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Heads up, Verizon customers. Today it was announced that Verizon will be introducing a $30 upgrade fee on April 22nd. The fee will apply to customers buying a new device with a two-year contract, and Verizon says that the fee will help it to continue to provide support and services that include Wireless Workshops, online educational tools and consultations with experts. Verizon also notes that many devices can be traded in using its trade-in program to save money and possibly offset this new $30 upgrade fee.

Now that Verizon has decided to begin charging an upgrade fee, it means that all four big carriers now have such a fee in place. Both AT&T and Sprint recently doubled their upgrade fees to $36, and T-Mobile charges customers $18 to upgrade to a new device unless they buy the product at full cost. So it's definitely a bummer to see Verizon institute an upgrade fee, but hey, at least Big Red customers can take solace in knowing that they're not the only ones to face such a fee. Verizon's full statement on the matter can be found at the source link below.

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"Are upgrade fees fair?"

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Blake Huggins
Blake Huggins I think that's bs because we're commiting to 2 more years with them. I'll say this I'm a verizon customer and the main reason I stay with verizon is because there's no comparison when it comes to signal. I always have signal bars no matter where I go. Verizon should lower their costs and stop doing everything they can to get more money out of their customers.
Nate Nakao
Nate Nakao I'm not a huge fan of Verizon. The only reason I switched was the draw of the new Nexus device. But now that the dust has settled on my departure from AT&T (not much better, I know), I'm really wishing I hadn't gone. Hey, what are the chances VZW will let me off without having to drop the early termination fee?
Nay VW
Nay VW yeah it's happening $30, but ask about the trade in value of your phone (there's a website to tell you how much your phone is worth on a trade in through vzw). @fred, we have our full retail prices on the phones cause we feel you have a right to know the full prices. and just so everyone is aware. we agents HATE the upgrade fee just as much as our customers do!!!!! PLEASE DO NOT YELL AT THE WORKERS FOR THIS!! WE DID NOT IMPLEMENT THE UPGRADE FEE, NOR DO WE AGREE WITH IT!!!! it just makes our jobs that much harder in a time when the business is slow. someone also mentioned why not just raise the price of the phones to cover it. we can't. the $30 goes on your bill automatically. so if we raised the price of the phones you would be paying the $30 twice. i know it seems like i am defending vzw, I AM NOT! i just don't want people going into their local stores and harassing the sales staff when we had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!! thanks for letting me rant.
Fred Hepperle
Fred Hepperle What bugs me about mobile pricing is the automatic assumption of bundling and near impossibility of opting out. For example, I know the price of a smart phone is in the $600 range, but getting any carrier's sales people to admit that is like pulling teeth. They always automatically give the contract-subsidized price of a device. Stop fooling around, and just be truthful about pricing! If i could opt out of a fee to support "educational tools and consumer assistance," I would be happy to not call my carrier for device help. Fat lot of good it does me anyway: the last tome I tried, I had already tried everything level 1 support suggested, and when level 2 got around to me, they couldn't devise a solution, either.
Alyssa Estrella
Alyssa Estrella I don't know what the heck everyone is talking about when they say that ATT's upgrade fee is 36 bucks because it's only 15
Andrew Conrad
Andrew Conrad is upgrade fee the same as activation fee? If not then everyone leave them as fast as possible!!!! If so still leave them!!! Their phones might b cool but in reality they suck and u are screwed if it breaks on u. ATT u can get a replacement for for like $15 just switch the sim card.
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas I thought the point of an upgrade was that my contract is almost up...give me an upgrade and I'll stay on for another two want to charge me to stay on...I'll go to another provider that will give me a good deal for switching
Jeff Jones
Jeff Jones No, they're BS and I hope we convince them to ditch the idea.
Eugene ChocolateMan
Eugene ChocolateMan Yes you agree to a contract
Brett Embury
Brett Embury why should we pay to stay with them? they should pay us for not leaving.
Logan Astorga
Logan Astorga That's bull. They just love cooking up fees. They already get enough from the expensive data and texting plans that they have.
Chris Rogers
Chris Rogers Fair enough to push customers away. If tmo does that when i'm ready, I'll switch back to prepaid. I'm tired of all the games these damn companies play, who do they think they are? Exxon???? Only one way to stop them....revolt! But all the naysayers will day in their whiniest voices, "but Verizon had the best coverage" so its worth taking it up the rear for that! Remember as consumers, technically we hold all the cards, but if we refuse to ante up and play, "the man" will always win!!!
Todd Troutt
Todd Troutt Is it possible for me to charge them a $30 shove it up their @$$ fee?
William Smith
William Smith when they already pay millons to you
Evan Arashiro
Evan Arashiro If they are charging fee to upgrade, they should take away the 2 year contract, or at shorten it :P
Jon Beuerle
Jon Beuerle Glad I just upgraded my DX to a G Nex. Verizon gives you $50 towards an upgrade, and your just going to give 30 back?! That's messed up.
Sam Platz
Sam Platz We already over pay for the phones and the service.They should knock off more on the phones when you upgrade to a new phone for 2 yrs.Is this legal??
