HTC DROID Incredible 4G Verizon leaked photos

Way back at the beginning of February, a mysterious HTC device leaked out with 4G LTE and styling reminiscent of Verizon's DROID Incredible line, leading many to suggest that it could be a new member of the Incredible family. The "HTC DROID Incredible 4G" name has surfaced a few times since, and now images of the phone with Verizon branding have made their way online. The shots were sent to Android Police by a "trusted source" and show a handset that looks like a mashup of the aforementioned leaked device and the HTC Rezound. The phone has three navigation keys for Back, Home and Multitasking like the HTC One devices and also features red accents, like on the power/lock button. According to the source of the images, here's some of the specs of the device:

  • 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • 8-megapixel rear camera, VGA front shooter
  • 8GB internal storage
  • 1GB RAM
  • microSD slot
  • NFC
  • Beats Audio
  • 4G LTE
  • Android 4.0 beneath Sense 4

The tipster also suggests that the Incredible 4G features a 4-inch display, but that's just a guess as they couldn't actually measure the screen. As for when you'll be able to get your hands on one, the rumor mill has pointed toward a possible debut in late April. Obviously nothing's official until Verizon makes it so, though, so for now those of you interested in the new DInc may just want to stick to ogling the leaked images of the device, more of which can be found at the source link below. So what do you all make of this Incredible 4G? Have these shots piqued your interest?

UPDATE: And now a press render of the Incredible 4G has been leaked by the folks at Pocketnow. It also shows the device's Verizon branding and three-button layout on its face. Check it out below.

HTC DROID Incredible 4G Verizon render

Via Android Police, Pocketnow

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"Would you buy a DROID Incredible 4G, or are you waiting for the Galaxy S III?"

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Anonymous I would sooooooo much rather have this than a S III. It's awesooooome. Can't wait till release.
Gerald Mccrae I feel you hm boy I hate blackberry I have an iPhone and use a droid x in place of my blackberry
Jordan Acosta SGS3 the best phone right now......
Robaire Henderson And the Rezound said "Say hello to my little friend." Btw I'll take a gs3.
Farhan Jaffer so I've heard only of the name Galaxy S 3.....what are the features lookin like? I would consider trying out the 2 as well.....
Dudek Krzysztof Htc One X!!!
Joernie Berrios GALAXY S 3 !!!!
Robin Fritz Galaxy S 3, hands down!
Lizeth Estrada Ooppss I mean S
Lizeth Estrada Galaxy X III... I'm waiting on it!
Gerald Mccrae Get a blackberry it's a better phone android and apple sell the idea that I have 500,000 apps that your phone can't even hold all of them . If you where to talk to somebody with a blackberry iPhone or an droid you'll find they have the same dam apps or similar apps
Adrian Jordan Samsung Galaxy S III
Jones Robert ...GS3 is a must.
Jamal Burns Droid incredible 4g
Marti Ruiz Waiting
Sunny Rattan Nokia prodigy...... :D
Steve Ferrell I got the htc Resound & extended battery. Getting a full 10_12 hours heavy use, and about 12-16 moderate use withe the 2750 battery. Wife had nexus, two matter a fact....lol. nothing but problems, even tech support couldn't fix either one of the two she had. They ended up giving her any phone she wanted since they couldn't fix them.
Jamil Cooper I prefer g 3
Eduardo Ordaz Galaxy S3 or the one X. But its most Likely will b S3.
Chris Delgado If I had to choose $ III
Chris Delgado Razr maxx
Brian Sanchez Isidro I would go for the s3
Paul Alexandru Galaxy S3 or HTC One X
Alberto Garcia Flores I don't think the Galaxy S III will be coming put for Verizon, that's why I'm staying with T-Mobile.
Vishal Bhambri HTC desire s... I loving it
Zach Cline The new iPhone is not going to be called iPhone 5!!!!! Jesus christ. The iPhone 4s IS the iPhone 5. Apple is already testing iOS 6 along with iTunes 11 so why on earth would they release an iPhone 5 with iOS 6? . Rant over
Mark Newman Does the 4g actually work? My Galaxy Nexus will not stay connected to 4g.
Nick White Im "impatiently" waiting for the SGSIII to be released, I just hope its on Verizon. If not I will take any top of the line Verizon phone that is out at the time because I'll be sick of waiting by then. Just got my 3rd Droid Bionic in the mail yesterday and its running ok, the touch screen is a little jerky after a reboot but that usually goes away after a little use. So yeah, SGSIII when its released and if not on Verizon, whatever top of the line phone on Big Red will do for me.
Zakari Ghachi @Jon Boino TROLL ALERT
Mark Belkowski i also notice the design is a ripoff of my rezound.
Jon Boino Galaxy S III easily. But iPhone is better so I'll take the 3rd option of the iPhone 5(:
Andrew Bruemmer My contract ended on Sun. Waiting for the GSIII.
Tina Marie Burbank I love my razr... but I really loved my incredible. The battery life is about the same...
Jesse Huertas Yeah, I loved my S1, I love my S2...so S3 is all but a given
Oscar Falcon Galaxy S III...
Douglas Massell After the gs2, do we really need any other phones besides the galaxy series?
Christian Ariel Won't the Galaxy S 4 come out a week after anyway?
George Millhouse impressive specs? what are you smoking?
Charles Steele Jr Impressive specs, but I think I'll go Samsung this time...
Tyson Quisano S III!!!!!!!!
Kitty Foxie I'm waiting on the Galaxy S III!!!
Jose Angel Santiago Galaxy s3 hands down!!!!!
Adrian Anguiano Droid is overrated, shitty ui and horrible battery life. Samsung galaxy s3 FTW.
Kay Yon S3! :D
Micca Koster I would buy the incredible 4G in a heartbeat. I love HTC and sense
Adem Evmez Galaxy S 3 :) though I have seen it, and it looks ugly :(
Dayan Inclán Galaxy S III, but only if US Cellular makes it 4G enabled
James Sabo Galaxy S III
Marc Hill Galaxy S III
Elliott Rodriguez Galaxy . Samsung is on a roll ...
Shannon Manns Verizon won't get the Galaxy SIII..
Daniyal Ahmed just dropped my baby ( galaxy s2) in wter and lost him... GALAXY S3
Anthony Maffei Galaxy S III all the way.
Gustavo Salvatierra Galaxy S III! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Belkowski i won't buy anymore htc devices. the battery life is consistantly bad.

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