeth Wright yeah thats called an iphone. Enough already!!!!
Aaron Cantu
Aaron Cantu Praying that they make this... Im so ready for a smaller tablet
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage Why? Didn't once Steve Jobs comment about the galaxy tab 7.7 or something like that saying "this device is D. O. A "because it's too small.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Yeah maybe. Might actually get one if it happens.
Justin White
Justin White No!! Bigger iPhone!!!
Dominik Winkler
Dominik Winkler @Brad Falkner u suck! go away!
Emmanuel Vazquez
Emmanuel Vazquez They already have an iPad mini, its called an "ipod".
SS-Richel Amatali
SS-Richel Amatali It's like ipad and iphone are having a baby
Philipp Phan
Philipp Phan Isn't an iPad Mini Iphone without phone/mp3 player capabilites?
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed I wonder if you get medium fries and coke with that
Carson Ash
Carson Ash Android should sue apple for copying their form factor size
Zach Brito
Zach Brito Does apple make it... Then NO. Lol
Sundar Ganapathy
Sundar Ganapathy Gruber is a troll. I'll believe it when we have some specs and pics from the factory floor.
Heidi Sarrell McLendon
Heidi Sarrell McLendon That's the same as a touch no?
Michael Singer
Michael Singer I'd buy it
Brad Falkner
Brad Falkner Apple: you suck, go away.
Arvin Dwight Villagomez
Arvin Dwight Villagomez lemme guess.. phone capability like the Galaxy Note???
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno What is this??? An iPad for ants?!?!?!
Jubayer Dex Ahmed
Jubayer Dex Ahmed iphone is getting bigger and ipad getting small:p
Tee J. Kay
Tee J. Kay a near 8 inch Ipad would be perfect for me !!
Farhan Jaffer
Farhan Jaffer would be interesting....regardless anything made by apple is amazing!
Marc Marcus
Marc Marcus I think the mini iPad is the iPod touch right? Why do they need a smaller one ?
Clive Anderson Burton
Clive Anderson Burton Feeling the heat of the note apple?? maybe??
Dalton Aeschlimann
Dalton Aeschlimann iPod Touch...? Nah, ill stick with not wasting my money. Ill use my HTC phone...
Adonis Reyes
Adonis Reyes Mehhh... Mehmeh... Meeeeeeehhhhhh! Meh meh meh...
Charlie Pryor
Charlie Pryor A smaller iPad is never going to happen. The rumors are getting old. Goodbye
Allan De León Morales
Allan De León Morales Medium ipod touch? Because the ipad is a big ipd touch
Dwayne Boulden
Dwayne Boulden I have a 7 in Galaxy tab. Best size for a tab.
Luis Chavez
Luis Chavez I like my new iPad.
Javier Trejo
Javier Trejo That's how you know there running out of ideas! -_-
Zach Doherty
Zach Doherty its not a mini ipod its a jumbo ipod touch :o mind blown!
Kenny Gwinn
Kenny Gwinn 1.5 inches smaller that's like going from a big dick to a above average dick
Erick Cambrelen
Erick Cambrelen if they make a smaller ipad...wouldnt that just be the ipod touch?
Devin Fischer
Devin Fischer Stupid Rumors
Brad McMullen
Brad McMullen Wait...testing labs? The commercial on tv at night said I can be an ipad tester and I get to keep the ipad.
Lauren Alvarez
Lauren Alvarez that would be considered "mini"? That's less than 2 inches smaller... I'd hardly think its a mini version. Its a waste of time
Carlos A Ferran
Carlos A Ferran ohh hey, here comes the competition for the Note lol
Vanessa Houliston
Vanessa Houliston So...a bigger ipod
Tim Moore
Tim Moore With multiple sizes for the same device they would Android.
Sajid Paik
Sajid Paik No cookie for you :[
Jeff Hollins
Jeff Hollins Cool
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava First

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