Mike Ross
Mike Ross I would rather pay full price for the phone and get a much better monthly rate. Thanks to T-Mobile I do!!! Check out their Value plans.
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz No they're not.
Narone Versy Thomas
Narone Versy Thomas Nope, its a big rip off.....
Anthony V Cannata
Anthony V Cannata No these companies are lucky that you want to uparade and extend your contract a extra 2 years isn't that enough money they are making from you in 2 years greed that's all it is
Larry Mauriello
Larry Mauriello Are they fair.. I don't think so. Esp. with all the other charges & fee's Vz has. Even with all the other carriers already charging for upgrades you'd think Vz would look to have a bigger adv. These types of things are why so many people are going to prepaids.
George Chen
George Chen i dont think it's fair since all companies are already charging us on misc stuff, like surcharge fee, activation fee, service fee and blah blah blah............not a bad way to rob our money.......but wat can we do? everyone needs a cell phone these days~~~
Vernon Green
Vernon Green ~?
Matthew LaFave
Matthew LaFave If they were smart they would just add $30 to the phone prices and nobody would even kbow. Not saying it's right just saying if I was on their end thats what I'd do.
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Att charges $900.85 plus tax so about 2gs
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Nope. When I am committing for two years to your service. I should not be charged anything other then the cost of the subsidy. :-/
Rene G. Solis
Rene G. Solis They're a bunch of thieves! Glad I'm with T-Mobile. Verizon is surpassing AT&T in unfair changes.
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards That's rediculous!
Dorian Delandro
Dorian Delandro For those who don't know...VZ claims that this fee is to institute a higher level of educational services for the consumer, which is a complete crock. Yes, all of the other carriers implement these costs in some way, shape, or form; but the fact of the matter is that VZ's services is by far the most expensive. T-mobile's CEO was correct when saying that "subsidized" phones are a blight to the consumers' choice and their perspective of current technologies worth. Look at the UK, mobile networks will basically perform "sexual favors" for continued business (which is how it should be). It doesn't take an idiot to see that something is wrong here in America but you'd have to be one to think we have to take it when these U.S carriers gives the proverbial "rear ending".
Albert Tavarez
Albert Tavarez Nope
Alan Holmes
Alan Holmes I know and understand the 325.00 early termination fee for the 2 year contract (that reduces 10.00 per month). Add to that the cost of my phone (250.00 for my Samsung Galaxy Note) that's 575.00, 650.00 for those that paid 300 for the phone. Someone needs to explain to me exactly what the hell the "extra" 36.00 is for!! I'm being charged for my loyalty to a carrier that will make thousands off me over that 2 years. I haven't been given a reason yet for taking the extra 36.00 from me every time I upgrade.
Candace Spencer
Candace Spencer If people do leave VZ because of this, those same people will be dealing with the same bull and still complain. Every major carrier has this fee. From what I read some are higher then VZ.
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway Screw Verizon.
Maurice Hall
Maurice Hall Its a great way to lose customers.... sprint and T-Mobile should join forces and spectrum
Ravyn Paris
Ravyn Paris Let's set how long it lasts, other fees have failed!
David McClain
David McClain One of the few things I appreciated about Verizon is now gone... smh.
Dina Locklear Ball
Dina Locklear Ball I alrdy signed thepetition, VZ gets enough from me (4phones) I should get for free!
Sean Reece
Sean Reece They already cost too much for a $5 phone
Arlene Ucci
Arlene Ucci thats just crazy... r u saying sign on with verizon for another 2 yrs & they don't only charge u up the butt for a new phone but charge u a $30 fee also? come on, they r making money hand over fist & they still gonna rape me? nah I don't think so.
Garrett Vincent
Garrett Vincent same for me with sprints terrible service
Marwan J Sayegh
Marwan J Sayegh So now u really only get 120 dollars towards an upgrade. What a scam!
Angel Arroyo
Angel Arroyo So now that want you to pay them to stay with them? I guess they didnt learn from their stupidity of trying to charge people $2 to pay them money because it was inconvenient for them.
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Tony you're in the minority and it's not the same difference.
Jonathan Zurcher
Jonathan Zurcher He k no they aren't fare you're paying for the phone yea at a subsidized price but the data and text and phone plans make up for so much more and then some they make a mint of us.
Jamil Cooper
Jamil Cooper No they are not. For sure not $30 or $18.
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson AT&T doesn't charge $40. They charge $36
Jibril Tahyr Salihu Abdullahi
Jibril Tahyr Salihu Abdullahi Verizone why?
Jay Lara
Jay Lara What even verizon now...
Jamie Bethell
Jamie Bethell Just when you thought you had heard it all!
David Roan
David Roan Sprints network is slow. Verizon only charges what stupid people are willing to pay. Blame yourselves.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sprint charges $36 so why all the crying?
Adrian Anguiano
Adrian Anguiano So you wait for two years to upgrade and then get charged to get a new phone you've been waiting for? Totally glad I'm on sprints unlimited network
Tony Drake
Tony Drake I think its totally fair. Its an amenity and its like every other electronic device that you want. they arent giving them away are they?
Zach Cline
Zach Cline It's freaking stupid. Most people are going to pay $320 after tax for a high end android device only to get slapped with another $30 upgrade fee.
