Volunteer for The Ultimate Fanboy War: Round 2 this Friday!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from  Dallas, TX
| Published: April 9, 2012

It's back! That's right, Round 2 of The Ultimate Fanboy War will be taking place LIVE this Friday, April 13th, on PhoneDog Live at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. We know how passionate you are about technology and we've seen how willing you are to defend your OS of choice against anyone who dares to tear it down. Now you have a stage for your defense. Think you have what it takes to defend or trash an OS against an equal opponent?

In case you missed Round 1, here's how it will go: I'll begin the debate by calling the volunteers, two at a time. Those two will battle it out to see who has the most convincing argument. Volunteers will be chosen before the show in order to keep things organized and to be safe. (I don't want any clever prank callers.) Below are details on how to volunteer as well as the rules. If you've watched this before, still read the rules and details on how to volunteer because they're slightly different this time. For the first round of The Ultimate Fanboy War, we held several debates. For Round 2, there will be far fewer debates so that each participant will have more time. If you have any questions, include it in your submission or leave a comment below


To Volunteer

Send an e-mail to podcast@phonedog.com with your name, age, which OS you will be defending and which OS(es) you are prepared to go up against. (For example, if you don't have a lot of knowledge about Windows Phone, let me know so that I won't put you against a Windows Phone fan. That wouldn't be fair.) Tell me how much experience you have with each OS (how long you've used it, which phone you've used, etc.). Also, give a few examples of the points you will use in your argument to defend or oppose an OS.

We want fans (and non-fans) of ALL OSes in this debate. So Android fans, iOS fans, BlackBerry fans, Windows Phone fans, heck, even Symbian fans - feel free to volunteer.

If you are chosen for the debate, you will receive an e-mail with more details and further instructions. When you receive this confirmation email, you must respond within 24 hours. If you do not respond within a reasonable time frame, your spot will be taken.

If you've participated or volunteered before, feel free to volunteer again!



Participants must be at least 16 years of age and able to articulate opinions clearly and without using bad language. Extensive cursing, unnecessary personal insults, or extreme yelling will not be tolerated. The debate will be high-energy and passionate, of course, but it will not be a shouting match.

You must have knowledge of and experience with the OS you will be defending and/or opposing. This is for your own good. I'd hate for you to be embarrassed by someone who brings out a feature or aspect that you didn't know about. You don't have to be a hacker or developer, but you have to have an all-around knowledge of the OS. (We'll be able to determine your eligibility based on these first two rules from your email.)

You must stay on topic, that being OS vs. OS. If you stray from the topic, you will be warned. After two warnings, your call will be disconnected.

We will be using Skype so you must have the software and an account. This also means that you must have a working microphone and a reliable internet connection. A webcam is preferred but if there aren't enough volunteers with a webcam then we'll do it audio-only. Volunteer even if you don't have a webcam. You also must know how to use Skype.

The show will be on Friday, April 13th at 5 p.m. Eastern time. You must be free for the entire hour.

Before the show, we will do a run-through test to make sure that everyone's audio and video (if necessary) setup is working properly. You must be available for this test. If you are not or don't answer the test call, your place will be taken



I will be moderating the discussion. If things get out of hand or you break rules one or three, I'll give you two warnings. If it continues, you will be disconnected immediately.

Each debate will be between two fans. Ideally, each debate will last at least 10 minutes.

Don't be afraid to volunteer! If you follow PhoneDog.com and other tech sites, then you probably have enough knowledge. If you have any reservations about yourself, let us know in your e-mail and we'll make a decision.