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Earlier this week a portion of an interview with Microsoft developer evangelist Nuno Silva surfaced online, and in it Silva claimed that all current Windows Phones would be upgraded to "the next major version" of the OS. Now Silva has taken back what he said, claiming on his blog that the point that he was trying to make in the interview was that all existing Windows Phone apps will be capable of running on the next version of Windows Phone. He explains his original statement by saying that he "mistakenly confused app compatibility with phone updateability."

Silva's blog post sounds fairly similar to the statement issued by Microsoft concerning his original claims about Windows Phone 8 Apollo upgrades in which the company said that "all apps in our Marketplace today will run on the next version of Windows Phone." Still, it's not a shock to see Silva retract his statement, especially given the recent reports that no current Windows Phones will be upgraded to Apollo. We've yet to get official word on WP8 updates from Microsoft, but as I said before, here's to hoping the company sheds some light on the situation soon. Do you think Microsoft will offer current Windows Phone users an Apollo upgrade (perhaps with only some of the new features enabled) or will the existing devices be left behind when it comes time to jump to Windows Phone 8?

Via The Verge, Nuno Silva

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"Will you get rid of your Windows Phone if you can't upgrade it to Windows Phone 8?"

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Reese Woodson I enjoy my Lumia 900, and I look forward to getting some kinda update. It will be a big disappointment and would hurt Microsoft bad if they didn't update it to WP8 though.
Ernest Marvin Esteban at least on Android, you get a chance to still get an update even if the manufacturers already abandoned your phone. Look at G1 and Nexus one now, still alive and kicking getting very stable ROMS (just don't buy cheap crappy china android phones).
David Barnes No. Have this for two years. Works just fine. Samsung Focus S.
Hans Jaramillo While WP7 looks great, it feels as limited as, if not more so than, iOS.
Dre Ill @Amer Ahmed. Ignore that guy! Each and every time Android is mentioned in ANY phonedog post, he feels it necessary to say something negative. I understand preference, but he genuinely hates Android!! Lol
Neil Van Wyk Ill do the upgrade myself when it becomes available. Have had 3 different OS' installed on my phone. WM6.5, Android and been running WP7.5 since January. Hooked on WP7.5. Long live HTC HD2.
Chris Seaman I owned a Windows Phone for a year, but switched to an iPhone in December. WP7 just didn't have enough features to make it usable for me. This news only reinforces my decision. Maybe I'll look at it again next year. Maybe.
Amer Ahmed Calling android crapdroid shows how dumb you are when debating whats better.
John Nowak 4techblog.com
Carmen Jessica I don't even want a Windowsphone....like nu HTC One X and iPhone to much
Daniel Schmitt If u had a windows phone than ya I would because than that would just kill the windows phone experience
David Kimberlin that's a easy one.... I would never own one to begin with
Nathan Parks No. This is why I prefer android. Root the phone and keep getting support long after the OEM has abandoned it. Unlike the iPhone where it gets a watered down version of each update on older models.
Omar Fernandez The fastest way for MS to shoot themselves in the foot is for them to pull this boneheaded move. I'm 1 week into my Lumia 900. If this is true, I'm headed back to AT&T and returning it.
David Lewis Guirao Tatlitug This is no different than having an Android that will never be upgraded to ICS. Lots of promises made by Google and Samsung also never kept. Apple (no I don't have one) seems to be the only company trying to keep the customer happy by upgrading their phones. I'd love to have a Mango phone for a couple of years. At the price who cares. When the new version comes out you will be at the end of your contract and can get a new phone. My problem with Mango is that I can't even get an App to do my banking at this point. I can't get an App to control my Alarm system. Android has all of these and then some. App availability is a crucial part and it seems that Microsoft is ignoring that it takes apps to make the phone useful. Honestly, who are the clowns that don't understand what the public needs? Hire a damn consumer oriented consul to help. Someone should be on the phone with the major banks, stores, alarm companies, cable companies, etc. and hire programmers for the time being if necessary. If not put the phone in lucite and send it to the museum to sit next to the Zune player.
Mitch Evans I will never buy anything windows related again. Hate it.
Tony Allen Chris, you're kidding right? Apple is successful because of their marketing. Their OSs are just as fragmented as Google's Android.
Don Hollenback Yes, I'll return mine on the 29th day and reactivate my Skyrocket. I absolutely love this stupid phone and will miss it when it's gone but abandoning your flagship device 6 months after introduction is inexcusable. I'll sit by the sidelines and wait until WP8 phones are available as I'm a believer in the platform. All this chatter that WP8 can't run on 'older' hardware is dumb, MS just won't let it. Windows 8 runs on XP spec. computers (P4 1GB ram, I'm doing it), ARM processors, AMD processors, Intel Core processors etc. because it is scaleable. No reason at all WP8 can't be programmed the same.
Perro Rosello That would mark the end of WP if that happens, updates after Apollo can be forgiven by order of Gen. But all MUST get Apollo if MS wants to succeed
Jason Meehan Zach Cline said it right... Crapdroid...
Ian Crowl I have mixed feelings. For those who bought any lte wp7 device, I would hope so. I hope that if we can't get wp8, then hopefully a portion of it can be made for 1st gen devices. I am somewhat fortunate to have my upgrade after any possible new version (granted they come out with WP8 this fall.). Time will tell. No matter what, I am sticking with WindowsPhone
Jeff Hood I am happy with my android. I might look at windows for my next phone. I would never buy a phone on the promise that a update will be avaliable. How many people were screaming for GB on the captivate ?
Zach Cline @ Matti- Because not everyone wants crapdroid.
Scott Sanstad I will be waiting until the WP8 upgrade path is announced officially. Some have said that ALL WP7's will get WP8, but I want to hear it straight from the source.
Pünhan Övrap i cant undrrstand will wp8 upgrade be for all windows p. Mango ?
Marekus Fluellen it would be nice is ASUS made a phone.....Might have to send them an email about that.
Colin Whittaker No, will. I just be very disappointed.
Marekus Fluellen That's why I dropped windows 6.5. I mean android may only do 1 update, but that's 1 update. I look forward to thier success though, because windows plat forms is nice. I just hope they don't do like apple and sell the same phone every year with 1 or 2 minor feature upgrades. Still can't tell the difference between itoy 4.0 and 4S? or 3g, 3GS etc. Credit is due though for pushing other comapnies to do better.
Matti Hietala I don't even bother buying any Win phone. Nokia makes good hardware, but Nokia, Y U NO use android???
Cristian Tomasito Your asking me if i would get rid of my phone if it cant upgrade to windows 8 even though we dont know what features windows 8 has or doesnt have?
Chris Kaizenn I'm pissed. This Lumia 900 is useless if it can't support an update. Apple. This is what makes apple so successful.
Niko Ylä-Poikelus No. I never buy a phone if I'm not happy with it at the moment of purchase.

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