Asus begins registration for Transformer Prime GPS extension kit, photos show dongle in the wild

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 16, 2012

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS extension kit dongle

Earlier this month ASUS confirmed that it'd be handing out free GPS extension kits to Transformer Prime owners in an attempt to alleviate the GPS issues that some folks have encountered with the device. Now registration for the GPS extension kit is officially open, and the folks at Land of Droid have gotten hold of some photos showing a dongle attached to a Prime in the wild. The device clips onto the base of the Transformer Prime and, as you can tell in the image below, will add a bit of a bump to the slate and prevent you from using the dongle and keyboard dock simultaneously. The good news is that Land of Droid claims that the Prime's GPS performance improves significantly with the dongle attached.

Although the Transformer Prime's GPS extension kit may not be a slick little piece of hardware like some folks had been hoping for, it's good to see ASUS offering the dongle for free to those users that want it. And hey, at least the attachment is available in two colors in order to match your Prime! If you've got a Transformer Prime and are interested in receiving one of these GPS extension kits, you can find all the registration instructions right here. Just remember that the free dongle offer ends on July 31, so, you know, don't put off registering for too long. Any of you Transformer Prime owners planning on ordering one of these GPS extension kits?

ASUS Transformer Prime GPS extension kit dongle

Via Android Central, Land of Droid, Android Community, ASUS