AT&T reportedly spending up to $150m to push Lumia 900, some owners having data connectivity issues

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: April 9, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T

AT&T recently said that it's "really bullish" on the Lumia 900 and that it would be going all out for the new device's launch, and today a new report claims to have some details on just how big AT&T plans to go to celebrate the 900's arrival. According to Ad Age sources, AT&T plans to spend up to $150 million for things like ads on television and in other forms of media to help blow out the release of the Lumia 900. The site suggests that AT&T's move could be an attempt at getting itself away from the iPhone, which is now available on Sprint and Verizon as well as AT&T, and focusing on the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 900, which AT&T is exclusively offering in the U.S. AT&T had no comment on the report, but as with all rumors, it's worth heading into your kitchen to take this news with a grain or two of salt.

In other Lumia 900 news, the 4.3-inch device finally launched on AT&T yesterday, but it seems that not everything is going smoothly for some of the 900's early adopters. Reports have begun popping up from owners of the device who have found that their 3G and LTE data connections are randomly dying. Some of the affected users have apparently been told by AT&T to try things like pulling out and then reinserting the SIM card or restarting/resetting the device, and while those solutions have worked for some, several folks say that their connections just end up dropping out once again. 

It's definitely a bummer to hear that new Lumia 900 owners are running into data issues right after the device's arrival, especially considering how hotly anticipated the 900 has been. AT&T has yet to issue an official comment on the matter, but since it's throwing so much weight behind the 900 and its debut, I'm sure that the carrier is working quickly to figure out just what's going on. We'll be sure to update you if we hear anything from AT&T. How many of you have picked up a Lumia 900? Have you run into any data connectivity issues?

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