Samsung "Come and Meet the Next Galaxy" May 3rd event

Mark your calendars, folks. Samsung has sent out invitations to an event on May 3rd in London where it says that we'll get to "meet the next Galaxy." The Samsung Mobile Unpacked gathering will kick off a 7 p.m. local time, 2 p.m. EST and will also be livestreamed by Samsung. 

Earlier this year Samsung announced that it would be unveiling the successor to the Galaxy S II at an event in the first half of the 2012, which it said would be closer to the actual availability of the device. We've year to hear any official details on the Galaxy S III since, but there have been a number of rumors that've emerged, keeping the next Galaxy S device on everyone's mind. If you've got any interest in the Galaxy S III, you'll want to keep it locked to PhoneDog as we'll be bringing all the news from Samsung's event once May 3rd rolls around. What kinds of features would you like Samsung's "next Galaxy" to have?

Via The Verge, Samsung Tomorrow

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"Are you ready for the Samsung Galaxy S III?"

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Michael Dexter Monroe HELL NO. SAMSUNG CELL PHONES SUCK. Samsung is ripping people off. They won't upgrade their phones. They want their customers to buy a new phone every 6 months. The first Galaxy sucked. The second Galaxy was a year behind in tech. By the time everyone waits for the Galaxy 3, it will be behind on getting any google updates because of it's late arrival. HTC EVO 4G LTE. FTW.
Smartx MU if its stunning looking, yes ill upgrade
Kristijan Lucic Probably, but not within a year, I just got S II a few days ago and I simply love it (it's really a whole new dimension after a few iPhones and a bunch of weaker droids), so I doubt I'll change it anytime soon, besides, I don't have the cash to do so ;)
Mike Chiou May 3rd --> 5/3 --> 53 --> S3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cesario Brito Jr. I simply can not wait for this! Samsung....take my money!
Eduardo Ordaz Yess can't wait! It will b awesome.
Benjamin Padilla Can't wait. I'm hoping for a sexier looking phone with about a 4.5-4.8 inch screen.
Zach Cline They don't know
Chris Stec When and will it come to usa and what carrier will it be on?
Sulaiman Naveed John Joe go wid s3
Rick Conrad I'm ready for galaxy journal on big red. What's the word yo
Chuk Anyanetu They will announce the SG Exodus in June and the SGS4 in October
Joe Parenteau Finally switching from a 3 year old blackberry. Either HTC One X or Galaxy S3. Thoughts??
Jay LifesGreat Coote I want the galaxy note international version. Galaxy Sll with CM9 is like getting a new phone. Bigger screen for me!
Chris Northcutt I have a Samsung Infuse from last year and can't wait to upgrade!
Joernie Berrios Iam holding Samsung Vibrant(CyanogenMod7),,,and wait for GS3 to come out!
Kaizer Joelle Hell no!
Ian Slade Ive just swapped to an iPhone 4S, so no lol
Melissa Munoz I got ICS on my s2, it is sick. By far the best. Root your phone and flash it on. You will fall in love all over again with your phone.
Avi Rava wow!! It sounds awesome!
Chris Corliss I'll be happy when I get ICS for my GSII. I've only had the thing since November, so I'm not even looking at the SGSIII yet
Julio DeJesus I have the Galaxy Note and the T-Mobile GS2 now. Perfect combination I would say. I don't know what the S3 could bring that would make me give up the Note. (Might be a good upgrade to the S2 tho..hmmm)
Michael Moore Pentaband Please Sammy!!!
Tabib Rehman Hopefully it will rule the android phones just like the s2 did
Melissa Munoz Oh ya. Cant wait. Got the s2 now and it rocks. s3 will be amazing.
Hubert John Abiera I have no intentions of buying it but I am very interested as to what it has.
Cool Mutha Flipping Kevo yes sir well if it comes to SPRINT!!!!
Gilbert Galvan Wish I could get a Samsung Galaxy Note, but I'm on Tmobile. I'll wait for the Galaxy III.
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh Got the s II got an upgrade available. Leggo!
Kevin Collazo Again, I'm not lookin for a marginal upgrade. Look up what BlackBerry 10 is, and feel free to inform me as to how those options you've mentioned are better. It's not the BlackBerry phones of old with limitations.
Bryan David Rude Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!:)
Anthony Gonzalez yes im so psyched i need a bigger but smaller then the note screen!
Dustin Carney kevin, blackberrys are dying, ditch em and get an iphone or a droid.
Kevin Collazo I'm ready for the BlackBerry 10 phone. I don't need another marginal upgrade to a smartphone.
Miguel Richiez Its officially my next phone. Will stick with the G2x until its release.
Dustin Carney heck yes i am! my friend said if its good enough he will ditch his iphone ;)
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas No,wating for the iPhone 5
Kevin McGuire Hmm Galaxy vs The New Evo
Hendrick Equis M Bout 3months ago ready
Victor Cai aaron i will wait for your review. i just bought a galaxy note today then s 3 is coming...but i really like the s pen

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