Accessibility is a big deal for most people. Especially in this day-and-age when we expect pretty much everything that we could possibly want to be able to be ours without much delay. Whether it’s something that can be delivered to our doorstep, or right to a device in our hands, we want to be able to have it more quickly than ever before. But, I’m afraid that it may not just have everything to do with speed anymore. After reading an article a few days ago, I’m afraid that speed is just a part of it, and that it could just be something worse: laziness.

No one likes to hear that they are lazy. It doesn’t sound like a derogatory word, but it can easily be perceived that way. And maybe sometimes it is. When you call yourself lazy, make a revelation of sorts, it can turn your life around and you can adopt healthier lifestyle choices into your daily grind. But, more than ever before, I’m worried that technology is making us lazy, and that isn’t a good thing at all.

The article that I read was created by Stephen Totilo of Kotaku. The article, “Goodbye to the Comic Book Shops That Helped Shape Me,” is a good read (as usual), and it does a great job of outlining why our devices are eliminating the need to actually go to a store to get what we want. His iPad makes it possible for him to actually remove the comic book shop entirely from his life. Here’s one of the most telling sentences of the article:

“But I don't have to go anywhere to get my digital comics.”

He actually points out that downloading the comics to his device doesn’t net him a 20% discount that he would normally see inside the store. Further, he adds that there aren’t any helpful employees at his favorite comic book shop to help him find new books he might be interested in. And yet, despite all of that, he would still choose to download the comics to his iPad. At least he knows why a tablet makes sense in his life.

Because he doesn’t have to go anywhere.

This is just a case-by-case situation, of course, and I have absolutely no idea if Totilo does all sorts of exercises on a daily basis. I’m sure he’s quite healthy. But I think that state of mind is shared by quite a few people out there, and that is why I think technology is indeed making us lazy. Accessibility goes a long way, and I’m not going to sit here and say that I don’t download things that I want, too, but I would never actually use “I don’t have to go anywhere” as an argument.

When I buy things, I always prefer to buy it in person. That has more to do with the fact that I would prefer to actually have what I buy right when I buy it, but it also gives me a chance to get outside, interact with people face-to-face, and get some exercise in a minor way. Getting outside isn’t a bad thing, and getting any kind of exercise is certainly not a bad thing.

I download my comics through the appropriate applications, so I’m not denouncing that in the slightest. But, I only download those comics because I don’t have a way to actually buy physical books. I don’t have a comic book shop anywhere near me. I don’t even have a bookstore that sells comic books around me. It’s a sad thing, really. This reminds me of Wall-E, and that’s not a good thing at all.

Do both. Download some things, but go outside and buy other things. Your health is important, so do what it takes to make sure that you are healthy. That way you can enjoy downloading things or ordering things online for a really, really long time.

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"Technology EVERYWHERE. Is it making you lazy?"

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Blake Huggins
Blake Huggins In some ways
Dannie Abbott
Dannie Abbott no
Anthony Andrade
Anthony Andrade Yes
Erman Guido
Erman Guido Kinda
Avi Rava
Avi Rava Physically Yes, but I think it's better to accept technology. Yet in balance. Hehehe :-D Have a wonderful day!
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz No
Samuel Turner
Samuel Turner Meh
Nikitas Fooskas
Nikitas Fooskas I doubt lazy is the correct word. When you have boardroom anti-people mentality and bring profit margins into the picture, lazy just doesn't paint the whole picture. People who think is just lazy is the reason USA is so messed up for so many years.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling Techology is making AMERICA lazy,period!prove me wrong,bitches
Josue Landaverde
Josue Landaverde it is making us lazy! technology is good and can really help a guy out but it can also make a person very lazy.. its one of those pros and cons type of thing.
TJ Hardin
TJ Hardin Yes it is, but couldnt you say that about acient technology also. For instance lets look at the wheel, before it was invented, how did people get around..... just walked and dragged all there stuff. Also knifes/spears/sharp rocks before them people just hit things with blunt objects forever. So you could say all technology makes us lazy in some way, not like its a bad thing. It just requires people to still stay active and realize that they cant just watch TV or sit all day.
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade Asking a question when you already know the answer?....... But yeah, it is.
Marcos Pineda
Marcos Pineda Yezzzzzz
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders i have to be honest,i NEED tech,its just the times we live in,i need a high end smartphone in my pocket at all times. its my mp3 player,its my shopping mall,its my sat nav,its my camera/camcorder,its my games device,its my video player....oh an its my communication device lol i really couldnt do without it.
Mike Bonarrigo
Mike Bonarrigo ummmm.....yes!!
BigChuck Rossetti
BigChuck Rossetti I heard it in my house today.... " i hate the new Facebook timeline... it takes like 10 seconds to load my profile!!!"
Touya Akira
Touya Akira yes and loving it!! =D
Chris Wayne
Chris Wayne I'd answer the question but I'm just too lazy to type anymore...
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago YES
Cameron Walton
Cameron Walton Yes definitely, I used to have at least 10 - 12 phone numbers memorized, but now, I have to look in phone all the time cuz I don't actually dial all 7 digits to make a call
El Wapo
El Wapo I always said its the American way.
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero yes very, i should move back into the country so i can get into shape faster

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