Good news for AT&T customers in the Midwest, as the carrier announced today that it's lit up three new 4G LTE markets in two different states. The newest members of AT&T's Club LTE are Akron and Canton, Ohio and Lafayette, Ind. This latest expansion brings the total number of AT&T LTE markets up to 35.

All three of the newly-minted AT&T LTE cities are part of the list of markets that the carrier said last month that it'd be rolling LTE service out to through early summer. Today's expansion comes a little over a week after AT&T's last LTE growth, and it's good to see AT&T continuing to steadily spread its LTE network out across the country. If you live in one of the three new AT&T LTE markets and have a device capable of accessing the network, why not test it out a bit and swing by our comments section to tell us how it's working?

Via AT&T (1), (2), (3)

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"Do you have 4G LTE in your market?"

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Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Verizon, at&t and T-mobile have there HSPA+ network here aswell. No Sprint 4g and that's the carrier I'm on !!!
Patrick David Conner
Patrick David Conner Yes we have it in Muncie Indiana and it is about 4x slower then the speeds of LTE in Indy.. Go Figure that out... lol I think it is just HSPA+ bumped up a bit
Scotty Bush
Scotty Bush Verizon DSM
Brad Allison
Brad Allison Verizon has had it here in Fargo for almost a year. No work on AT&T though.
Joseph Thelmas
Joseph Thelmas Nope and I'm in Columbus Ohio...but they gave it to canton
Codie Atkins
Codie Atkins Nope lol but barely pick up any service with any carrier where i live; joys of Northern Alabama lol
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith No and probably never will. Just got 3g in Oct.
Buddy Koenig
Buddy Koenig No
Avi Rava
Avi Rava 3G is enough for mobile use. But still it sounds good to have 4G LTE! :-)
Jason Hanson
Jason Hanson Yep Charlotte ATT. Getting between 10 and 20 Mb/s.
Steven William Oestreich
Steven William Oestreich Only have H+ here. It's fricken fast cause we have a lot of towers here and not a big population.
John Oliva
John Oliva Las Vegas baby!
Cool'n HotAnd Juice
Cool'n HotAnd Juice Not in Serbia.
Alex Bodeanu
Alex Bodeanu Ask me again in 20 years. But I guess the answer will still be no.
Chad Forthman
Chad Forthman Sure do Bakersfield C.A
Adrian Miotto
Adrian Miotto At&t playing catch up... But will never catch Verizon...
Joel Madison
Joel Madison Why is AT&T taking their damn time?!
Collin Hoylman
Collin Hoylman Yes finally got it in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago. Have to say I was a bit shocked
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Anyone have sprint 4g yet? Lol
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Yes Verizon..at&t coming soon..
Adan James Salinas
Adan James Salinas 3 new market. VZW flipped the switch on 27 new markets and several expansions today.
Abhishek Goswami
Abhishek Goswami Yes...Airtel in India has recently launched 4G LTE!
Darren Penix
Darren Penix Just got 4g
Mathew William Holvick
Mathew William Holvick not even close in wisconsin... (>__<)
Kyle Diggy
Kyle Diggy Yes Baltimore
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway Love my 4G! iPhone's 3G was slow as hale!
Yannis Pyrros
Yannis Pyrros Not yet - Greece
Justin White
Justin White the closest i can get it is houston. i'm about an hour from there.
Perro Rosello
Perro Rosello Yup. Puerto Rico

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