While catching up with an old friend over beers a few evenings ago, a fellow patron pulled out a Samsung Galaxy Note and placed it on the bar.

"Is that the huge Samsung phone?" my friend asked, looking over at me with a perplexed look.  "Yeah, the Galaxy Note.  It's pretty popular," I responded.

His sarcastic rebuttal left me speechless - and anyone that knows me knows that's pretty hard to do:

"Ha - I would never carry a phone as huge as that.  I like girls too much."

His quip was followed by a lengthy diatribe that I won't rehash word for word, thanks to some language and slang that I'm sure he'd prefer I kept private.  In essence, his concern was that carrying a device of that size would qualify him as "nerdy," thus diminishing his chances of success in the relationship department.  But it brought up an interesting thought that I've pondered on and off over the years.

We use our mobile devices for everything, so it stands to reason that given the time they spend outside of our pockets, they're as much of a symbol as a bracelet, hair cut, or pair of popular jeans.  As our mobile habits change, have our phones become a sort of social status symbol?  Can the Galaxy Note and it's unusual size be considered a "nerd" device, thus reducing your chances of getting that attractive woman's phone number?  Is that iPhone 4S considered a "girl device" or a "phone for kids" due to a smaller display and the ever-growing popularity it has amongst teenagers?

I'd love to hear from you.  Cast your vote, and defend your thoughts in the comments section below!

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"Do you make assumptions about people based on the smartphone that they carry?"

