In order to create and maintain the most relevant smartphone rankings charts, we are considering recruiting a group of committed PhoneDog Fans.  Called “Select Voters,” they’ll vote in the Official Smartphone Rankings (located at on a weekly basis.  We know how much you love PhoneDog, and having a group like this would allow us to trust our most loyal fans to vote without having to do as many shout-outs on the site, Facebook, and Twitter.

All we would ask is that you enroll by submitting your Facebook or Twitter ID and submit your email and mobile phone number.  We would remind the “Select Voters” group to cast their votes each week via email or text.  In return, “Select Voters” would be entered into “Select Voter” only giveaways, automatically entered into all public PhoneDog giveaways, and some other still yet to be determined incentives.

So, would you be interested in becoming a "Select Voter" for the Official Smartphone Rankings?


Hey PhoneDog fans!  While we have you voting, be sure to head over to the Official Smartphone Rankings and select your #1 smartphone!

Don't forget to VOTE! Each week, PhoneDog Fans vote for their #1 smartphone in the Official Smartphone Rankings. Vote now and contribute to the industry's most relevant weekly ranking charts

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"FAN POLL: Would you be interested in becoming a "Select Voter" for the Official Smartphone Rankings? Please give us your feedback at: "

Please limit your reaction to 140 characters or use comments for a longer reply :)
Thanks for your participation! :)

Michael Palm
Michael Palm Yesss. but how do you regester, or puy your phone number and stuff in?
JanuaryBeauty Richards
JanuaryBeauty Richards Yes, yes and more yes!!! I love phonedog!
ComputerChris2 I acquiesce.
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. yes !
Ethan Shrago
Ethan Shrago How old?
LaToya's Page
LaToya's Page But of course!!!
BossMan Atl
BossMan Atl Yes and yes
Nichole Maldonado
Nichole Maldonado Yes. Most definitely! How do I go about the process :D
Michael Klinkum
Michael Klinkum Yes please i am a real smartphone fan
Maria Salcedo
Maria Salcedo Definitely yes!
Bird Orellana
Bird Orellana Yes sirr I will get rrr done big technology hoof
Cameron Walton
Cameron Walton Yes, I am all over smart phone news
Josh Stanley
Josh Stanley Sure why not I'm a tec fan

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