Over the last week or so, pretty much everyone has been made to bear witness to some of the most startling cases of fanboyism and whatever else you want to call it (some of you got pretty colorful on social networks), due entirely to the fact that a particular application had finally found its way to another platform. Yes, Instagram. Instagram! While it had plenty of time to make the rounds on Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, the time finally came to launch it for Google's Android, and there was a few moments there where I thought the whole Internet was going to explode.

Some of the remarks were outrageous. Actually, I'd go as far to say that most of the comments were pretty much ridiculous. It's one thing to be upset that an "exclusive" application has landed on a competing platform, but to go out and start calling names, or being derogatory in any kind of way crosses so many lines, it's frustrating to see and hear. But, that's all Twitter was filled with (along with other social networks) after Instagram went live for Android.

While it's mostly died down on its own merits, it was brought up all over again yesterday when it was revealed that Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. While it would seem that those two things are completely disconnected, that didn't stop people from trying to make connections.

It just doesn't make any sense.

At least, it didn't, but now that I've started to look at it from a different perspective, I'm beginning to see how these people are getting so angry. No, I'm not saying that they should be saying the things they are, not by any means. It's not a bad thing that Instagram is available for Android. Not for the developers, and certainly not for the Android owners out there who want to see what all the fuss is about.

I can understand where these people who hung onto the idea of an exclusivity to iOS are coming from, because while this may be the first time (that I can remember) that an application has caused this much chaos after launching on another platform, this isn't a rare experience in another market: video games.

If you have a home console, you may or may not prefer one over another. If you do, then you probably get a little miffed that a top-tier title gets announced for the other console, and you just get to live vicariously through everyone else who gets to play it. But, while that kind of stuff happens all the time, there's one situation that is very similar to this Instagram thing.

For example, Mass Effect. This is a title, a AAA title mind you, that saw an exclusive stretch on Microsoft's Xbox 360 home console. But then when the third (and final?) title was announced, it was also revealed that the game would be launching for Sony's PlayStation 3 home console.

Chaos, right? Nope. Despite the fact that Mass Effect has raked in a ridiculous amount of money, and there were plenty of people out there using the, "But we have Mass Effect!" in console arguments all over the world, there wasn't a huge, disastrous fallout all over the Internet. Sure, Xbox 360 owners didn't have that argument anymore, but oh well. In the long run, who cares? There will be other exclusive deals struck, other games that find their way to one console versus another. But, it isn't a bad thing that a video game launches for multiple consoles.

And the same thing can be, and should be, said for applications. Developers create these great apps for people to use, but the only reason any kind of exclusivity talk should come up, is when the developer decides it. Obviously Instagram found plenty of fame on iOS, but Instagram's higher-ups have always been pretty up-front about a future release on another platform (Android), and here we are. It's finally happened, and the world didn't end.

People were upset about Mass Effect 3 launching on the PlayStation 3, but the hate never reached the level it did involving this Instagram mess. Let's just try and remember that applications are meant to be enjoyed, and hopefully by everyone at some point or another. Getting angry that one app is available for two platforms instead of one is just silly.

