Ting to offer 4G LTE service once Sprint's network goes live

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: April 13, 2012


Ting debuted back at the beginning of February as an MVNO that utilizes Sprint's 3G network to offer customizable plans, and the carrier recently made a big announcement concerning its plans for 4G on its official blog. The company says that it will offer 4G LTE service once Sprint's upcoming LTE network goes live, which is expected to happen by the middle of this year. The same markets that'll be receiving Sprint LTE coverage, which so far includes Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, Houston and San Antonio, will also have LTE coverage for Ting customers. As for which LTE devices Ting will have on offer, the company says that it's got several products in the pipeline, including USB sticks, mobile hotspots and "some pretty spiffy smartphones."

Ting allows customers a unique way to select their plan, giving users several different options for voice minutes, messages and data and letting them pick the amount that they need. Customers can be bumped up if they use more minutes or data than the bucket they selected, but they can also receive a credit if they use less than anticipated. It's good to hear that Ting will be taking advantage of Sprint's LTE network, and it'll be interesting to see what kinds of LTE devices it's got up its sleeve. Have any of you signed up for Ting since it debuted?

Via Fierce Wireless, Ting