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Trever Pitts
Trever Pitts Ok every one of u talking about iphone or android what about blackberry or windows phone or even nokia symbian phones?????? I feel who cares what u got if ur a cool person cool u can be a dick with ios or android
Nate Nakao
Nate Nakao It's unfortunate, but we do it all the time. I'm ashamed to say that often when I see people using iPhones, I assume they either didn't do a ton of research or just want to be a part of the status quo. If I see people carrying high-end HTC devices, I assume they care mostly about the way they look with their phones. And when I see people with Nexus phones, I think they're the ones that wanna have fun with their phones. But then I have to slap myself mentally and think, "It's just a phone! Why does it have to be a status symbol?!"
Jesse Robert Bochek
Jesse Robert Bochek Most of you say that iPhone users are stupid....what about those with the budget Android handsets who were pressured into getting one of those? Wouldn't that rank them in the same absurd area? Either way, judging people based on phones is like judging people based on clothes or their car. It's moronic and shallow.
Norharishan Nordin
Norharishan Nordin of course. I could sense the smarter title will be given to those carrying apple products
Marvin D. Minion
Marvin D. Minion For iphone users they use that as a status symbol....it is like they have an amazing toy.....blah blah blah..... Fir android users, we are after the functionality of the phone not siri or icloud......
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III @Zach Cline your a ....bitch for lack of a better word. You just contridicted everything you just said. what do you feel its your duty to defend iPhone users around the world even thought they are dumb for buying they same thing they bought last year and the only upgrades were the ability to put things in a little box with other icons, siri, and stealing Androids notification bar. Android offers the elite form of customization available in the smart phone world. And that's without a rooted phone. With a ruited android phone you can have any android update you want so android not getting updated isn't a problem for smart people and your options are unlimited with ROMs thanks to the amazing devs out there who work on android phones not iPhones because they know adding an s on the end of iPhone4 won't make it better. HTC ORIGINAL EVO FTW! TEAM ANDROID
Rick Conrad
Rick Conrad Yes! If they have iPhone then don't expect a striking conversation lol that means there bland, boring and simple minded. If they have a Droid variant expensive or not it means they are fun with a striking personality. Don't hate on the truth lol
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Some that get iPhones just get them just because their friends have them and feel that they néed one. Not all people that get iPhones do that. @zach u should join the high school debate team.
Tyler Bullis
Tyler Bullis Yes, if don't carry a Nexus, you're a noob.
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway I try not to make any assumptions about anyone simply because the things they own should not decide what kind of person they are.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Smatphones are.just smartphone s
Moshe Fine
Moshe Fine TLC
Rob Solla Jr.
Rob Solla Jr. @Ian - Comments like that reflect on who is the real "dick".
Brent Legendre
Brent Legendre no, i dont care what anyone else is using.
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins The fact that you bought 400-600 dollars of electronics because they look good together is disappointing
Huey Liggins
Huey Liggins Yes though I'm not proud of it. If you carry an iphone with a colored case and a set of beats by dre it tells me a little something. Of course I'd never go off of that but it's become such a trend that people follow so blindly that I hate it now
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago IPhones users that are men are ok with the smaller phone. That way they wont feel bad having something small in their hands lol. Or in other words there used to having something small in their hands and it wont mess with their masculinity.... lmao!!!
Austin Groves
Austin Groves If I see them with an iPhone, I generally will assume that they are A) Hipsters B) Stupid or C) Both. That isn't always the case though.
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios I-PHONE are for girls and old people like @Zach Kline
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Wrong
Shin Wolf
Shin Wolf iphone is the gold standard.. become status symbol because of price..... but theres alot better smartphone (android) than iphone today
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial No but sometimes I feel like hugging bb users and telling them that there is hope
Zach Cline
Zach Cline I look at android users as andrones because they bash anything and everything that isn't android.
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent Yeah I usually look at people with iPhones as sheep that don't any better, I look at android people as more tech savvy , and I look at blackberry users as people who aren't up for an upgrade yet and can't wait for.their contract to be up lol
Melissa Washington
Melissa Washington People who judge others by anything materialistic is immature & unsophicated. My 15 yr old has an IPhone. She's not rich!! I am!!! She's not dumb or any of the others things people have said either. Be careful the words you choose. Could talking about someone close to you. Good-day!!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Oh god- Having an iPhone has absolutely nothing to do with being tech savy or not. I had Android for a long time and got sick of how buggy it is and never knowing if what I had was going to see an update or not. Apple makes a solid high quality product. That's why people buy the iPhone , iPad or what have you. It's not to look " cool". And android fanboys are ten times worse than any apple fanboy. At least apple users aren't telling people how stupid they are or how they just can't comprehend " Real technology" Arrogant and elitist much? You're a bunch of mindless Andrones.
Marie Williams
Marie Williams yes!!!!!!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline A lot of ignorant fandroids running iPhone owners down as usual. Just proves your stupidity.
Theo Jackson
Theo Jackson Well, since most of my peers aren't tech savvy at all, they mostly have iphones. Apple is just easier and a broader appeal, plus the higher price tags make them look cool among the people they're obviously trying to impress. I carry an itouch and a Droid3. touch for some games and music. Droid for literally everything else.
Elliott Rodriguez
Elliott Rodriguez Yes iphoners usually lack a ton a intelligence. Like.... ALOT. AND lack imagination, cant think for themselves etc.. List goes on
Darrion Smith
Darrion Smith Not Really But Just A Lil. I May Look At Yo Phone & The Only Thing That I May Assume Is Can You Afford To Buy Something If You Walked Into A Store/Mall Etc...
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti
Jidtapad Wattanabhuti no just smartphone cannot tell such details.
Alberto Gutiérrez
Alberto Gutiérrez Yeah, if they have an iPhone I'm like "oh... forgive him, he doesn't know", but if they have an Android I'm like "cool, this guy/girl knows that more can be done with more, the same or even less". In the end when you get to really know these people, none of those arguments really matter anymore.
Jeremy Abad
Jeremy Abad Yes, iPhone Owners are Rich. Android Users live in boxes and panhandle for a living.
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez Y E S
Clemente Miklavchich
Clemente Miklavchich yes, most of the people adn teenagers have big expencive phone so they can be accepted in to community, its sad
Dennis Tsoi
Dennis Tsoi iPhonies
Jan Michael Cruz
Jan Michael Cruz Only dumb people judge others by their phones
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides some, own a blackberry? u r 10 years behind in tech, own an iPhone?, you like to be up to date with tech but u know crap about it, own a Windows phone?, u know iPhone is fashion crap and u want to be different so u dont go for android, own an Android?, u r a geek and know whats good
Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey Sundar Ganapathy - you obviously own a Blackberry then!!
Jonathan Metts
Jonathan Metts No you can't. I know many people with iPhones, who live in trailers. And on the other side, I know a few people who are well off, who have flip phones, or wack ass blackberries.
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson No not really. It just tells me a little about what they like. Now iPhone users, my impulse is to think that they're idiots. But i don't want anyone judging me for my phone so i don't. Some people just like apple products. Lol
Carlos Nava
Carlos Nava Yea if you have a Galaxy S2 ur a Genius ...
Kenneth Torres
Kenneth Torres Yes lol
Wasis Waskito
Wasis Waskito Yes. Like a boss. The boss who intimidate his/her rival.
Josh Hawley
Josh Hawley Yes... if they have an iPhone... I don't like that person as much anymore... they are over-rated, and people seem to only get them because if you have one, you're, "cool". They all think they need one because their friends have one or something...
Henry Lavender
Henry Lavender Yeah, if they have an iPhone 4 or 4S. Especially if it is white.....
Cory David Baxter
Cory David Baxter I don't support any of it remember all are phones are made by the hands of little kids in China ....real tech news please
Willie Kelly
Willie Kelly Yes, especially based on your job. If you have an internet or technology job, you'd better have a phone to match to be taken seriously.
Sundar Ganapathy
Sundar Ganapathy yeah, galaxy note = dumbass attention whore. iphone != power user. og droid/g1 = poor. thunderbolt = iPad owner w/ glorified hotspot. rezound = idiot. galaxy nexus = power user/nerd. blackberry = old, european, or poor.
Matthew D. Lyons
Matthew D. Lyons Become? This is not new. The snobbery didn't start with the iPhone. It just took it to a new level.
Shai Spike Raam
Shai Spike Raam sometimes i look at what they carry and i am thinking wtf ?
Dustin Carney
Dustin Carney i wouldnt say a "dick" but a tard...
Ian Slade
Ian Slade Yeah if they've got an iPhone then I know they are a dick
Alfred Junior Sanchez III
Alfred Junior Sanchez III Wtf kinda question is this are you serious....
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar Yup
Dustin Carney
Dustin Carney yes i do

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