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Edward Gonse I don't base my preference of phone upon apps. I go mostly on customization. I feel that if I'm going to be stuck with a phone for 2 years on contract I want a phone and OS that I won't get tired of. Android does that for me. It may not be as stable and consistent as IOS and Windows Phone or even Blackberry but I'm satisfied and have found my comfort zone with Android.
Vinay Kumar P M Todays mobile phones are not just used for calling and texting, so obviously whether we like it or not we will look for a platform where our needs will be met, and so here comes the discussion of apps. Would anyone buy a mobile with (just for example) 2GHz quadcore, 12 MP rear cam, carl zies lens, 5MP front camera, 16GB internal and 64 GB expandable memory with NO apps for Facebook, Gmail, Email, Twitter, Yahoomail, NO GAMES, NO online multiplayer Apps? NO fun camera app, NO apps lije wats app or chat on and NO apps for video chat and calling? I dont think we would even look at that mobile (exceptions are always there ;-) ) So YES, we will give importance to applications. The proof of this argument lies with the decline of one of the best OS ever, "Symbian". Symbian OS as everyone says did not decline because of OLD look. Its because it could not offer apps for the fast growing needs. If hardware is the criteria Nokia N8 is an excellent mobile with good smoothness and camera and screen. But it could not fight over Galaxy S2, not because it was behind in list of looks or performance, but the OS lacked the availability of apps that Galaxy S2 came up with at that time. Now its pretty comman in every android phone. So thats it, i have bought Samsung Galaxy Note, seeing these factors and also to be different in a crowd. Even apple mobile users take time to watch when they see me use this beast ;-)
Rachel Saunders unfortunately I did. I should have stayed with my Pre but their selection of apps was down right pitiful. I still miss how amazingly smooth and seamless WebOS was...oh and real honest to god multitasking!! still have yet to see that from any other OS.
Travis Langtree No apps that are insanely popular should be for just one device. I think Infinity Blade would look amazing on the Galaxy s 2
Tony Abiama Android for cellphone always... IPad is looking like a champ in the tablet game tho
Hendrick Equis M Simply NO .
Tree Nguyen most of the parts :) where u can get free apps too! :D
Josue Landaverde Having to choose from apps alone is pretty rediculous. The android does have better apps and its known, where the app store has a bunch of useless apps.. I look at the technical features of a phone and iPhones just suck in general. They all practically come the same just with added features. Androids are ahead of the competition and continue to make actual new devices and they do Widgets and support flash players. There's so many reasons why Android is better.
Derek Horn Your stupid if you pick a phone/mobile OS based on a specific app. The mobile world is evolving, so get on board or get out of the way. Obviously this post is about Instagram, and how iFanBoys are upset that there is now an Android app (I guess our Android phones have better cameras, which makes for better pictures...but isn't Instagram all about sharing your photos/experiences? Who cares what hardware it comes from). Apple is a controlling company, where they tell you what you can and can't do, and Google is a much more open company...and being an IT professional, I like to be able to do more than what the box says I can do. I also have a feeling that app Devs will soon start making their apps in HTML5, and publishing it as a web app. No more coding one app with 3 different languages, for three different platforms (Android, WP7, and Apple)...which is ridiculous. Get over yourself, and your i. /EndRant
Hakeem Etoria People just like to feel special but they forget it can be on anything the developer didn't make it specifically for you
Abram Wenevermet Dennis When I had my androids I found that most apps either sucked or didn't work at all..and each time they would update an app it would be worst than before..smh
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Id rather my iPhone because it just works. Not 2 mention I no longer have 2 carry around spare batteries,charters etc. 2 get me through the day..also I don't have 2 worry about no having the latest updates..
Mason Hartley I stick with the company that will soon rule the world...Google!
Ray W. Scott Available apps is not the only thing that factors into my descion making, but it is important. For example , lack of available apps is a big reason why I won't give windows phone 7 a chance.
JJ Flynn Also after reading this some of you people are shockingly close minded. One guy had a "poor experience with winmo 6.1" clearly wasn't aware that the old iteration of WinMo was for business not for everyday people. Another guy said that WP and Blackberry have no apps. Lol. They dont have as many but considering WP is only 2 years old, I'd say it's doing well at 80k plus. Also, blackberry is going out of business what do you expect. The iPhone is not the best nor is android. Just get out there and try them all. I have now I have a preference.