Cory Musselman
Cory Musselman I guarantee you they are not hurting profit wise. The government gives them money every year during tax time as opposed to Verizon PAYING taxes.
Andre Ball
Andre Ball Or you could just pay full retail price for your new phone and not worry about fees or contracts and then you can get a new phone whenever you want.
Andrew Raef Hom
Andrew Raef Hom I wish that they'd charge more actually :/ I think 30 is too LOW :/
NinerLady Lopez
NinerLady Lopez Don't like it but I <3 my can't complain
Kathryn M Williams
Kathryn M Williams If u buy a phone on eBay then no upgrade fee
Craig Driscoll
Craig Driscoll This is an atrocity. Sheer greed and coercion.
Christopher Robyn Maironis
Christopher Robyn Maironis AT&T FTW :)
Yemel Martinez
Yemel Martinez Straight bullshit bow it's gonna be harder for me to sell Verizon !!!! Oh well
Elvin Burgos
Elvin Burgos It should be easy enough to get the fee waived. Upgrading customers should be pretty close to the end of their contract. You call up Verizon and say that you will gladly cancel your service if they don't value you enough as a current customer to waive the fee and that you will go somewhere else where you are appreciated more. If the person tells you that they don't have the authority to do that, simply ask to speak to someone that does. If that doesn't work just call again the next day odds are you will get a different answer.
Jeremy Carlton
Jeremy Carlton Damn and I was upset about tmobile's $18 fee. Pretty happy about it now. It's just another way to nickel and dime you to death to make up for their bullshit. There needs to be a petition against it similar to the one that was successful when they said they would charge a fee to make an automated phone payment. Sellers maybe that will change it.
Kathryn M Williams
Kathryn M Williams Ridiculous
Robert White
Robert White If I have to pay $30 to be allowed to buy a new phone, I should be able to do it whenever I want to instead of having to wait until I'm 'eligable' for an upgrade!
Mariela Mtz Macedo
Mariela Mtz Macedo George can u explain that please... i dont know either.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski people bitch and moan too much. who cares about a one time $30 fee. sprint charges $36. if this bothers people soo much buy a new phone on ebay or craigslist.
Michelle Carroll
Michelle Carroll Sprint charges $36 and AT&T charges $40 as upgrade fees
George Millhouse
George Millhouse david you know very little about how much is made off a plan and why you have to wait 20 months to upgrade
Mariela Mtz Macedo
Mariela Mtz Macedo Best service... They take expensive to a new level... Cellphones are a must now in days so there are really making it hard to stay with them or to afford a phone.
David DiPilla
David DiPilla Wow thats messed up and we should beable to buy a new phone every year not every 2 years they are robbing people
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez Fair doesn't matter. If one of the big 4 does it, they all have to. If upgrade fee didn't exist, phone price would just go up. Cell phone companies lose so much money on phones that this is just another way to recuperate losses. This is business and we have to deal with it if we live in a capitalist society.
Justin Hall
Justin Hall Verizon is more expensive period. You can get unlimited everything on Sprint for less than they're cheapest plan for a smartphone. Yeah Sprint charges an upgrade fee of 36 dollars but Verizon costs a whole lot more when you see the price of their phones and the total cost of your contract, as well as the hefty fee to leave them in the middle of a contract.
Robert White
Robert White Wow, my future iPhone just got even MORE expensive...
Jeannine Drenchek-Scavo
Jeannine Drenchek-Scavo So glad I left them years a go.
Jonathan McMillan
Jonathan McMillan Nope. A fee should be something that is assessed if someone has to physically do something other than press a button
Dustin Carney
Dustin Carney Att's is more! god damn 36 dollars a line, i complained enough and got it removed from my upgrade, just had to pay the phone price.
George Deleija
George Deleija Damnit! Having a 0 upgrade fee was part of my selling process! DAMN IT VERIZON
Abel Romo
Abel Romo I work for Tmobile, and it makes me mad that we also charge upgrade fees. Its horrible, cause I agree with all of you.
Enrique Vasquez
Enrique Vasquez Verizon phones are more expensive so its not fair.
Kathi Hunter
Kathi Hunter No. Cell phones are expensive enough as it is.
Timothy Parry Jr.
Timothy Parry Jr. No, and I'm never upgrading on Verizon Wireless again and when my line is past the two year contract I might go somewhere else, what an idiotic move by VZW, "Thanks for being the best part of Verizon" is VZWs motto to customers, ya right....
Ishon Prescott
Ishon Prescott Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matthew Ryan Vargas
Matthew Ryan Vargas if they want me to pay them to stay on their network I will take my expensive contract elsewhere
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez No. Considering the majority of people are already signing a two year contract that has hefty monthly charges plus a steep early cancellation fee, it seems like just another method of charging consumers unnecessary "fees" in order to fill their pockets. I don't know Verizon's financial state but I doubt they're hurting.
Jeffrey Vivar
Jeffrey Vivar If I can upgrade anytime for that $30 fee then sure
Marcus Henderson
Marcus Henderson r u serious
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed Verizon just keeps getting worse

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