Joernie Berrios Nope...its all about custimization...kernels,roms,launchers,and themes,etc
Gabriel Freeman It makes about as much sense as an Android user getting mad that the iPhone got Gmail or the Google+ app. That being said, I can't wait for Carbon to be released for Android. Hah
JJ Flynn Nope. Just which one is fast and performs all of its functions the best. Plus for every app there is at least 5+ copy cats. Windows Phone for me!!
Zach Cline Infinity blade is addicting lol
Zac Luna Had an iPhone but switched to android Cuz android has alot more customization options available but as far as apps go they are basically the same . I kind of want a windows phone but there aren't any of the apps I use on a daily basis available for windows phone
Albert Parker III All android users need is infinity blade and we are set lol
Zach Cline Nope. I'm an iPhone owner and I could care less about instagram or hipster. I had Android for a long time and the things that pushed me over to the iPhone were lack of updates and fragmentation . That's one problem android apps- One app will run on one Android device and not on another. Those instances are few and far between but it did get frustrating , As where iOS apps run on all versions of the iPhone.
Rodger Samiie Myers It depends...example apple has bluelink and the xfinitytv app...with apple everything works excellent few or no hiccups....android cant stream yet for xfinity and bluelink is down half the time....android is filled with eother amateur apps or half ass corporation apps.
Curt Popejoy Never. I am no app addict. I have used Android, apple and now use wp and I have never been absent an essential app for me.
Jordan McNamara Johnson No... All major mobile operating systems have either the same apps, or a comparable app that I'm looking for. (now if we can just get Instagram on WP7!!). When choosing a phone I look at specs, screen size/resolution, and battery life--rather than apps.
Dietrich Brown No thats stupid
Ryan Kusuma No I care about the carrier I would be using. App stores are useless in a pathetic carrier ..
Onur Alagöz I wish flipboard were available for android
Ever Reyes Windows phones are awesome. My HTC titan is great. I can do my school work with Microsoft office, face book is integrated into the phone along with twitter. Don't need the apps. Windows is more useful for everyday life. Don't want to be glued to screen cause of apps
Corey Artis no, because apple's os has better quality and functioning apps and i still prefer android.
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Android is the number 1,that's all i have to said
Brandon Le Ashley Cha, you would hate Android then if you were living where I am and didn't want the "same phone as a lot of people". Population of Cellphones in area: Android: 90% iPhone: 8% Other: 2% It's Android country out here...
Agim Alion I go by productivity and developer support, though it's somewhat hand in hand. I loved palm when I had it, but the support diminished.
Ethan Shrago Not at all
Louise Burgum I chose my OS based on previous experience. So far andriod has been the best and I refuse to be an i user
Joy Thompson Ryan you realize as of yesterday instragram is available for andriods...lol
Chues Rant Paige Apps helps but customization futures is what gets me buying android over any other, apples and windows phones are to locked down
Nick Chimento I do. I have Android now and I love it but I want an iPhone because of the apps. I just dont like the small screen
Rachel Petros I wish pintrest would come to Android
Tabib Rehman Only stupid fanboys care about things like app exclusivity. Im an android guy but i would care if ios got the same apps its just dumb
Ricky Nunez Last time I checked phone were meant to make phone calls..(who cares about apps..ios and android have the same apps)
James LeBlanc I want a windows phone, so needless to say i don't care about apps
Geron Michael Fletcher No because I'm not a bitch
Douglas Massell not really, ios may have more apps, but i'll take android anyday of the week
Ashley Cha Nah. I didn't want to be the next person with an iPhone. And I didn't want to have the same phone as A LOT of other people.That left me with Android and Blackberry. I hear Blackberry doesn't go very far. So...Android it is! And I love my Android phone. =)
Paul Rodriguez to a certain extent. have to have the basic apps ever phone needs, but my OS is generally chosen on how my previous phone treated me. That's why it's been android for so long.
Scot Milo yea I think I speak for most people when I say we don't want a play store full of trash apps.
Calvin JW @Ryan Instagram is on Android so wtf are you talking about. Android and iPhones pretty much have the same apps. WP7 and Blackberry are the only ones that have no apps
James Gustavo Hidalgo So you got an iPhone because of instangram??? You're a tool
Steve Hartsock Still waiting on Siege Hero for Android.
Ryan Etzel yes i do example instagram.....i have an iphone4s....
James Gustavo Hidalgo It would be ridiculous to do such thing

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